April Goals? Hmmm…


Since my March Goals weren’t exactly a hit I am not sure if to dare myself do some things in April… But let’s face it, the things I failed to do in March weren’t directly my failures: snow, rain, wind, Winter is back = no jogging and the SFC is no more (might be my fault, right? But I don’t know for sure). That being said, the make-the-bed thing and the eat breakfast daily worked great! So, yeah, let’s set some goals for April too.


  • I wanna read more! This year is definitely better than last year when it comes to reading, but there’s still place for improvement. The problem is that I start way too many books. But I will finish them, I am really positive! Right now I am reading the third book from the Harry Potter series (this year I plan to reread the books and have a movie marathon after!), the first book from A Song of Ice and Fire series – it’s a huge book but I love it and I love the TV show so… bad part is that I am reading it on the PC and there’s always something to do on the PC (I will probably try to buy a Kindle or something, after I rob a bank obviously), the second book from the Sookie Stackhouse novels – I love the TV show here too but they are pretty different and it’s like reading different stories with the same characters. Plus some non-fiction books: one about spirituality and stuff like that, one about health and how to treat different stuff at home (since I hate hospitals, doctors and I hate even more going there without my Mum – I am still a CHILD!!) and one about women and health and womanly stuff. Oh, and I also read a nice book about history that also has scientific facts in it and it’s pretty great too. And there are also books for school (including a book in French on Contemporary Art – it’s pretty hard to read since my French is not that good). I love reading, too bad I don’t have time to read everything I want – but the Easter break is close!!


  • Work more for Uni! And probably finish some stuff like the 1st Photography assignment and the posters for the music events and the comic book and the illustration book and the book-object. So many things to do in one month!! And then there’s the Easter break and then three more weeks and THEN FINALS!! And I am already panicking! HELP! But I just have to get my head back in the game and work, work, work. Easier said than done.
  • Speaking of learning stuff and school… another goal is to learn all the Hiragana signs! I am having some problems like after I learn new signs I kinda forget some of the old ones but not all of them. No problem, really, ’cause I practice everyday and I know this will help.


  • Since jogging might not happen to soon (weather is still crazy here) I am going to focus more on Pilates! And I do the Blogilates videos since February but this month I want to do all the videos from the April Calendar (check her blog to get it). I am not going to do them like they are in the calendar because there are days when I just don’t have time to do all the videos, but there are days when I have time to do more than the videos for that day so, yeah, I accept Cassey’s challenge: 127 videos in one month! I love Cassey… well, it’s more like a love-hate relationship because during some workouts I want to kill her or when I wake up all sore I want to kill her again but I do love her because during the workouts she knows how to make you not stop even when it hurts like hell and she has such a bubbly personality that it makes you wanna do more and more videos!!

I guess this is it! Four seems like a reasonable number of goals for a month, right?

Oh, there is also April NaNoWriMo Camp and I am doing that too but I am writing a Harry Potter fan-fiction and it’s pretty easy because all I did was invent a new character and my fan-fiction focuses more on that character, but let’s face it, half of the work is already done (kudos to J.K. Rowling who invented that wonderful world). But in November I won’t write a fan-fiction and there is also a NaNo Camp in July but I don’t know yet what to write for it – since it’s the Summer holiday it won’t really be a problem.

Let’s hope this month will go better than the last one! *happykitty*


The Birthday List: 21 Before 22 – 1st Revesion

Remember my Birthday List? I sure forget about it from time to time which is why I decided that a good way to keep myself on track will be to occasionally talk about the things I’m working on from that particular list. So here it is, my first 21 Before 22 revision.

