V-Day Movie Recommendations

I just realized that “recommendations” is such a long word! Before jumping to the conclusion that I may be insane (they are still testing that) let me say that today I was so sick (and still am) that I forgot twice – TWICE! – to write this post. I almost gave up but then I knew I’ll feel worse because I didn’t keep my word so here I am… writing… sick… about movie recommendations for V-Day. If you think you are going to read another one of those cheesy articles about cheesy romantic-comedies then you are so wrong, my bro! I don”t fancy those movie – rarely there’s one I like. But enough with the introduction. Let’s talk movies:

amour, silver linings, impossible

Since I am pretty excited about the Oscars I decided to pick some films from there (plus, they are the most recent films I’ve seen so…):

  • Amour. Yesterday I watched Amour and this is here just for those of you who like Michael Haneke or if you think you are strong enough to watch it – no, it won’t necessarily bring you to tears (it’s not that kind of movie). To be honest my ALC professor (Art, Literature and Cinema) recommended us not to watch it until we will be older. The poster was created by Matt Owens (and here are some other awesome posters created by him). Why for V-Day: it’s the definition of love
  • Silver Linings Playbook. This movie, oh, this movie! What a surprise! I didn’t not expect it to be this awesome. I knew it was a romantic- comedy and that’s about all my knowledge of the film before watching it. No! This is not a romantic-comedy (ok, it is, but not your typical one), this is a fantastic movie with GREAT GREAT acting and smart writing.  The poster is created by Joshua Budich (and here are some more). Why for V-Day: because it’s a romantic-comedy that is too good for its own genre.
  • The Impossible (or Lo Imposible in the original – it’s in English, but produced by a Spanish studio or something like that). It’s a film about the survivors of a tsunami. Yes, it is made after a real event and while some critics considered it too dramatic and unrealistic, the actually survivors from that actually tsunami were touched and confessed that it is exactly how it happened (and by survivors I am not referring to the protagonists). I’m sorry I couldn’t find an awesome poster for this one. Why for V-Day: it gives you hope for the humanity.

mirror mirror, once upon a time

And if you don’t fancy any of those presented before, than maybe you are in the mood for a modern adaptation of a fairy tale, right? I hope so… oh, c’mon, who doesn’t like fairy tales? And the thing about them is that they can be transformed to fit our current society. When Disney first made Snow White she was just a princess waiting for her prince like most of the women in those times, but nowadays, the princesses are so much more! They don’t need a prince, they can take care of themselves and they can even save a few other people while taking care of themselves – just like our modern women, right? I recommend you Mirror Mirror because it’s a witty film with amazing costumes created by Eiko Ishioka (who died last year). And if you have more time on your hands then you can have an Once Upon a Time marathon where Snow White’s daughter is trying to save the fairy tales.

how to marry a mill

Last but not least: How To Marry A Millionaire. This is an old comedy with Grable, Monroe and Bacall, all three looking to … well, this one is quite self-explanatory: they are trying millionaires! You will laugh and fall in love with this glossy movie!

I so hope you are having a nice evening with one of the films I talked about. Now I’ll say good-bye and go make myself some hot tea to accompany my medicines.


Simple crafts for V-Day

I was pretty excited to do something (not necessarily for Valentine’s Day) that involved creating something that doesn’t involve drawing (since I do that a lot). I guess I just like creating things and V-Day was the perfect excuse. I had more in mind, but I am sick and my neck is killing me and there is no xerox nearby and we don’t have a printer here… so I did what I could. The theme was once again “hearts” (like it was with the nail designs).


The thing about arts&crafts is to do something you like, but to also enjoy the process of making it not just the final product. So I did what I love: painting with watercolours, origami and something related to books! All the crafts I picked are easy to make, cheap and don’t take much time. I must also mention that none of them were my idea.

hhear   hearts

I did these cute heart shaped bookmarks. They are adorable and I made so many so that I can share my love for reading with others. Here’s how to make them! A few year ago I made some origami bookmarks that are similar to these hearts, but the hearts were so much easier to make ’cause you use old envelopes – this way, they are also very special, right?


Speaking of origami. I did an origami heart and here’s how to make it! It seems hard and I must admit some of the steps are not easy, but if you have a little bit of patience you will make a beautiful heart! And here is an idea of how to use the heart.


And here’s something done with one of my favourite things in the world: watercolours! Mine is not as pretty as the source of inspiration because I was experimenting. While playing with my watercolours and reading something my best friend wrote in our joint diary, I got another idea – making cards with watercoulour hearts for Dragobete (a Romanian holiday similar to Valentine’s Day).

