Random Monday #2: Cielo Variabile and other stuff

More randomness – I don’t think I’ll post them every single Monday. I do apologize for the lack of Otaku Sunday, Mom’s coming over – first time she visits this place – and I have to clean and stuff so no time for watching anime or reading manga.

1. Last Friday I went to the museum with a friend (who’ll soon move to Cluj too) and I found a piece of work by Mircea Cantor – it had nothing to do with the exhibition we were visiting, but it’a permanent work he donated to the museum. It’s similar to the one in the picture above (also made by him) only it says “cer variabil” (also the same thing, but in Romanian).

2. I am watching the final season from Dexter and while I do miss the normal Debra I can’t not be impressed by how well she plays this vulnerable fucked-up new Debra. Great job, Jennifer Carpenter!

3. I have just one episode left from the second season from Doctor Who – the one with the First Doctor – but I can’t watch it because Ian and Barbara are companions no more. I know they wanted to leave and that they are happy to be home and that they’ll get married soon (that happens in a comic with the Eleventh Doctor I think) but I STILL MISS THEM!

4. Mom’s coming over and she is a great cook, but she excels at cakes&sweet stuff. We are going to make Lemon Cakes because they are Sansa’s favourites. I found a lot of recipes on the internet, but we’ll probably make an original one. If I ever throw a Game of Thrones party (or go to one) I’ll bring Lemon Cakes!


5. I’ll talk more about this Friday (or Saturday or Sunday – yes, I am planning an Otaku Weekend, but I don’t promise anything) but my silly nose-theory turned out to be true (it wasn’t because of the nose part, but still). Anyway… it’s just a little thing compared to other things going on in the manga right now and I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

6. New Sims 3 game: Into the Future! I am really excited because I want to create the characters from the thing I am writing. The action happens “Into the Future” and by the time the game is out I hope my thing will be over – or waiting for a part II. I want to play with my four main characters – all girls, but very different not necessarily strong girls or role-modes, really, just normal humans.

7. I need more matching dishes. So far I have a Japanese bowl and a Japanese tea cup that fit and two red bowl with matching chopsticks.


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