  1. Keep an art journal during next summer (2013).
  2. Read HOMESTUCK – I am really behind with it and I wanna catch up my friends. I am still behind and if Hussie keeps posting like crazy I won’t be done too soon.
  3. Watch ALL the Doctor Who episodes. Aaaa… Didn’t even start.
  4. Bake a cake – I love cooking, but I am really scared of this one.
  5. Save some money – and maybe spend it all on my next birthday. I did save money once… had to pay train tickets. Tried again, had to pay the rent… And now I’m doing it again (let’s hope this time will actually work).
  6. Perfect another language – French, Spanish or Japanese… or maybe I start a new one, bu I don’t think so. I just started working on my Japanese and this time I try to learn writing too, not just vocabulary and grammar so yeey! Mih, my friend I keep mentioning on this blog, is taking Japanese classes and she knows a lot and she will teach me more in the Summer (and not only, since she already made me learn all the Hiragana signs)! I think I need to call her “sensei” from now on.
  7. Have a plant AND DO NOT KILL IT! Plant (that’s her name, she’s an Aloe Vera plant) is still alive. I got her for Christmas from my boyfriend.
  8. Learn how to meditate.
  9. Call my family more often. I talk to Mom daily and this month I expanded: called my Grandma more twice a week and my Aunt from time to time.
  10. Have less stuff in my life – and make more room for friends and family. I am donating a lot of clothes!!
  11. Spend some nights alone in Cluj. I spent one night alone. I had a movie marathon with Ice Age and Madagascar. It was fun and I even slept!!
  12. Visit another country or a big city in Romania.
  13. Visit an art museum I haven’t seen yet. I plan to see the Contemporary Art Museum from Bucharest this Easter Holiday. Let’s hope the plans won’t change.
  14. Have a Summer job.
  15. Reread the Harry Potter books and have a Harry Potter marathon. I read the first two books and today Serj will bring me the third one!!
  16. Be healthier: mentally, physically and spiritually. This will always be a work in progress but so far I am doing well… mentally and physically.
  17. Don’t stop blogging, yet. Guess you know the answer to this one, right?
  18. See a shrink.
  19. Read 20 or 30 books that I have always wanted to read but didn’t make time for them. I read two books by Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere and The Graveyard Book) that I had for a while but didn’t make time for them and right now I am reading A Brave New World.
  20. Watch FRIENDS all Summer with my bff or alone or with my friends – just watch FRIENDS and laugh.
  21. Discover new music. I did try some new stuff but only loved Zaz and then I stopped trying to search for new music. Must get back on this one…

And that’ about it! I made plans with Alecs to have a Harry Potter marathon but I don’t know when will that happen. Anyway, there’s still time until my next birthday.

Adventurous List #3

I think it’s time for another one of my lists. I didn’t finished the last one but I made it long time ago and I got bored with it – but some of the things from that list will be on this one too.  The reason why I didn’t do everything from the previous list is because I had too much time… I was on holiday and there was no need for a list to make me do different things to save from my daily routine. But now that school is back, the list needs to return too!


  • bake or cook something sweet – other than my special muffins
  • wear blush more often
  • have a movie marathon night
  • learn to curl your hair
  • wear skirts more often
  • look for a new bag – I don’t have money to buy it but I can still look for one, right?
  • try a “covri-dog”
  • go for a long walk

It’s not big or too inspired but I will have fun for sure!

March Goals Anyone?


I want to write more blog posts, guys, I really do but I am pretty busy with college stuff (in the picture you can see the garden of the historical building where I have all my theoretical classes) and other things that I do like preparing the Film Club meeting or studying or drawing or – wait, those are college related too. So, yeah, basically my week was all about college.

But it’s March! I love Spring – Spring was my favourite season when I was a kid. Spring is special because it has a peculiar connection with me… I have tons of energy in the Spring even if I am sick or anything! Hard to explain, really. There are also a lot of things I love about Spring, especially Romanian traditions that are related to March. On March 1st we celebrate the coming of Spring by giving “martisoare” to the people dear to us. I also wear a red and white thread around my left hand and I wear it until Palm Sunday when I cut it off and I tie it around a plant. I do this tradition ever since I was a little lad.

