Wishlist Wednesday #1

Remember this post? Well this is a similar list with stuff I’d waste money on…

WW: Candles

Candles! I am not really a candle person because the ones that are good are too expensive. But these candles look really cool, especially for Halloween. I mean, candle skulls?

WW: Rings

Accessories, well… rings only today: I love Unicorns. And snakes – yes, I know I have a snake ring already, but this one with the green stone is so much more Slytherin than mine. As for the cute cat ears? Oh, but I already have a cheap cat ears ring in the mail (I hope it gets here NOW!).

WW: Hats

Fashion: It’s Autumn, so HATS! First, the bowler hat because it’s perfect for my Halloween costume – I am going to be Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and since I really need a bowler hat I’ll look for a cheap one in thrift stores. I never had a French beret and I don’t know if they’re in style or not (everyone seems to be crazy for beanies) but who cares about that? And the cat one… well, cats!!

WW: Cups Mugs

Cups/Mugs: Last, but not least my favourite things in the world! Did I mention that I like Unicorns? And a ceramic coffee cup for environmental reasons – I rarely drink coffee but I love how coffee cups look! And the last one is purrfect for Halloween!

So this is my “shopping list” for this week. A girl can dream, right? What is on your pretend-shopping-list?

Random Monday #4: Best Halloween Episode EVER

my so called life halloween-747069

1. TV shows love holidays and they make great great episodes about them. I love all of the FRIENDS thanksgiving episodes, they are my favorites ever, but My So-Called Life’s Halloween episode is the best out there. Sure, the Pretty Little Liars have Halloween episodes and they are great, but no TV series compares with the quintessential show for teenagers. My So-Called Life is a piece of art, the writing is especially great and the best episode is, of course, the Halloween episode (actually, it’s really hard to pick one).

The costumes were out of this world or anything, but can we talk about Angela’s costume? The cat eye glasses and the lime button up sweater. Oh, dear… it almost made me want to change my Halloween costume.

2. I have not finished Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). The anime.

3. Homestuck is on a huge pause again and the next update is going to be the final update. I kinda like that.

4. Did you know there’s a thing called bubble tea? Where can I get one? How do I make it at home? I so want to try it!!

Yes, this Random Monday was more of a “let’s talk about how great MSCL is and then add three short other things”, but that show is really great, ok? Did you watch it already? What are you waiting for?


October List: Eating Habits&Food Journal

I said yesterday about my October list with things to improve about myself… or just do. Anyway, you can find the list here, but I want to go into details with the whole eating habits and food stuff.

I am a student and I don’t live with my mum anymore and it’s really easy to eat only instant ramen or instant mashed potatoes or to eat out, and that’s not really healthy. Fortunately for me I love cooking. But finding time (and the mood – I am such a lazy cat) for cooking is rather difficult.

I was never able to keep a food diary. So this summer I kinda did that on my tumblr with pictures because it’s way easier to photograph what you eat rather than writing it down. But guess what? I think it’s better to write it down. Since last week of September I started a meal diary that I want to continue this month too. Since then I discovered some unhealthy eating habits that I have so this month I’ll also try to work on those.

About the meal journal: I have a binder and I write everything down in there because it’s easier to organize it and I always work better on plain paper than on a notebook really. I usually write after I eat if I’m at home, if I’m not I just make a note on my phone. I write down the meal, the hour and what I was doing while eating (it’s hard not to multitask while eating and I know it’s not good, but IT’S HARD!). I don’t think to much about how many calories I have on my plate, I try to estimate them after I’m done eating but it’s ok not to be exact – because it’s hard especially with home cooked meals.

But a meal journal is great for observing what you tend to do like I tend to snack a lot between my meals, I also snack more when I’m in bed with my laptop. And the best part about the diary: it helps you get better because you are aware of your bad or good habits.

Eating habits list: Here is the list with things I want to improve or work on when it comes to my meals.

