So… I have a new tumblr!

Let’s skip the introduction already. The tumblr is called The Room Diary and it makes no sense but whatever. Here’s the link if you are curious.

I don’t know why but I feel like there is a difference between a blog and a tumblr… well, depending on what you on what kind of blogs, tumblrs you make but mine are both personal (more or less). But I feel like a blog post should be more… organized? With a certain subject, longer and… you get the idea right?

But my tumblr is more like a diary and we all know that a diary is funnier if it’s on the internet because who cares about intimacy anymore? I’m just joking but to be honest I was never that kind of person who kept her diary for herself – I’d rather keep the fictional stuff that I write for myself than my diary and I have no idea why. But things are what they are.

So my tumblr is more of a place, a room, where I can sketch little bits and pieces of my ideas and thoughts really. And also a place to share pictures without bugging too many people.

Well this is not my first contact with tumblr so you might wonder why now? (Actually, I know you are not, but just let me write and enjoy myself.) It started with this youtube video:

And the food tumblr they recommend. The pictures from Margaret Makes Dinner are so inspiring that they made me do a blog where to share my meals too (also, I got some ideas for what to eat from her) – but I am sharing more than that.

PS: I am pretty sorry about the lack of posts but… I don’t like making excuses so see you next time! (Probably tomorrow with my Otaku Sunday.)


Another Walk or “How We Took a Free Thursday Because the Weather Was Too Pretty”

What a huge title! Last Winter I wrote a post about a walk and all the nice things I got to do in a free week day. Today was similar, even better. My boyfriend woke up with a pink eye (also known as Conjunctivitis) and decided to skip school and because my seminars from Thursday aren’t nice or interesting I decided to do the same. Also, the weather was gorgeous and because we already planned to go to the Botanical Garden in the weekend we just rescheduled a little bit and we went there today (the weekend will be busy anyway because it’s his birthday).


First we stopped at Titi’s and spent some time with this huge ball of fur and joy. And then we continued our adventure!


We saved some money by not taking the bus. Instead we walked like an hour or so, but it was fun. On the way to the garden we have to walk near to a cemetery and while it might be scary sometimes today it was really calming and lovely.


We also met some lizards!! I get pretty excited when I have the chance to photograph these creatures because they are like my second favourite animals. I tend to believe I prefer animals that are just like me: lazy and sun-lovers (as in nice warm sun, not broiler or anything similar) just like cats and lizards.


The Botanical Garden is this huge forest in the middle of the city. We can spend hours there and not get bored. There is also a very beautiful Japanese Garden but we didn’t take pictures there because there were many people and I don’t fancy it when it’s so crowdy.


Another prone to crowds place is the water tower. It’s very high and you can see parts of the city. Vlad doesn’t do well with high places so he waited for me on a bench (can you see that red dot? It’s him!).


We love not following the standard routes and we sometimes have to cross the river (yes, there is a river in the middle of the garden – well, forest) jumping on rocks. It’s awesome!


(Sorry for the double picture) We plan to have a picnic in the middle of the garden because the view is amazing. And the birds are too!!


And the last parts of the Garden are the greenhouses. There are three – one with water plant mainly, one with plants from the Mediterranean and Australian zones – this one is my boyfriend’s favourite. And my favourite:


The Palm House! Vlad thinks it’s kinda boring because there are only… palms (and some bamboo) but I find it really lovely. Maybe because it makes me feel small… There’s something whimsical about it and I can’t put in words.

I know there are more pictures than words (actually if you start counting them I think I’m wrong but you get what I want to say), but I like it this way. And the garden is just too beautiful and neither the pictures nor the words can express its nature.

Last Week in Photos #9: Talking Too Much About Toothpaste!


Einstein | Turkish Delight | Fluff’s belly | a new buddy | Lime My Cola
new coat | beer&friends | another buddy | toothpastes | Spring

Einstein is the newest cat we befriended! He is still scared and doesn’t really know if he wants to stay and be patted or run away from us but once he sniffs your hand he is all yours. Also, can you see how big Fluff’s belly is? Can’t wait to meet the little cubs!! And the bug is another friend we made this past week… but then he flew away without leaving his number or address. Oh, bugs.

We tried a lot of new weird stuff this week like special Turkish Delight (I used to eat a lot of those when I was a kid because Mom was obsessed with them) and the Lime My Cola yogurt that has a very kinky Cola bottle.

Mom got me a new coat that I simply adore! Mom buys me a lot of stuff from second hand stores and she understand better and better what I like to wear and what not and this coat is just the best thing she purchased for me ever! And even more, it was new! With the label still on and everything and it’s from Stella McCartney for H&M collection and it was probably more than 10 times cheaper than its original price. Isn’t that crazy?

And the dog from a some Last Week in Photos ago. He is too cute not to mention it. Also, this week we went out quite a lot despite the fact we had no money. But Spring is here so YEEY!! Oh, and we got some new toothpastes… the one for gums is gone (we both have sensible gums so…) and I loved it, the baby one appeared out of nowhere (well, Vlad got it from a guy who went to the dentist and got a lot of free toothpaste samples) and the Total Advanced Whitening is our new toothpaste – I wanted to repurchase the one for gums but they were sold out.

