My Happiness Project: Sleep!

Well I’ll mention it again, I am reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and I read a bunch of other articles that I find on Google. I don’t have all the answers or anything, I am just trying my own happiness project – Rubin herself says this is a personal thing and there are no rules to happiness (btw: I love the personal aspect of her book!).

So… sleep. I am in Uni and that means a lot of sleepless nights. In general, not for me, I like sleeping and I’d rather wake up really early to study or work on my drawings than stay up all night.

My biggest issue with sleep is that I can’t do it… normally. It takes me a lot of minutes to fall asleep (and by that I mean more than 7!), I have bad dreams and I often wake up and can’t go back to sleep. I also hate sleeping too much – if I do it I feel super tired and I’ll be in a bad mood all day. Working on my sleeping habits is going to be one of the hardest things to do.

These are the things I’ll work on for the next couple of weeks or so:

  • go to sleep earlier – like 11 pm (hopefully)
  • wake up at 7 am or 8 am every single day, including weekends
  • work on my night routine – and by work on my night routine, which is probably THE HARDEST, I mean no before bed sugary snacks and no work or anything on the computer 1 h before bedtime (CRAZY!). Well let’s hope I can do it.

Here is my plan, almost step by step:

Go to sleep earlier. The perfect plan is to fall asleep at 11 pm, or at least be in bed, tucked in my blankets. But I know that won’t happen too soon (since it’s 10 pm and I am writing a blog post) so falling asleep before midnight is what I’m going for. The thing is… I am a night owl.

Wake up earlier. The good thing is I am also a morning person! And I usually wake up pretty early, but I’m going to wake up EARLIER (see I am positive as a proton!) and enjoy more hours in the morning. If the go to sleep earlier succeeds then the waking up earlier won’t be a problem.

Have a night routine. This is the part I’ll have to work a lot on. So no food before bed, or green tea, or black tea or anything with caffeine! Also, no computer! I don’t like saying “no” usually and this one contains a bunch of them, right? I’ll just have to rephrase then. Instead of no sugary snacks and green/black teas I’ll say “drink herbal tea before bed or milk and eat fruits” (I know fruits have sugar too, but they are better than processed sugar). No work or computer 1 h before bed because “1 hour for myself before bed” – during that hour I can take a warm shower, convince my hubby to give me a massage, paint my nails, write in my journal or read… read something nice and preferable a book that won’t keep me up all night!

I’ll write another post about sleep in a week or two to see my progress. Do any of you have tips and ideas about a good night sleep? Oh, it’s almost half past ten. I’ll post this article, turn of my laptop and jump in the shower. Have a good night!

My Happiness Project: Energy

I am almost 22 years old. I didn’t do anything impressive so far, but I believe in baby steps. Last year I made a list with 21 things to do before I’m 22. I’ll be 22 in exactly a month and I won’t have time to do everything that’s on the list. But that’s ok, because it’s just a list with silly things. I love lists, but now I am tired of them. I feel like I spend more time making them than actually doing the stuff I write down on the list. So I decided to stop making lists and start doing the things that I’d put on a list (obviously I won’t give up grocery lists because I forget things, but you know what I mean).

I started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I had the book for a while but I didn’t trust it or even cared about it until I started reading it. I like that she uses lists, you know… the book has 12 parts for each month of the year, and each month has a small list with things to do and so on. I like the idea of trying to change yourself in a year without really changing yourself, you know? Without starting from zero, it’s more about being a better you. And I am going to do that. I did try in the past to do similar things but failed every time. I might fail this time too, who knows… Baby steps?

Rubin makes January the month of Energy. I won’t wait until January to start and I plan to use her book as a guide and, of course, the internet. Also… I like energy. As a strong believer in Feng Shui – well, not really, I did love it in middle school – I know how important energy is. And I have a huge lack of it being the lazy cat I am. You know what they say, right? Fake it till you make it!