  • try to respect the three main meals – being in college makes it very hard to do so, fortunately this is my last year and I have lots of free time because I need to work on my big project and all that jazzSo I’m gonna try to have breakfast early in the morning (11 am is not early in the morning), lunch around 1 pm or 2 pm and dinner… well, dinner is the tricky one because I have days with classes till 7 pm or even 9 pm so… I’m gonna try to eat it around 6-8 pm depending on my day.
  • eat breakfast daily – I got a lot better at this one, but it’s still hard to do it every day and sometimes I just pretend it doesn’t exist. Not good! 
  • stop snacking so much – I will try to snack once between the meals and maybe once after dinner because sometimes I go to sleep at really late hours.
  • no fizzy drinks or “natural” juices from the supermarket – I am not a fizzy drink person, but I still drink them when I visit my friends or when I go out. I will continue to drink Frugo from time to time because that it’s just the best juice ever!
  • cook a new thing weekly – because cooking is fun.
  • don’t eat on the street – it’s just a trick to keep me from snacking and also, it’s not that nice, is it?

I’m not gonna try to stop “doing stuff” (and by doing I mean watching tv) while eating because that I really can’t. And I think this is it. Wow, I really expected to have more things on the list but it’s great, right? Well, wish me luck. I guess.

Random Monday #3: All about backpacks… not really

What better way to start blogging again if not with more randomness?

1. School starts today and I wish I had a backpack like this one. But I rarely wear backpacks to school since I don’t have much to carry in them. And the times I wear backpacks is when I need my laptop at me and I don’t thing the cute one can hold my Rory (Rory is my laptop’s name).

2. One month till NaNoWriMo… and my birthday.

3. We still don’t know anything about the season 3 from Sherlock. I am going crazy over here.

4. My Halloween recommendation for the Halloween month for you, anime lovers: Shiki (also Another!).

Random Monday #2: Cielo Variabile and other stuff

More randomness – I don’t think I’ll post them every single Monday. I do apologize for the lack of Otaku Sunday, Mom’s coming over – first time she visits this place – and I have to clean and stuff so no time for watching anime or reading manga.

1. Last Friday I went to the museum with a friend (who’ll soon move to Cluj too) and I found a piece of work by Mircea Cantor – it had nothing to do with the exhibition we were visiting, but it’a permanent work he donated to the museum. It’s similar to the one in the picture above (also made by him) only it says “cer variabil” (also the same thing, but in Romanian).

2. I am watching the final season from Dexter and while I do miss the normal Debra I can’t not be impressed by how well she plays this vulnerable fucked-up new Debra. Great job, Jennifer Carpenter!

3. I have just one episode left from the second season from Doctor Who – the one with the First Doctor – but I can’t watch it because Ian and Barbara are companions no more. I know they wanted to leave and that they are happy to be home and that they’ll get married soon (that happens in a comic with the Eleventh Doctor I think) but I STILL MISS THEM!

4. Mom’s coming over and she is a great cook, but she excels at cakes&sweet stuff. We are going to make Lemon Cakes because they are Sansa’s favourites. I found a lot of recipes on the internet, but we’ll probably make an original one. If I ever throw a Game of Thrones party (or go to one) I’ll bring Lemon Cakes!


5. I’ll talk more about this Friday (or Saturday or Sunday – yes, I am planning an Otaku Weekend, but I don’t promise anything) but my silly nose-theory turned out to be true (it wasn’t because of the nose part, but still). Anyway… it’s just a little thing compared to other things going on in the manga right now and I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

6. New Sims 3 game: Into the Future! I am really excited because I want to create the characters from the thing I am writing. The action happens “Into the Future” and by the time the game is out I hope my thing will be over – or waiting for a part II. I want to play with my four main characters – all girls, but very different not necessarily strong girls or role-modes, really, just normal humans.

7. I need more matching dishes. So far I have a Japanese bowl and a Japanese tea cup that fit and two red bowl with matching chopsticks.

Random Monday #1: Lemons, T-Storms and Jobs

It’s time for some randomness!

