Otaku Sunday #27: NEED MORE CHAPTERS!

Was this the day I was supposed to post two Otaku Sundays? Well I am apologizing (again) but I have to postpone the second article (again) because I don’t have much time to spend on my PC watching anime or doing other stuff. How? You might wonder having in mind that it’s f**king summer and that I don’t have school keeping me busy. But this is exactly the answer, my friends: I don’t have school hence no reason to procrastinate and it’s summer so I have to go places and see stuff and eat a little bit too much ice-cream.

Plus… I just got home on Wednesday and I spent the entire day sleeping, then I was a city guide for some friends, bought a new board-game and spent another entire day playing it and now it’s Sunday! So, yeah, I sincerely apologize. I could, of course, find subject to rant about for like forever but I really want to finish the Spring anime and make short reviews for them and have my first impression on the Summer season. I do hope that’s what I’ll talk about next Sunday. Please wish me luck! Now let’s talk about the manga I discovered last night – or was it this morning?


Amari Mawari starts with a guy with shiny hair reading some “weird” book, but some annoying classmate throws it away and the guy must go to the orphanage next door to recover it. There he meets this huge dog and a cat and more dogs and a kitten and the cute black haired girl from the pictures. I only read two chapters (’cause I can’t find more) so the plot is not really there, but it’s interesting.


Mizutama Puzzle is probably my favourite because it’s my type of manga for any time – a josei slice of life with awesome art style! That totally screams me! This manga is about an older woman and a 24 y/o guy who observes her every day until the day he decides to talk to her. It’s hard to talk about it without spoiling it, but it’s just so simple and adorable and WHERE ARE THOSE CHAPTERS?


 Kasane, and the last recommendation for today, is probably the most interesting one and the weirdest so far. The two chapters that are available only sets the start of the plot. Kasane is a really ugly girl who is bullied daily because the way she looks. Her mom was a really beautiful actress but now she is dead and can’t protect Kasane anymore. But she left her a lipstick and if you wear it and kiss whatever you desire it shall become yours… Now what do you think will happen next?


2 thoughts on “Otaku Sunday #27: NEED MORE CHAPTERS!

  1. I love Mizutama Puzzle. Can you recommend any more josei manga like it?

    • Unfortunately not. Tramps Like Us is lovely, but it does’t really have the same feeling. Someone recommended to me Game Over but I haven’t tried it yet.

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