My Summer Blogging Project (I just can’t think of an original title, sorry)

Summer is here and while I am not a summer type of girl, I do enjoy the Summer holiday and it usually is a lot of fun! School is not over yet and the exams period starts on Monday, but I feel like blogging A LOT! Or at least trying to blog a lot – I might fail.

Remember how in my previous holidays I tried to blog daily? Well that won’t happen now because those holidays were a week long only and this one is too long for such a commitment, but I might post every other day. I don’t want to have a schedule because if I make one that might stop me from blogging, bu I will try to have at least 3 posts per week (not counting my Otaku Sunday). I have no idea about what to write about or what to show you, but that’s good because I’ll put my brains to work – not that the exams period is not demanding enough.

I call this “My Summer Blogging Project” but there is no guidelines or rules or anything like that, it’s just something to keep me active in the virtual space and an excuse to my blog for ignore it so much.

That being said, expect lots of boring stuff (because who doesn’t get bored in the summer?), me struggling to create anything (from arts to crafts), summer memories, dreams and aspirations and all sorts of things like that. I honestly don’t know what will happen, but this might probably me my last summer holiday since next school year is my last!


Speaking of summer memories, today it rained. That awesome summer rain with huge drops. I was at school working on my etching plates and I ran outside, called my best friend and shared the sound of rain with her.


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