Otaku Sunday #21: Garden of Words

Yesterday I wrote three or less lines about summer rain, one of my favourite thing weather wise. Today I am sharing with you one of the most beautiful stories in anime world and the summer rain has a major part in it!

Mih introduced me (again) to it. I am talking about Garden of Words (or Kotonoha no Niwa), an anime film by Makoto Shinkai, the guy who also made 5 centimeters per second and many other beautiful films, but 5 cm per sec is on my top three.

From start I knew that the visuals were going to be extremely beautiful, but I had no idea that the story was going to be just as great. The story is simply about two different persons who randomly met one day in a beautiful garden on a rainy day. And since that day they continue to come to that place only on the rainy days.

Their relationship develops along with the summer rain and what is even more beautiful is that their bond is not described with words but by the nature – we have utterly beautiful close-ups -, and its interaction with the rain. This way, the anime creates a lovely atmosphere that amazed me scene by scene.

I don’t think I can say enough beautiful things about the stunning visuals. Makoto Shinkai’s art is so unbelievable and hard to put in words. It is impossible not to be charmed by it and it always lets you wishing for more.

Personally I fell in love with this film and I considered it to be better than 5 cm per sec and if you know me and you know how much I love that film that is a really big deal! But, yes, you have to watch it. My poor review (this is not even a review, I can’t do those) is not doing it justice. You have to watch it!

(the images are not mine, they are from different tumblr blogs)


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