Herbstfest! and Best Thing in the World: German Shepherds!

Herbstfest is a German festival that I attended this weekend. It doesn’t take place in Germany, but it’s fun anyway! So October is officially my favourite month – it’s Halloween, it’s sunny and rainy and awesome and Cluj has tons of festivals going on! I mean… just this weekend we had three or four festivals – isn’t that crazy?


me and my boyfriend changing roles

Saturday was a great day for me! It started with an awesome brunch. We had a friend over and made crepes with Nutella, bananas and biscuits. And then we went to the German festival where we had a 10 minute course of German – and now I want to learn the language (but I will do that next year, hopefully).


Then we went for a walk in the park and visited Bookfest again. We entered the contest to win any three books from the fest and I want to win because my books are awesome – I picked Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (since I didn’t buy it), Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and a book by Truman Capote. They aren’t much, they aren’t that expensive so pick me, choose me, give me those lovely books!!


After the walk and picking chestnuts and colored leaves we went to eat and I had a delicious Falafel, since I rarely eat meat.


And then Herbstfest had a nice show with German Shepherd dogs and get ready to see tons of pictures with those awesome dogs (also… more on my tumblr). German Shepherd is my favourite dog breed because I grew up with them. My uncle has a huge passion for dogs and he had a German Shepherd called Lassie – I don’t remember her because she died when I was about three, but then he bought another German Shepherd called Lord and he was my pal until I was 15! Then he moved and I only saw Lord from time to time, he died when I was 17. So yeah… those dogs were my best friends for a long time – I don’t remember my adventure with Lassie but my family told them to me hundreds of times and they are part of my memories now.

Spam with bad quality pictures (I was way to excited for the show to pay attention to the camera) of awesome dogs (most of the dogs you are about to see are trained and prepared to be loyal friends, protectors but also to save people and some of them participated in missions and helped saved the life of humans so they are really really great dogs!):

dooooooooooooooooof dogpppppups dooogg dooooooofff4444


2 thoughts on “Herbstfest! and Best Thing in the World: German Shepherds!

  1. Middlesex was also on my list!:))

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