February&March Favourites 2♥13

Long time since my last faves, right? Well February wasn’t long and there weren’t many things to talk about so I decided to just skip it and combine the stuff from February with those from March. Hence why the long gap time between the last faves post and this one.


Starting with skincare and body products:

  • another natural soap that I started using in February (it’s a heart so it made sense). This one is not made by my aunt, but it’s still great. There are hints of mango and citrus if you sniff it but nothing too much or artificial which is why I love it. I know it doesn’t have a nice colour or anything but it’s better for your skin, trust me!
  • I had this Mitchum deodorant for quite some time but thought it was weird to talk about it. It is pricey for a deodorant but it’s the best one ever! As for the 48 hours? That is true too! The one for women has a sweet smell I don’t really fancy but it’s not too in your face, but the one for men smells amazing – my boyfriend has one and he loves it too.
  • this makeup remover milk from Gerovital Plant has only one flaw: you finish it too fast!! It does clean your face (not the best out there, but still works) and I love works great with my face, it’s gentle and easy to use.
  • and the greatest discovery of March: the Garnier BB Cream for oily skin. I had the original Garnier BB Cream for quite some time (this product last a lot even if you use it daily) but I wasn’t in love or anything because 1. I have oily skin and I needed a lot of face powder after I applied it and 2. it was a little bit darker than my face – this is the problem with this BB Cream, it only has the shades light and medium (and light isn’t that light!). But then I tried the one for oily skin and, boy, it is perfect for me. it goes mat on the skin so no need for powder and for whatever reason the light shade from this one is lighter than the light shade from the original BB cream.


In February and March I used more makeup than in January but I decided to only talk about the best of the best, you know.

  • I wore more color than the liliac purple and that gorgeous grey but these two I used the most. The Lively Liliac from Rimmel London is one of my favourite purplish varnishes that I have (and I have a few shades of purple, really) and it felt perfect for the beginning of Spring (Spring is still not here, though). As for the VIP Grey from Astor… well, it was my favourite nail polish for the last three or four years and I used it so much that now it’s over! It’s quite a new thing for me. I used to finish an entire nail polish only when I was 14-15 and I only painted my nails with the same shade of red, but since my nail polish collection grew I didn’t imagine this will happen. Had to say good bye and it was hard.
  • another nail related thing is a nail butter from Oriflame. I am not the best at manicure or pedicure but I had this nail butter and decided to use it and it’s great. I have no idea what it should do but I use it when my nails are really dry (and they get very dry from the nail polish remover that I’m using and hating) or for my cuticles.
  • I played with quite some eyeshadows, most of them neutrals or soft green, but this quad from E.L.F. was my every single day go to. It’s called Matte Mauve and it’s perfect for a soft look or no-makeup-look. It also brightens your eyes. The pigmentation is not great and it doesn’t last all day, but I wasn’t really looking for any of those so it worked.
  • I did go a little crazy for red lips and rediscovered a red lipstick I used to only use for parties or events (because it’s a little bit sparkly). It’s Love Red from an Oriflame limited collection. It’s very moisturizing and lasts a lot on your lips (if you don’t drink or eat). I love that it’s pretty sheer but buildable. Used with a red lip-pencil it can last for hours!


Random faves time!! Since Winter wasn’t gone and because I re-organized the closets I discovered some items I didn’t wear in the Winter time so decided to have fun with them (the only good part about Spring not being here yet).

  • the red sweater is my favourite and I sad when I realized that I ignored it all Winter! It’s so soft and cute – too bad it’s pretty complicated to wash.
  • in March I made a passion for greens so I wore a lot of green clothes. My favourite was a neon green short-sleeved sweater. I am not a neon fan but I discovered the sweater in a second hand store and it was cute (bought it last Summer) but I forgot to wear it.
  • most of the times I paired the neon green sweater with a dark green cardigan because they complimented each other in a great way. The cardigan is pretty long and it only had buttons in the chest area.
  • let’s call my toothbrush a fashion accessory, ok? It’s my new toothbrush and I get quite obsessed with buying a new toothbrush but since I was in a love-green-for-ever mood it was pretty easy to choose.
  • and my favourite food: my cereals! They are 77% whole grains and they are perfect with any kind of yogurt. They are made by Kaufland and have a pretty ok price.