But I wanted to share with you my March goals not to talk about March, oh, well… I picked some goals for this month because I have so much energy. So here are my goals:

  • I want to be a better SFC host! SFC is the name of our Film Club and it stands for Summer Film Club or Skypian Film Club because if it’s not Summer I am miles away from the other members so we meet on Skype. So I am the founder-member of the Film Club and I feel this pressure of making people feel good and make them express their opinions about the films we see.
  • Master a new habit: making the bed every single morning/day! Well… I can skip a day or two because sometimes you just don’t feel like making the bed, right? But I like having a pretty bed because I am more productive. When the bed (or the house) is messy I just can’t concentrate and work – I do work but it doesn’t feel good and then I am grumpy and if the simple act of making the bed every morning makes me happier and more productive then why not do it, right?
  • Get back into jogging! I jogged almost the entire September and October but then the weather got windy and pretty cold, then it snowed. So I stopped jogging, but now it’s sunny again and even if this week was pretty windy I am positive that the weather will chance pretty soon and I will be able to run again!! I will try to run at least two or three times a week.
  • Eat breakfast daily! Well… I kinda do this one, but the problem is that I don’t really enjoy it. I am not a breakfast person so this month I will try to discover stuff that I love to eat in the morning… mainly because I hate doing stuff I don’t enjoy.

These are my goals and so far I am doing well – except for the running part, it was a pretty windy week. Thanks for reading :3.

50 random facts about me

I discovered this on Gina’s blog and I wanted do it too. Took me some time to find 50 facts about me and I had two huge breaks (one to sleep and one to eat breakfast). So here we go:

  1. I change my toothbrush every season ’cause this way I make sure I don’t change it too often – I get pretty excited when it comes to buying a new toothbrush (or toothpaste or dental floss).
  2. Me and my boyfriend met on the internet. Then we met in real life and a few months after we were in a relationship. Few years after we are living together.
  3. I kill plants – and I am pretty good at it.
  4. Right now I have an Aloe Vera plant (called Plant) and I do my best to keep it alive.plaants
  5. I once read 100 books in one year.
  6. I won a camera from Jamie Oliver.
  7. I saw Serj Tankian live (Artmania, 2010).
  8. I discovered my passion for cooking almost a year ago.
  9. I love chocolate TOO much.
  10. I love fairy tales and modern adaptations of fairy tales.
  11. I only change my phone when it’s broken.
  12. I adore sushi and anything with seafood.
  13. I want to be Jean Valjean.
  14. I drank way too much coffee in the past.
  15. I rarely drink any coffee now.
  16. I rarely buy clothes for myself (I hire people to do that for me: my mom and my aunt).
  17. When I was in high school I used to pretend I was sick just so I could read all day.
  18. My favourite holiday is Halloween. (Last year I was Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.)
  19. I grew up with dogs, now I have a cat.
  20. My dad is a fisherman. It started as a hobby for him, then he got a job but because it didn’t bring enough money he got another job and now fishing is some kind of a part-time job.
  21. When I was a kid I had a lot of nightmares.
  22. Now I have a lot of lucid dreams – and most of them are scarier than the nightmares.
  23. My mom makes the most amazing sweets!
  24. Mom is a clean-freak so I love clean rooms and the smell of cleaning but I hate cleaning.
  25. I prefer showers to baths – I only take relaxing baths.
  26. I wear makeup as an accessory or a form of expression. I can go months without any makeup and I will feel the same.
  27. Lipsticks are my favourite things but I don’t wear them too much because my boyfriend hates the taste and/or texture. lipstick
  28. I was told multiple times that I read too much. I respond with “You read too little” and smile.
  29. I am very good at math (not a genius, but I am pretty good). I used to read literature books in my math classes and I still got great grades. After an year without thinking about math at all I had a summer job involving math (I was a math tutor). I might be on the wrong career path but there’s still time to figure that out.
  30. I have social anxiety and I was ok with it until it put in danger my college studies and life.
  31. I love flossing.
  32. When I was in high school I changed my hairstyle almost daily.
  33. I like sparkly nail polishes and sparkly top coats.
  34. I do crosswords almost daily (got that from my mom who can’t start her morning without a crossword puzzle and a coffee).
  35. My friends are friends with my parents and they visit my folks even when I am not home (and that is more than 9 months a year).
  36. In middle school I considered my best friend to be very annoying. She thought the same about me (we weren’t friends there). We became best friends in high school.
  37. When I first met my boyfriends (virtually) I thought he is really annoying. Do you see a pattern here?
  38. I don’t consider myself a good singer but my music teacher from middle school always asked me to join the choir on events when members were missing. But I always refused to join the choir club.
  39. When I was little I formed a W.I.T.C.H. club, in high school I upgraded to a book club and in college I formed a Summer Film Club. I thought it will only be in the Summer (because I live miles away from my friends aka club members), but we transformed it in the Skypian Film Club now and we hold our meetings on Skype.
  40. I read HAC (Harap Alb Continua) and you should too! Support Romanian comics!
  41. I never wanted kids because the world didn’t seem a nice place. Now I do because I learned that you create your own world and the world for the ones you love.
  42. My mom is the best person in the world. She might be Jean Valjean.
  43. I had my hair dyed pink a long time ago.
  44. I like fishing and swimming (got those from my dad, the only difference is that I like fishing with a fishing pole).
  45. My favourite aunt is like a second mother to me (and my mom is like a second mother to her kids).
  46. I play rummy with my grandparents because it makes them happy.
  47. I find it hard to make new friends.
  48. I love taking pictures of stray cats.
  49. I write stories about people I meet or observe in the train (in the bus too but not that often).
  50. It takes me a while to adapt to a new change (like the Eleventh Doctor or to Rose not being the companion FOREVER).