1. I love lemonades especially in the summer time, but most of all I love lemon water and since I returned from my holiday I only had lemon water. Plain water just doesn’t taste good anymore!! It’s crazy, I know, and lemons aren’t the cheapest right not but I can’t help it!

2. I went shopping today and got a lot of crazy stuff including creamy peanut butter!

3. I need to own MAUS by Art Spiegelman because sometimes I just feeling like reading it again and again.

4. I can live on strawberries forever!

5. I am in the mood for a thunder storm. I love rain, especially in the summer. I wonder if lemon water goes well with storms… especially in the summer.

6. On Saturday we had a vegetarian lunch cooked by Serj’s mom. That woman is the best cook EVER! Sorry Mom!

7. I miss watching Chihayafuru every week. I need the next season now! Or at least all the manga chapters translated.

8. On my holiday I went to the gym daily. I miss it, really, and I am not one who loves to exercise.

9. Yesterday we went to the Botanical Garden and in the Japanese Garden we found some turtles. They were adorable and really fast in the water.

10. I am looking for a job… as soon as I update that CV and start sending it. I am actually looking for anything and I kinda think being a waitress like Max would be fun.

30 Days Reading Challenge – The Final Update

Also known as the 2nd update. I planned on reading 15 books in 30 days. I didn’t. But I did finish 10 books and read a lot from other books. And I am disappointed because most of the books are children books. I love reading children books, but I feel like I might have cheated a little bit. Or maybe I didn’t. I can’t decide right now, sorry. But here are the books.

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
  2. A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin
  3. The Little Vampire (The Little Vampire #1) by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg – I already talked about these three books in the first update.
  4. The Little Vampire Moves In (The Little Vampire #2) by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg – The second book with the Rudiget, the little vampire, and Anton. In this one the little vampire has to move in Anton’s basement because his folks found out about his friendship with the human boy. And that’s not a thing popular with vampires.
  5. The Little Vampires Takes a Trip (The Little Vampire #3) by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg – Every time I read the books with the Little Vampire all I think about is how great the chapters are made. If you are (or have) a little kid you can read a chapter or two as bedtime story. They are great! In this one, Anton and Rudiger are going on a train ride and they have plenty of fun and a lot of adventures.
  6. Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman – I had a pretty rough start with this book because I was still during my exams period when I started reading it, but then I just couldn’t let it go! The second half I read it in like a night or so because it was simply lovely! The characters where great and I enjoyed the plot twists and all those little coincidences that made the story so fantastic.
  7. Celle qui n’etait plus or Les Diaboliques by Boileau-Narcejac. In English the title is “The Woman Who Was No More” but I prefer the French. Also, I am pretty pissed that my book used the second title which is not the book’s original title but the film’s. But the story was great no matter what title it had. It’s my second book by this author and the first one I read because of the film Vertigo. I guessed the ending of the book but it was still a nice reading.
  8. The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire – You might think reading poetry is cheating… but I am not a poetry reader and I rarely get to finish a poetry book. I am pretty stiff when it comes to poetry mainly because I just love stories and characters and poetry is mostly about different things. I could always read Poe’s poetry, of course, but it was hard to find someone else to appreciate as much as Poe. But I did and he’s name is Charles Baudelaire and his writings are so strong and beautiful that he made me prefer the sunset… and I thought I will always be a sunrise kind of girl.
  9. Peter Pan and Wendy by J.M. Barrie – I am ashamed I never read this story when I was a little kid. But I had tons of fun doing it now and I read it all in a morning from the sunrise ’till 7 am.
  10. 30-Second Theories: The 50 Most Thought-provoking Theories in Science by many authors – I devoured this book like crazy! I had a thing for physics (especially) in high school but in my last year I was to busy preparing for exams that I ignored Einstein’s relativity theories or quantum mechanics but now I can understand them as much as I need to know them for my personal interest. I also loved the illustrations from this book. They were simple, but really smart.

Well… 10/15 was pretty OK and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for reading children books because I love them and I’ll read them anyway challenge or no challenge. As for the other challenge… I’ll just do it the next time because now I am pretty busy.