My Summer Blogging Project Update?

I find it very hard to… just sit down, open the dashboard, start a new post and write. I have the ideas, I don’t have the time or that right moment when I am really in the mood for blogging. For example… yesterday I was pretty busy, then after I finished working on a thing for my Etching class I said to myself that after my shower I will just sit down, drink a nice hot mint tea (or any other herbal tea) and write. I took the shower, came in bed, opened the laptop and… fell asleep.

Also, this morning I was really really really in the mood for writing a blog post but I really had to go to Uni to work some more for my Etching class and to talk with the professor form Alternative Investigations in Composition and then to meet with my Graphic Design professor for the exam. From my house to my bus station I composed the prettiest blog post ever (well, not really) but then I came home, tired and grumpy, made some banana pancakes to make myself happy, some friends crashed our house and we drank some beer, then I went shopping with my hubby for ice-cream and other stuff.

Now I am even more tired and a little bit tipsy, hubby is cooking and I must finish some posters, work on the children book and get it read it for the print, and maybe, just maybe, do some more stuff for my Alternative Investigations in Composition class. And I am not in the mood to write the post I had in mind this morning, but tomorrow I won’t go to sleep that early and I hope I will make some time for you, dear blog.


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