Otaku Sunday #23: Names in Anime

I am not one who judges a piece of art by the author that made it. I can watch an anime made by a not so known director and still love it as much as a Miyazaki anime if it’s good. But I do get a little bit excited when I hear about an upcoming anime by a director I really like… even so, I can still be disappointed or not like the work as much. So today I want to share with you the three names in anime that get me excited!


Since I already said something about Miyazaki let’s start with him. Hayao Miyazaki is the one that created My Neighbor Totoro, one of the cutest anime films, Spirited Away – a gorgeous film that won an Oscar for the Best Animation, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, Arrietty and more. This guy is like Walt Disney famous and his creations are really good and everyone I know loves him. Heck, I love him too. I do adore his animation but what bugs me the most is how everyone compares any other anime films I share with his. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is good but not everything he does is outstanding and amazing. Totoro is gorgeous and so is Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, but Ponyo and Arrietty, while still cute, weren’t as great as the other. Anyway, just check him out ’cause he is great and every time I hear there’s a new film made by him I just can’t help but hope that the cinema here will play them! I have yet to see a Miyazaki in the cinema.


Makoto Shinkai is very much compared with Miyazaki and while he says that the comparison is an overestimation I actually think he is greater than him. Maybe not greater when it comes to creating fantastic creatures, but definitely greater in the visual aspect of an anime film (and story telling too, but the visuals are Shinkai’s best feature!). He created 5 Centimeters Per Second – a really really sad anime but also gorgeous, Voices of a Distant Star, the short film She and Her Cat, Children Who Chase Lost Voices – I saw it in the cinema!! (but is not his best work), and Garden of Words – my current favourite film by Shinkai (5 cm per sec used to be my favourite before I watched Garden of Words).


Mamoru Hosoda made The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, a great anime, and then he stopped. Then he made Summer Wars, an awesome sci-fi anime film and he stopped again. But he recently made an adorable anime film: Wolf Children and if I wasn’t excited for his movies before (because he does have the tendency to take big breaks between films) I am now!


And finally: Satoshi Kon! I know I said only three, but Satoshi Kon is dead so I can’t be excited for his upcoming creations but he is my favorite and I HAD to mention him. If my favourite actor or director dies I probably won’t suffer, just feel bad a little bit, but when Satoshi Kon died I suffered quite a lot. Fortunately the animation festival that happens in my town every Autumn held a special edition for him (see, I am not the only one who loved this guy) and I got to see my favourite anime film on the big screen, Paprika (and another film by him, Tokyo Godfathers). He created more films like Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue, but unfortunately he will create no more. On a happy note they might release a film he was working on called Dreaming Machine:

The title will be Yume-Miru Kikai. In English, it will be The Dream Machine. On the surface, it’s going to be a fantasy-adventure targeted at younger audiences. However, it will also be a film that people who have seen our films up to this point will be able to enjoy. So it will be an adventure that even older audiences can appreciate. There will be no human characters in the film; only robots. It’ll be like a “road movie” for robots.
—Satoshi Kon

And while I wait for new films by the directors I talked about I can watch the films they made but never got to see them. I almost never watch/read everything by a person I like because I am afraid they will stop and I won’t get to experience their works again. I know it’s stupid because one day I might stop (read as in heart or brain stopping forever!) and never experienced their works… Guess I am really in a negative mood today.

PS: Sorry for being late, had an exam today and I spent my Sunday studying for it!


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