Best Thing in the World: The Tudors


The Tudors is a TV show with four season about the Tudor dynasty… well, it only focuses on Henry VIII’s reign – mainly because there wasn’t much sex and marriage in Mary’s time on the throne.

First and the most obvious thing about the show… it’s not historically accurate nor does it say it is, but I had to say it to make sure people who watch it and are interested in England’s history find other sources to satisfy their curiosity and not this show. It starts a lot of sub stories and then abandons then like nothing ever happened. Also… some characters seem to vanish without any explanation. Also, Henry VIII from this show is a lot more handsome that the real one and this one doesn’t get fat in time. But still, the show is pretty OK. I mean, they got the six wives right!

It focuses a lot on Henry’s marriages and on sex (because fan service, fan service… how else would it run for four seasons?), but it still leaves time and space for political intrigues and all that awesome Jazz. The other awesome part about the show is the cast: all handsome and good actors and actresses. And the costumes are divine! And my favourite part about the show: most characters get really awesome speeches and monologues just before their head is getting ready to say “bye-bye” to the body!

You should watch it! If not for all the things I said then because Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer on her true name) plays Anne Boleyn!


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