Is the blogger’s block over?

Mada told me a couple of days ago that she misses my blog posts. That was really cute and adorable of her and it got me thinking. I also thought about the blog, a few days ago, while on the toilet… too many details? Well details are really fun. But let’s go back to the point I was trying to make… is there any point? I don’t really know.

So! In September I started this thing I saw on tumblr – 9 things to work on (because September is the 9th month, you know?) this month. And I want to  continue in October too but finding 10 things is pretty hard and I was thinking about making this month just about one big thing – and it’s not Halloween! That’s when I felt the need to make a post on my blog about this and I remembered… oh, I used to have a blog!

I had a blog during high school and it was awesome, but once I left for college it just wasn’t the same. So I started new blogs and new blogs, but I think my relation with blogging changed. Also, probably my readers change and with my previous awesome blog I met people I am friends with today – first we were comment-pals, then pen-pals and now one of my pen-pals is in the town I am living right now and now we are real-life-pals. Can you believe that? I also met a more of my readers, one of them even spent some night in my house. I guess what I’m trying to say is that internet is awesome and having a blog was my way of making new friends. And that’s exactly what this blog is missing, I guess.

But maybe this should be the reason not to stop blogging, right? Oh, I don’t know. I feel like I am not making sense at all, but whatever. I might be back. I will try to write. Till then… I’ll be on tumblr.


3 thoughts on “Is the blogger’s block over?

  1. in my opinion, tumblr is not very personal. i mean, yes, it’s about your hobbies, about what you love, hate, what makes you laugh, but your blog, where you write and where you know you have audience is something different. i started writing about university – on the same blog, because i believe that all those pieces – friendships, highschool, university – belong together and they are pieces from a puzzle and i dont want to lose them on different blogs, sites, whatever. welcome back, i missed you & your articles.

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