High School Day (Playlist)

It’s that time again… final exams in high school, pursuing dreams, picking colleges, doing a lot of paper work, worrying, drinking beer and having fun. I am not in high school anymore and I never thought I’ll miss it – well, it’s not like I miss being an annoying teen in high school dealing with hormones, crazy ideas, silly fights, big dramas and all that jazz. No, I just miss certain feelings… most of them described in this playlist:
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?I had a long-distance relationship in high school. We are closer than ever now, living in the same big city, in the same small apartment.We were young We didn’t care – not that now we are old or anything… but now I feel different.High school was a turmoil of fucked-up emotions and silly vendettas.
But I’ll never ask to go back… at least never be the person I was because after the first year of high school I lost a part of me in order to fit in. High school was a scary place where promises were broken and where you were no longer a good friend because your friend’s crush theoretically liked you. But I decided to only treasure the nice memories, the great adventure, the fries from my best friend’s place, the tastiest cups of coffee and the moment we went shopping in our pajamas.


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