Adventurous List #2

Had so much fun trying to do everything from the first list that I decided to do it again. And it’s a joy to write diary-posts based on the things from the list – I’ll try to write more of them in the future. Sadly, this list is not as long as the other one, but maybe I will be more inspired in the future.


  • buy a newspaper or a magazine
  • write some more
  • Chinese food – make at home or eat out
  • paint – I rarely paint and when I do it’s mostly watercolours…
  • try a “covridog” – can you imagine that I never had one though I lived in this city for a year and half?
  • wear hair in a different way
  • speaking of hair… pigtails when at home!
  • go for dark red lipsticks
  • start carrying cat food in my bag again
  • bake something sweet

And the best part about the Adventurous Lists is that they don’t have a deadline. Have a happy day!

The Birthday List: 21 Before 22

My birthday was in November, but I did not have this blog then so I am going to post my birthday list here too. Maybe I will write some update-posts in the future just to keep myself on track. Oh, this list is not my idea, I saw it on different blogs and decided to do it too.

  1. Keep an art journal during next summer (2013).
  2. Read HOMESTUCK – I am really behind with it and I wanna catch up my friends.
  3. Watch ALL the Doctor Who episodes.
  4. Bake a cake – I love cooking, but I am really scared of this one.
  5. Save some money – and maybe spend it all on my next birthday.
  6. Perfect another language – French, Spanish or Japanese… or maybe I start a new one, bu I don’t think so.
  7. Have a plant AND DO NOT KILL IT!
  8. Learn how to meditate.
  9. Call my family more often.
  10. Have less stuff in my life – and make more room for friends and family.
  11. Spend some nights alone in Cluj.
  12. Visit another country or a big city in Romania.
  13. Visit an art museum I haven’t seen yet.
  14. Have a Summer job.
  15. Reread the Harry Potter books and have a Harry Potter marathon.
  16. Be healthier: mentally, physically and spiritually.
  17. Don’t stop blogging, yet.
  18. See a shrink.
  19. Read 20 or 30 books that I have always wanted to read but didn’t make time for them.
  20. Watch FRIENDS all Summer with my bff or alone or with my friends – just watch FRIENDS and laugh.
  21. Discover new music.

I am currently working on some of them but I will write more about that in an update post. As you can probably guess, I will take care of most of them in the Summer since right now I am really really busy with school.

Have a gorgeous weekend. And… do you have any ideas what things to include on my “22 Before 23” (not that I hurry to get old or anything)?