A Piano Concert, A Book Fair and My Greens

I have an exam tomorrow so I don’t have anything better to do than blogging! Today I went to a friend’s piano concert and he was amazing. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. He interpreted some medieval songs, classical and contemporary pieces and two of his own compositions. We went there with a big group of friends and we had in plan to go for some beers after the concert… but I have an exam tomorrow. The hot weather really made me want to go and enjoy a cold beer, but another part of me wanted to get home and… read. Because, you, see, we were really a big group of people and I don’t really do well with big groups (especially when I don’t know everybody really well) and I did not want to make people sad because of my silence and introverted quirks. Plus, I still have an exam.


On my way home I went to the Transylvania Book Fair. The bargains weren’t the best and I didn’t buy anything because 1) I didn’t find anything on my taste (almost bought some English classics in English) and 2) I am trying to save money for A Song of Ice and Fire! The Book Fair has some other activities beside book sales, but I don’t really care about those either so I will probably not visit the fair until the last day when they play Fahrenheit 451 at the Cinema! Plus, tomorrow is the first day of another fair called Jazz in the Park and not only it has good music and evening concerts but it also has a mini book fair and antique fair so I am really excited!!


On my way home I did some grocery shopping and also bought “Harap Alb continua…” a Romanian comic book that I simply adore! It’s the 5th issue and if you didn’t buy the first four then don’t worry because they put them all together in a single huge one – I kinda want to buy it too but I don’t have the money to spend on something I already have just because looks really fancy. And I also made a green shake to go with the comic book since the cover is also green. I put some frozen spinach, apple slices, strawberry yogurt, plain yogurt and some ice cubes. Delicious!


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