Dear Diary: I am sad

It’s funny how I never write on this blog when I’m sad. I used to do that a lot, but lately I don’t feel like sharing… I don’t have tragedies to be sad about, just little things and moody days.

Right now I am mainly sad because the house is a mess and I am in no mood for cleaning it. Also because I have no idea what to for my BIG project this year – I’m in my last year of University and I also have no idea what I’m gonna do after. I keep reading that it’s ok to be clueless in your early twenties – but is it? After this year I’ll have to get a job, you know? That’s not easy. I don’t even know what job I want…

But my hubby is going to give me a massage and then I’ll spend three hours in the shower brooding over all these things that contribute to my sadness.


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary: I am sad

  1. Mi amas vin!!!! >:D<

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