Top 10 Bright and Colorful Things…

That I might buy if I had the money. But what I want more than affording these cute things is not having an unstable budget because that way I would be able to save money for cute things.

Top 10 Bright Things - Part 1.
  • Cute colorful dress that might be a bit too bright for me but since I am not really buying it and this is just an hypothetical list with things I don’t mind it. Plus, the print is really cute.
  • The cutest owl pillow!  But it doesn’t look to hard to make so I might try to manufacture it myself… I just need lots of different fabrics.
  • A cute bracelet that I can also try and do it myself.
  • The cutest rug perfect for our bathroom. The bathroom is pretty boring and it needs a rug anyway so… a girl can dress.
  • A cute coin purse. I mean A POPSICLE COIN PURSE! I prefer it in another colour… a lime green or something like that, I am just not a blueish kind of girl.
Top 10 Bright Things - Part 2.
  • A very Pollock-like clutch. It also reminds me of The Carrie Diaries, but just because of the Pollock, really. it’s not just the print that I like, but also the wood handle. Really nice touch.
  • Rubber duckies! Bright coloured rubber duckies! Now I am happy just with my Cam and Mitchell, but you can never have too many rubber ducks, right?
  • A thermal coffee cup and I don’t even drink coffee. But I do like comic books and this cup makes me think of Roy Lichtenstein so… yet another reason to buy because of art history.
  • Adventure Time USB sticks! Adventure Time is one of my favourite show ever and I do like my USB sticks (I only have a plain one but it has an awesome key-chain attached to it!)… but I do want a Marceline one because she is my favourite character.
  • Rainbow Dash hair clips! Speaking of shows… My Little Pony is another one I love and Rainbow Dash is my favourite. One thing I have to say… I wished they were bobby pins and nor hair clips but you can solve that with some glue.
  • And I know there were supposed to be only 10 things on the list but couldn’t resist to this cute sleeping cat with flowers on top.

So… if you had enough money to spend them on silly things what bright and colorful things would you buy?

For information on the products just click the links.

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