More random things: black gel pens! As you can see one of the pens is dead by now so I don’ lie when I see they are my favourites. And my new planner (not so new, but it was new in February)!!


Nails for Valentine’s Day

Since I loved combining Otaku Sunday with V-Day I told to myself “why not make this a theme?” – I know it’s not original or anything and that every blogger writes about this holiday (heck, some of them are blogging about V-Day from January, but I do almost everything on the last minute). I thought it would be nice to come up with some nice nail designs with cute hearts and all that juicy stuff. But the great part about painting your nails is that you can change the colours and the design will still look cute and lovely. You can also add a sparkly top coat over.

Because I couldn’t decide on a single design, I decided to show you some of the ideas I came up with. You can pick one for all of your nails or combine them or use them all. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, after all love is not perfect either. If you are not brave enough you can just paint one nail like the ring finger or the pinky – I think it would look really cute only with the pinky. And if you don’t like pink and hearts, I have an idea for you case too.


This is what you need:

  • nail varnishes – you can choose whatever colours you want (you can also work only with two colours), I picked a pale purplish colour (Lively Liliac from Rimmel London), a cranberry red (Cranberry Zest from Rimmel London) and a pale Barbie pink (Strawberry Fizz from Rimmel London);
  • cotton buds or anything to remove mistakes
  • toothpicks or bobby pins
  • nail polish remover
  • a support to put your polish on
  • sparkly top coat (optional)


So here are the designs! I started by painting my nails with the purple shade and then I added a fat pink line on all of my nails except the pinky finger. That was the main idea and then I just decorated the nails like you see in the pictures. You can copy my designs or come up with your own. What’s for sure is that you will have fun!


As for those that aren’t as brave, don’t like girly stuff or they just don’t have the time or the patience to paint their nails, you can just paint all your nails with a nude colour and then add a cute sparkly top coat – I picked the one in the picture because it has the purple/magenta things that fit the theme of V-Day.

So… what do you think?

January Favourites 2♥13

Hey, guys! I used to have a makeup & beauty blog last year and I remember really enjoying writing favourites-posts at the end of the month. And this is why I decided to do them on this blog too. So we’ll have mostly beauty & makeup products, but also some random things and maybe some fashion items.


The month of January was a really stressful one for me and I rarely had time to put on some makeup but I made sure to make time for long hot showers because they help with my stress level so this is the main reason I have so many bath products.

  • the natural liquid soap is from an aunt from Germany and it’s the first bio liquid soap I used and I love it (it’s almost empty). Oh, and if you are wondering why it’s so dirty it’s because I work with typographic ink and other hard to clean substances.
  • the soap bar is homemade by an aunt from Spain (I’m actually wearing her engagement ring – you’ll see more of it later) and she sends me soaps (she sends to the entire family) from time to time.
  • the volumising shampoo is from Avon and has hibiscus and raspberries. I wasn’t a bit fan of Avon shampoos but Mom bought this one for my birthday and it’s really gentle and delivers what it promises.
  • the other shampoo is from a French brand called Petrole Hahn and it’s special for oily hair. The only reason why it is here it’s because it smells like candies! And it doesn’t say that anywhere on the bottle but I want to eat it every time I use it.
  • another product that’s almost gone is the shower cream with Indian cotton flower from Yves Rocher – it makes my skin really soft and lovely.


Since the previous month was so hectic and stressful I rarely had time to put makeup on – yup, not even foundation or BB cream. But I still managed to gather a few stuff that I used a lot.