And if you have time and a printer you should try this one and this one. I am going to do them, but not this time. Have fun creating!

Nails for Valentine’s Day

Since I loved combining Otaku Sunday with V-Day I told to myself “why not make this a theme?” – I know it’s not original or anything and that every blogger writes about this holiday (heck, some of them are blogging about V-Day from January, but I do almost everything on the last minute). I thought it would be nice to come up with some nice nail designs with cute hearts and all that juicy stuff. But the great part about painting your nails is that you can change the colours and the design will still look cute and lovely. You can also add a sparkly top coat over.

Because I couldn’t decide on a single design, I decided to show you some of the ideas I came up with. You can pick one for all of your nails or combine them or use them all. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, after all love is not perfect either. If you are not brave enough you can just paint one nail like the ring finger or the pinky – I think it would look really cute only with the pinky. And if you don’t like pink and hearts, I have an idea for you case too.


This is what you need:

  • nail varnishes – you can choose whatever colours you want (you can also work only with two colours), I picked a pale purplish colour (Lively Liliac from Rimmel London), a cranberry red (Cranberry Zest from Rimmel London) and a pale Barbie pink (Strawberry Fizz from Rimmel London);
  • cotton buds or anything to remove mistakes
  • toothpicks or bobby pins
  • nail polish remover
  • a support to put your polish on
  • sparkly top coat (optional)


So here are the designs! I started by painting my nails with the purple shade and then I added a fat pink line on all of my nails except the pinky finger. That was the main idea and then I just decorated the nails like you see in the pictures. You can copy my designs or come up with your own. What’s for sure is that you will have fun!


As for those that aren’t as brave, don’t like girly stuff or they just don’t have the time or the patience to paint their nails, you can just paint all your nails with a nude colour and then add a cute sparkly top coat – I picked the one in the picture because it has the purple/magenta things that fit the theme of V-Day.

So… what do you think?

Otaku Sunday #5: Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and I am not single, but we are just one of those couples who doesn’t do V-Day! I don’t resonate with the commercial part of the holiday or with the obligation to do something to show your love on a certain day – it’s more special when you receive a spontaneous gift than when you know you are going to get one. Still… I love doing V-Day DIY crafts and projects and re-watching some good old anime with a romantic theme. So I am going to share with you some of those anime!

Oh, and I love even more the way Japanese celebrates Valentine’s Day. In Japan, V-Day was imported by the chocolate companies which is why on this day women give chocolate to men, and a month later, on 14th March (also name the White Day) the men give chocolate to women. There are two types of chocolate that are given on V-Day in Japan: obligatory chocolate for colleagues or friends (just so they won’t feel left out) and true chocolate (usually homemade) – I don’t really remember the correct term for it – for the man you have feelings for. I might celebrate V-Day the Japanese style this year because tomorrow I will make a pixel-heart-box perfect for my gamer boyfriend. But now let’s talk about anime!


Nodame Cantabile is a lovely romantic comedy anime filled with passion for… music. First, you must keep in mind that this anime is not your typical romance anime. Quite the opposite. Our story takes place in a music college where the genius Noda Megumi (or Nodame) falls in love with Chiaki, an arrogant musician whose dream is to play in Europe but he’s scared of flying. The beautiful music, the whimsical atmosphere and the charismatic characters will make your V-Day brighter whether you are single or not.spiceandwolf

Or maybe you are in the mood for a romantic fantasy. Spice and Wolf is another anime perfect for a romantic holiday. Holo and Lawrence Kraft meet in a weird way and since then they travel together – a lovely journey in the medieval times, a long journey with tons of dialog. But these things are what makes this anime so enjoyable and perfect for V-Day. And if you like it, you should check Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, an anime from the current season, that is very similar to Spice and Wolf (they are made by the same studio – if I remember correctly -, and the protagonists share the same voice actors – called seyuus in Japan).


And if you are in the mood for a hilarious shoujo anime then Lovely Complex will do the trick for you. Risa is a very very tall girl while Ootani is a shorter than the average boy who, obviously, is a little sensitive about his height. And what’s a boy to do when Risa, a way to tall girl, confesses her feelings towards him? Ignore her and then fall in love with her.

I tried to present different types of unusual romantic anime and I hope you will like at least one of these three. There are of course more but I will write all night and then this Otaku Sunday will transform into an Otaku Monday. Oh, and in case you are single and hate Valentine’s Day or just need a drama because everyone is way too happy for a normal 14th February, then you can get your other single girlfriends (or just your best friend) and watch Nana, another great anime with funny parts as well as sad parts.

