Otaku Sunday #26: Sports anime?

Sup, guys! (This is my way of pretending that today isn’t Monday!!) Sport anime? What do you think about them? I kinda don’t watch them. I am not even interested in them… especially if they are with team sports or with boys. I just find them not my type and I can’t stay they are boring because I never gave them a try and I don’t plan on doing so too soon. Sure, when I was a kid I watched an anime with volleyball because I was a volleyball player and it was pretty fun but nowadays I rarely get excited about a sports anime. Expect for this two:

tumblr_mpavfcGRck1ru7d8to1_500 Well first and the best sports anime out there (that I watch, don’t get me wrong): Chihayafuru!! This anime has everything you wish for in an anime: we have great character development, awesome friendships, fierce competition, determination, love triangles, funny characters, silly characters, awesome characters, mysterious characters and outstanding art and music, lovely poems and whimsical atmosphere.

Chihayafuru (I think I talked quite a lot about this one in other Otaku Sundays) is an anime about a beautiful Japanese card sport called Karuta. The first time I watched it I was not interested in the sport at all, I liked the characters and the relations between them, also Chihaya’s struggle to make a Karuta club in her high school. But after two awesome seasons I am in love with the sport itself! And I promise you you will be too!


And my next sport anime that I like is Yawara! Yawara is an old anime and it has that old, vintage feeling and I fancy that. I love old anime especially because of that feeling. Yawara is an anime about another Japanese sport judo. I can talk about this anime without comparing and contrasting it with Chihyafuru, but it’s funnier this way. Yawara and Chihaya are quite different. While Chihaya wants to play Karuta and cares about nothing else but the game, Yawara cares about everything but Judo! Both main female characters are teens and Yawara is the normal teenager who thinks about boys and clothes, but with a natural talent for Judo – let’s do another comparation with Chihayafuru, Yawara is in a way like Arata from Chihayafuru, she has the talent and her grandpa is a huge Judo master -, on the other side we have Chihaya, a teenage girl who doesn’t care about boys or her look, but has a huge passion for Karuta and works hard to evolve in her game.

I enjoy watching both anime and if you know other sport anime with strong female characters please let me know!


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