Following Rubin’s plan for the month of January I’ll improve my sleeping habits, I’ll exercise better and organize my house and life – she has more for the Energy chapter but baby steps. I will also update this blog with my progress and I’ll award myself invisible medals like “Yea, I removed my makeup before sleep” or “I went to sleep early today!” (funny things, I am not sleeping right now because I want to write this blog post).

October List: Eating Habits&Food Journal

I said yesterday about my October list with things to improve about myself… or just do. Anyway, you can find the list here, but I want to go into details with the whole eating habits and food stuff.

I am a student and I don’t live with my mum anymore and it’s really easy to eat only instant ramen or instant mashed potatoes or to eat out, and that’s not really healthy. Fortunately for me I love cooking. But finding time (and the mood – I am such a lazy cat) for cooking is rather difficult.

I was never able to keep a food diary. So this summer I kinda did that on my tumblr with pictures because it’s way easier to photograph what you eat rather than writing it down. But guess what? I think it’s better to write it down. Since last week of September I started a meal diary that I want to continue this month too. Since then I discovered some unhealthy eating habits that I have so this month I’ll also try to work on those.

About the meal journal: I have a binder and I write everything down in there because it’s easier to organize it and I always work better on plain paper than on a notebook really. I usually write after I eat if I’m at home, if I’m not I just make a note on my phone. I write down the meal, the hour and what I was doing while eating (it’s hard not to multitask while eating and I know it’s not good, but IT’S HARD!). I don’t think to much about how many calories I have on my plate, I try to estimate them after I’m done eating but it’s ok not to be exact – because it’s hard especially with home cooked meals.

But a meal journal is great for observing what you tend to do like I tend to snack a lot between my meals, I also snack more when I’m in bed with my laptop. And the best part about the diary: it helps you get better because you are aware of your bad or good habits.

Eating habits list: Here is the list with things I want to improve or work on when it comes to my meals.

  • try to respect the three main meals – being in college makes it very hard to do so, fortunately this is my last year and I have lots of free time because I need to work on my big project and all that jazzSo I’m gonna try to have breakfast early in the morning (11 am is not early in the morning), lunch around 1 pm or 2 pm and dinner… well, dinner is the tricky one because I have days with classes till 7 pm or even 9 pm so… I’m gonna try to eat it around 6-8 pm depending on my day.
  • eat breakfast daily – I got a lot better at this one, but it’s still hard to do it every day and sometimes I just pretend it doesn’t exist. Not good! 
  • stop snacking so much – I will try to snack once between the meals and maybe once after dinner because sometimes I go to sleep at really late hours.
  • no fizzy drinks or “natural” juices from the supermarket – I am not a fizzy drink person, but I still drink them when I visit my friends or when I go out. I will continue to drink Frugo from time to time because that it’s just the best juice ever!
  • cook a new thing weekly – because cooking is fun.
  • don’t eat on the street – it’s just a trick to keep me from snacking and also, it’s not that nice, is it?

I’m not gonna try to stop “doing stuff” (and by doing I mean watching tv) while eating because that I really can’t. And I think this is it. Wow, I really expected to have more things on the list but it’s great, right? Well, wish me luck. I guess.

Is the blogger’s block over?

Mada told me a couple of days ago that she misses my blog posts. That was really cute and adorable of her and it got me thinking. I also thought about the blog, a few days ago, while on the toilet… too many details? Well details are really fun. But let’s go back to the point I was trying to make… is there any point? I don’t really know.

So! In September I started this thing I saw on tumblr – 9 things to work on (because September is the 9th month, you know?) this month. And I want to  continue in October too but finding 10 things is pretty hard and I was thinking about making this month just about one big thing – and it’s not Halloween! That’s when I felt the need to make a post on my blog about this and I remembered… oh, I used to have a blog!

