Blog Update: Hiatus?

Due to not feeling like writing long posts about stuff/ sorting and organizing my ideas/ summer laziness and stuff and because blogging takes time I decided to simply take a break from my wordpress blog. I am sorry, I guess. But I will still post like crazy on tumblr – and you can find anything there from the anime and manga from Otaku Sunday to other geeky stuff and, of course, my food journal.


4 thoughts on “Blog Update: Hiatus?

  1. andreeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mai scrieeee! 😦

    • Oh, I’m sorry. I’m lazy and busy… but I do post “personal shits” on my tumblr from time to time. Imi e dor de blog uneori, but… meow meow.

  2. mi-e dor de retetele tale, de posturi cu ce ai mai facut si la ce te-ai mai uitat. i feel cosy here, like that kitten sitting in the armchair. :3

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