Have a great week and please do tell me your plans for V-Day! Or how do you feel about this commercial holiday: hate it or love it?

The Snowman and the Tree

One day I met this Snowman and I had to accept that Christmas is near. I do love Christmas, don’t think I’m a Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, but I do not hurry to celebrate it like most of the people do – mainly because this is a special family holiday for me (and this is mainly because I am away from them 9 months a year or more), and if they are not here why rush into decorating and doing all those other Christmasy stuff?

And the Snowman made me feel nostalgic so I went home and skyped with my Mom and Dad and guess what my folks were doing? Decorating the house for Christmas! We always decorate the tree and the house on December 15. My Dad takes care of mounting the tree and putting the lights, Mom decorates the rest of the house and I and the cat adorn the tree. But since I started Uni… our tradition had to change too. So now, on December 15, two trees are decorated:braaaaaaaaaadThe tree is rather small, but I put it on a table so it looks tall. Most of the ornaments are chocolate candies and caramel candies (we found BUBBLE GUM caramel candies! I love the taste of bubble gum!!) because we can’t afford paying too much on Christmas ornaments so candies will suffice.

Decorating the tree is always fun, but I must admit that it was a little bit sad. After I graduate and maybe get a job I will sure make time to be home in time to decorate the tree with my Mom, Dad and cat! These times are pretty hard when you have multiple “homes”.

But enough about me, how is December treating you? And what do you think about Christmas? Any special traditions? Well I hope you have a great time and Happy Holidays!

A Walk or “How I Spent My Free Monday Morning”

And yes, I had been meaning to write this article since Monday but life was made to be lived not planned. Oh, who am I kidding? No living at all, Uni had other plans! But that’s ok because Uni was the reason we went for the walk in the first place.
erfdfI worked on my assignment for the Photography class. Analog photography is pretty cool and I’m glad I didn’t pick to go digital. But enough about school, let’s talk our wonderful walk. We woke up early (I usually let him sleep a little bit more), dressed as warmly as we could, grabbed our cameras and went out the door.

We walked around our neighbourhood, spent some time with the kitties, ate some really good pastry products and fed the pigeons, which is one of our favourite activities to do.  More pictures with the birdies here!

sdfsaAnd because it was a free day and we were in need of a way to procrastinate we decided to go to the mall because hubby needs some new earbuds. So we went and I couldn’t help but photograph almost every Christmas decoration. We did some shopping too, but not related to Christmas though they were having some super cute cupcakes ornaments but like I said no Christmas shopping this year!

And since we are so close to the weekend, I am going to end my post with a sweet “Have a lovely weekend full of snow!”. So… Have a lovely weekend full of snow!

Getting ready for a White Christmas!

It might be a little bit too early to think about Christmas, right? But it has been snowing since yesterday morning and the town is covered in a huge snow blanket. While drinking my double black tea with some cinnamon I painted my nails and made a list with some beauty products perfect for a White Christmas.


This is the “snowy” nail design I came up with. It’s nothing complicated but it’s enough to boost my happiness level because it reminds me of how snow sparkles at night. I don’t have a white nail varnish so I had to compromise. But I’m still happy with the result. I used Maybelline’s mini Colorama in Peach Pie as a base – it has a very watery formulation and you need multiple coats to be entirely opaque -, and then I layered some sparkle nail polish over it, concentrating it on the top of the nails.


But let’s talk about the rest of the stuff picked for a White Christmas (yes, I know, it’s not Christmas yet and I might even wear sparkly red nails like I did last year, but it’s snowing and that’s all that matters!).

My skin changes in the Winter. It doesn’t become totally dry but I still like to use more special products for this time of the year like a more gentle cleanser or a richer hand cream. This Winter I picked a Cleansing Milk from Ivatherm and I am pretty happy with it because it doesn’t irritate my eyes. As for a hand cream, I have used Dove’s Intensive Nourishment hand cream since september and I wasn’t too keen on it, but now that it’s so cold outside it’s the perfect hand cream! And the last beauty product that I love for the colder months is  a delicious lip gloss/lip balm that’s 100% natural and it’s made from pure cocoa butter and ylang-ylang.


I got the “Breakfast at Tyffany’s” box of mints from a special old friend of mine and it looks perfect for Winter, right? And the peppermint pills are so small that they remind me of tiny snowballs!

I’m positive we’ll have a White Christmas (at least where I live now, too bad I won’t spend the holidays here).

Has it snowed in your town?