I had a blog during high school and it was awesome, but once I left for college it just wasn’t the same. So I started new blogs and new blogs, but I think my relation with blogging changed. Also, probably my readers change and with my previous awesome blog I met people I am friends with today – first we were comment-pals, then pen-pals and now one of my pen-pals is in the town I am living right now and now we are real-life-pals. Can you believe that? I also met a more of my readers, one of them even spent some night in my house. I guess what I’m trying to say is that internet is awesome and having a blog was my way of making new friends. And that’s exactly what this blog is missing, I guess.

But maybe this should be the reason not to stop blogging, right? Oh, I don’t know. I feel like I am not making sense at all, but whatever. I might be back. I will try to write. Till then… I’ll be on tumblr.

Oh, no!

When I first challenged myself to post at least three times a week during my holiday I had all this summer figured out: finish with the exams, go back to my parents’ home for a week or so, then the entire month of July belongs to me and it’s my writing month because of NaNoWriMo’s Camp July. Unfortunately you don’t always get what you want and now I am to my parents’ home and I have a lot of places to go and people to see (including Mircea Cantor’s exhibition!).

So… my NaNoWriMo project isn’t going as planned because I am away from the laptop for a lot of hours and I can’t write on paper because I am doing other stuff, but I can think and plan my story and I love it so far. Even if this NaNo Camp July turns to be a failure for me at least I have an awesome story that I love to write. I am also reading a lot because my holiday includes lots of car rides and there’s nothing better to do than to read.

As for my blog posting I will try to still post three times a week, but I won’t go hard on myself if things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, less computer time is better especially when you have a cute cat to spend time with!


My Summer Blogging Project Update?

I find it very hard to… just sit down, open the dashboard, start a new post and write. I have the ideas, I don’t have the time or that right moment when I am really in the mood for blogging. For example… yesterday I was pretty busy, then after I finished working on a thing for my Etching class I said to myself that after my shower I will just sit down, drink a nice hot mint tea (or any other herbal tea) and write. I took the shower, came in bed, opened the laptop and… fell asleep.

Also, this morning I was really really really in the mood for writing a blog post but I really had to go to Uni to work some more for my Etching class and to talk with the professor form Alternative Investigations in Composition and then to meet with my Graphic Design professor for the exam. From my house to my bus station I composed the prettiest blog post ever (well, not really) but then I came home, tired and grumpy, made some banana pancakes to make myself happy, some friends crashed our house and we drank some beer, then I went shopping with my hubby for ice-cream and other stuff.

Now I am even more tired and a little bit tipsy, hubby is cooking and I must finish some posters, work on the children book and get it read it for the print, and maybe, just maybe, do some more stuff for my Alternative Investigations in Composition class. And I am not in the mood to write the post I had in mind this morning, but tomorrow I won’t go to sleep that early and I hope I will make some time for you, dear blog.

My Summer Blogging Project (I just can’t think of an original title, sorry)

Summer is here and while I am not a summer type of girl, I do enjoy the Summer holiday and it usually is a lot of fun! School is not over yet and the exams period starts on Monday, but I feel like blogging A LOT! Or at least trying to blog a lot – I might fail.

Remember how in my previous holidays I tried to blog daily? Well that won’t happen now because those holidays were a week long only and this one is too long for such a commitment, but I might post every other day. I don’t want to have a schedule because if I make one that might stop me from blogging, bu I will try to have at least 3 posts per week (not counting my Otaku Sunday). I have no idea about what to write about or what to show you, but that’s good because I’ll put my brains to work – not that the exams period is not demanding enough.

I call this “My Summer Blogging Project” but there is no guidelines or rules or anything like that, it’s just something to keep me active in the virtual space and an excuse to my blog for ignore it so much.

That being said, expect lots of boring stuff (because who doesn’t get bored in the summer?), me struggling to create anything (from arts to crafts), summer memories, dreams and aspirations and all sorts of things like that. I honestly don’t know what will happen, but this might probably me my last summer holiday since next school year is my last!


Speaking of summer memories, today it rained. That awesome summer rain with huge drops. I was at school working on my etching plates and I ran outside, called my best friend and shared the sound of rain with her.