Anyway, Spring is here so yeey! (Saying it twice is always better!)

Last Weeks in Photos #8


hubby sleeping | me sleeping | still winter
chocolate egg | reading time | feeding the pigeons
TS3 | Turkish Delight | Teacup Pomeranian

I skipped last week because my schedule is busier than ever but I can survive. So these weeks are a little bit mixed because it’s hard to remember exactly and I know this sounds crazy but life is crazy. So I napped a lot (crazy week remember) and ate a lot of chocolate eggs and Turkish Delight. I also googled a lot of sweet pictures: Teacup Pomeranians! Because they are cute and adorable and my boyfriend wants one – of course we are not going to buy a dog right now but you never know.


Coke | tea | a lot of dishes to do
Hiragana | playing video games

So… went a little bit on the wrong side of my healthy routine and stuff and drank a lot of Coca-Cola. I am not really a fizzy drinks person but from time to time I can enjoy a glass of soda. I also drank a lot of tea; like these past weeks I had more tea than… I don’t know what to compare it too but it was a lot of tea.

Mmm… the last weeks weren’t too interesting and amazing and I am not sure the next one will be because school is keeping me busy. But you do what you have to do.

Last Week in Photos #7: Still Winter


lovely tea | a view of the sky | Castle and Plant
buds | wrestling | learning Hiragana
me in red | sketches for the comics | weekend food with friends

Remember how last time Winter was coming back? Well… after some days of really really hot weather, Winter decided to stay and it snowed again. But the ugly part was the wind and the cold and… the fact that it all happened during the weekend!!

Last week  I discovered an awesome tea sent by a pen-pal. It was delicious! I started watching Wrestling again (and it’s addicting, again) and I am just in time for Wrestlemania! YES!

I re-organized the closets and I discovered an old favourite of mine: my super warm red sweater. Didn’t dare to put in the box with the other Winter clothes because I didn’t have the chance to wear it this Winter and since we had some cold weather I enjoyed it!!

I started learning Japanese again and this time I focus on writing too and right now I try to learn Hiragana while not falling behind with the drawings for school (for the comics class we have to draw some psychological test and we aren’t supposed to know the signification of the elements, but I already know the test…).

We spent the weekend with friends and cooked some delicious stuff and we played Silent Hill games and watched a Korean horror movie. I know there is no cat in the photo-set so here’s some Mogu for you:


Last Week in Photos #6

Well… I had so many nice pictures that I did two photo-sets.


my BB cream | aromatherapy | Art History
letters | olives | the market
Titi enjoying the sun | popcorn & anime | cats

My week was full and seemed so long!! I had fun with makeup and I just fall in love with the Garnier BB Cream for oily skin (but more about that on my monthly favourites post – will be posted at the end of the month). I made the house smell lovely with an aromatherapy oil that smells like cookies (it would be more suitable for Winter but guess what? it snowed!!) while I worked for school and I am so in love with art history (contemporary art history to be more exact) that I still think I made a mistake not going choosing art history over fine arts (I applied for both).

Mailed some letters and packages and did more trips to the market (I love it!!) where I discovered some sweet apples and other great goodies. And I spent my days snacking on olives – I go crazy when it comes to olives!! And I also made some butter popcorn for the latest Chihayafuru 2 episode. The cats were enjoying the sunny days, Titi especially.


a cute dog | fries | a new cat
tuna sandwich | me | Spring flowers
library | snow | a bubble bath

Talking about cats, me and my boyfriend kept changing the routes to the market in order to discover new cats and we did. Also, see that dog? He is my new friend, he is always there when I am alone but every time I try to show him to my boyfriend the dog doesn’t show (took the picture because Vlad kept saying I may be going crazy).

I ate a lot of salads these days, but when your boyfriend makes fries you can’t say no, right? Also, I did an awesome tuna sandwich – a new recipe I tried and also shared it on the blog.

Last week we had a snowy day. I was pretty happy though the snow did not last and I was happy about that too. I spent my snowy day at the Uni library doing research on Pop Art (Andy Warhol especially) – the snowy photo is from my Uni courtyard.

Last weekend, my boyfriend made me a sweet gift – he washed the bathtub and prepared a bubble bath for me. He bought me some effervescent balls that colored the water (we did blue this time but I still have a red one and a yellow one). The rubber duckies you see are Cam and Mitchell and they are gay. I still play with toys.

Last Week in Photos #5


Japanese Graphics Now | Harry Potter #2 | cookies
snowdrops | market | market again
new cats | Illustration Now | Mogu

I had a very busy week. Spent most of it reading albums and books for school, but I also did some what I like to call “pleasure-reading” though I do not mind books for school (except when they are in French). I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I am now reading A Game of Thrones.

Friday we went on a trip to the market and I was just so so happy. The market is back to life and there are so many healthy fruits and veggies! It was lovely. My boyfriend also bought me some snowdrops because he knew my Dad used to buy me snowdrops in the Spring.

And we have some new cats in the neighbourhood. Haven’s spent much time with them but I will, soon.