Smells Like Summer (Playlist)

I made this playlist a couple of weeks ago but I wasn’t sure if to share it on the blog or not. Well, now I will so schh, and listen (also read).

For me Summer means a lot of things and a lot of songs. I can’t say that this playlist describes my Summer, but for sure it captures that moment when you wake up and realize that it’s summer whether it’s really hot outside or not. First of all, Summer is like The Virgin Suicides feeling (the book and the movie) – that infinite moment of longing, that… I can’t really describe it using words so:

Summer also feels like songs one would listen on a road trip or a train ride to the sea (or home) or just songs that were popular on the TV music channels when I was a kid:And because I had the Summer Film Club last summer holiday, Summer always feels like a movie soundtrack:Summer is about having time to rediscover yourself, it’s not because you forgot who you were it’s just because you didn’t have time to notice:And most of all, Summer is about old friends, new friends, just friends and, of course, F.R.I.E.N.D.S:


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