The Geeky List: Pokemon, writing and GOT

I am finally writing this!! Ever since I introduced the Geeky List I was eager to write an actual Geeky List post. I had some things on the list a few weeks ago, but then they changed and then I tried to have a themed Geeky List and that didn’t work either so now I am just writing and sharing some awesome stuff!

  • First on the list is this awesome application (or website, whatever) called Pokemon Fusion! And it is exactly what you think it is! You can have a Chanchu or a Dewpix, a Jigglyfing, a Jigglypix, a Weepinchu or a Weepintales! And that is awesome!catsdgfd
  • July is almost here (well, not really, still exams period) and that means that Camp NaNoWriMo July is almost here! NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month and that takes place in November. But because the thing is really cool for people who enjoy writing (but don’t really feel like publishing or anything – like me) and are huge procrastinators and a month of writing is not enough so there are also Camps, and this are a little bit more relaxed that the NaNo during November because you set your own goal count and you have a cabin and you meet new people. And this brings us to the other point of why is NaNoWriMo so cool! Not just because you have to write a novel in 30/31 days but you write it along with other people and you get on forums or cabins and talk about your struggling with the novel, your writer’s block and even random things that have nothing to do with writing! I still don’t know what to write in July, if to start something new or write the second part of my June fan-fic called The Black Secret. But there’s still time.
  • And my last thing on the list: Game of Thrones, the TV show, especially after the episode from last week. It was hard to find a picture that isn’t a massive spoiler but it kinda talks about what happened in the episode, but I did it with the help of tumblr:
    If you aren’t watching this show or reading the books… then why are you still here? Go, read those damn huge books or at least watch that damn awesome TV show because it’s worth it! If you want to read the book I recommend doing it in English (I tried in Romanian and failed, now I am reading them on my PC, in English but I plan to buy them soon!!!). Now I am pretty sure I will repeat things on my Geeky List so GOT is here because of the last episode called The Rains of Castamere and it features this amazing song that talks about The Lannisters and I am simply in love with the song! Now it’s going to be hard to talk about the event called The Red Wedding without you, know, spoilers, but I will try. George R.R. Martin said that this was the hardest chapter to write and I can totally see why. Also, a lot of GOT fans were really sad (some of them quite upset in an absurd way) because of it, including me, but if you think a little bit about what Martin does it shouldn’t be such a big surprise, right? As for those who were upset, deal with it! Plus, this is one of the reasons why A Song of Ice and Fire series and Game of Thrones are so f**king awesome! Still sad about the episode? Click here!

So this is my list, the things I love or I am obsessed with. At first I wanted to include five things on each list but until I had five I was already over the first two so I decided to just write the list when I have three or more things to write about. Hope you like it! Go play with Pokemon Fusion, get ready for Camp NaNoWriMo the July edition and read or watch Game of Thrones!


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