  • I dared myself to wear more nude lipsticks because in the Winter time I go crazy about reds and dark shades. And the lipstick I used the most was Vintage Nude from Oriflame. It isn’t my favourite shade I own but it’s the closest to my lips colour and perfect for no makeup days when I still want something on my face. It’s easy to apply even without a mirror.
  • this is a new nail varnish that I got for Christmas. And the reason why it’s here it’s because I painted my nails three weeks ago and the colour is still on my nails (with little chips here and there). Plus, the colour is really pretty.
  • and my favourite lip balm is an organic one called simply “Lip Balm In Love”. My favourite Aunt gave it to me for Christmas. I read and article a while ago that said that certain ingredients from the lip balms make you addicted to them and they actually don’t do anything good for your lips. Well, this lip balm has none of those ingredients so yeey!


And now it’s time for some random favourites!

  • due to exam period and stress I drank a lot of tea: Earl Grey instead of coffee (I gave up coffee a long time ago) and herbal Lemon tea (without lemons – this is weird) for relaxation.
  • in November and December I had a lot of health problems due to cold weather, but this January I was prepared: Vitamin C and Propolis (have a typo in the picture, sorry) everyday keeps the flu and colds away!
  • last week we bought a box of Fortune Cookies and they are super delicious – we didn’t expect them to be so good.

As for some fashion and accessories favourites… I don’t really shop for clothes. Mom buys me clothes like every other week (from thrift stores) and my Aunt gives me clothes from time to time because she loves shopping and she shops a lot, too much actually so she passes down to me.

  • had the pearly earrings on me everyday. I have them from my Mom and I re-discovered them last month.
  • and the ring is the one I told you about earlier. It’s my Aunt’s engagement ring and she gave it to me when she got married.
  • the shirt is from my shopaholic Aunt and it’s pretty long and sometimes I wear it like a dress (always with tights or leggings).
  • the pink cardigan from H&M is a presnet from my Aunt and I started loving pink quite recently and mainly because of her. I mostly paired it with the green shirt.


Because of stress and being busy with exams I did not have time much time to read, but when I did it was The Graveyard Book by my favourite author, Neil Gaiman. It a lovely book and I’m almost done with it. I also love the bookmark I use for it. I will probably make a post about it because it’s a really enjoyable children book with a dark edge.

And my last favourite is my new Nikon camera that I won from Jamie Oliver! I will soon talk about this too because it’s one of the greatest thing that happened to me this year so far!

Getting ready for a White Christmas!

It might be a little bit too early to think about Christmas, right? But it has been snowing since yesterday morning and the town is covered in a huge snow blanket. While drinking my double black tea with some cinnamon I painted my nails and made a list with some beauty products perfect for a White Christmas.


This is the “snowy” nail design I came up with. It’s nothing complicated but it’s enough to boost my happiness level because it reminds me of how snow sparkles at night. I don’t have a white nail varnish so I had to compromise. But I’m still happy with the result. I used Maybelline’s mini Colorama in Peach Pie as a base – it has a very watery formulation and you need multiple coats to be entirely opaque -, and then I layered some sparkle nail polish over it, concentrating it on the top of the nails.


But let’s talk about the rest of the stuff picked for a White Christmas (yes, I know, it’s not Christmas yet and I might even wear sparkly red nails like I did last year, but it’s snowing and that’s all that matters!).

My skin changes in the Winter. It doesn’t become totally dry but I still like to use more special products for this time of the year like a more gentle cleanser or a richer hand cream. This Winter I picked a Cleansing Milk from Ivatherm and I am pretty happy with it because it doesn’t irritate my eyes. As for a hand cream, I have used Dove’s Intensive Nourishment hand cream since september and I wasn’t too keen on it, but now that it’s so cold outside it’s the perfect hand cream! And the last beauty product that I love for the colder months is  a delicious lip gloss/lip balm that’s 100% natural and it’s made from pure cocoa butter and ylang-ylang.


I got the “Breakfast at Tyffany’s” box of mints from a special old friend of mine and it looks perfect for Winter, right? And the peppermint pills are so small that they remind me of tiny snowballs!

I’m positive we’ll have a White Christmas (at least where I live now, too bad I won’t spend the holidays here).

Has it snowed in your town?