Random Monday #1: Lemons, T-Storms and Jobs

It’s time for some randomness!

1. I love lemonades especially in the summer time, but most of all I love lemon water and since I returned from my holiday I only had lemon water. Plain water just doesn’t taste good anymore!! It’s crazy, I know, and lemons aren’t the cheapest right not but I can’t help it!

2. I went shopping today and got a lot of crazy stuff including creamy peanut butter!

3. I need to own MAUS by Art Spiegelman because sometimes I just feeling like reading it again and again.

4. I can live on strawberries forever!

5. I am in the mood for a thunder storm. I love rain, especially in the summer. I wonder if lemon water goes well with storms… especially in the summer.

6. On Saturday we had a vegetarian lunch cooked by Serj’s mom. That woman is the best cook EVER! Sorry Mom!

7. I miss watching Chihayafuru every week. I need the next season now! Or at least all the manga chapters translated.

8. On my holiday I went to the gym daily. I miss it, really, and I am not one who loves to exercise.

9. Yesterday we went to the Botanical Garden and in the Japanese Garden we found some turtles. They were adorable and really fast in the water.

10. I am looking for a job… as soon as I update that CV and start sending it. I am actually looking for anything and I kinda think being a waitress like Max would be fun.


One thought on “Random Monday #1: Lemons, T-Storms and Jobs

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