Introducing Some Kind of a Film Club

So… I used to have a Film Club with actual members and we used to meet every Thursday or something like that and talk about two movies per week. But then Summer was over and college was back and I go to college somewhere VERY VERY far from home or from the city the other members go to college. So we decided to change the Summer Film Club into the Skypian Film Club and host our meetings on Skype. Things didn’t go that well and we meet rarely but it was fun.

Until things started to break and some members were out other were back and then PUFF I get angry and shut it down because the members weren’t leaving and coming in a respectful way or they already left and the rest of us had no idea or they were still at the meeting but probably had something in their mouths because they were definitely not participating.

Whatever really. College is busy and it’s hard to make time to watch the movie so imagine to even spend two hours talking about it, right? Seriously, no, people can make time if they really want to. I can make time if I really want to. I make time for NaNoWriMo but I don’t make time to reply to Gina’s letter (promise I will do it this weekend so don’t be mad at me!). So see… time is not a problem. And since time is not a problem I can make some time to write a post about four films, right? It will probably be monthly or whenever I watch those four films.

Why four? Because our Film Club had four types of films: something old – pretty self-explanatory right? for a long time here were the films from the beginning to 1989 (but at the last meeting we change it to 1999 – I will keep the 1989 for a while probably), something new – well… new films from 1990 to… pretty much the present day, something borrowed – European films, Asian films, anything but American films (USA ones…), something blue – the random film, but I will probably pick a film that is cheesy, not-my-type, guilty pleasure or whatever. If I’m having a good month for films I might even add stuff like films from the Cinema, TV show of the month or stuff like that.

It’s going to be fun, really! I am pretty excited about it and I even picked some films to re-watch (I know I should try new movies but I really need to recommend you some movies I love!!). Wish me luck and tell me what you think. You can even join me and post some old, new, borrowed, blue (not SAD) films on your blog!


Tag: Pretty Little Liars

Today I watched the finale from Pretty Little Liar. At first I wanted to do one of my Best Thing in the World post, but I was an youtube and stumbled upon a Pretty Little Liars tag and I just wanted to do it too! Spoiler Alert!!

1. Who is your favorite character?

In the beginning I liked Aria because she seemed so artsy but she became really annoying so I started to like Spencer because she’s the brain, you know, and she has funny faces. But today I realized I prefer Hanna. She says the funniest things!!

2. Who do you think is behind the “A-Team”?

Behind the A-Team is the girl in the red coat! Ha ha! I think we already know that Alison is the Big A, right?

3. Who do you ship?

I am not one who ships when watching shows. I rarely do (though I recently discovered that I ship Caroline and Klaus from Vampire Diaries). But if I really have to pick… mno, I can’t pick because Ezra and Aria are annoying, Hanna and Caleb are ok but I am not interested and I am not one of Spoby’s fans (Spencer+Toby). Let’s say I ship Ashley (Hanna’s mom) with that priest.

4. Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment?

Oh, the show has so many cheesy and/or stupid moments that I don’t know what to pick. Almost every thing the Liars do is STUPID! I sometimes wonder if they think at all – at least they did in the finale (isn’t it a little bit too late? Like you know your every move is watched by “A” and you only think about this in the season 3 finale???).

5. Who is your favorite villain?

Oh, I love Mona. She plays the crazy bitch so well that’s a great pleasure to watch.

6. Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?

Well… probably Spencer. Or Mona, ha ha! But yeah, Spencer had it pretty hard. Though in real life it would probably be Aria, I mean her family was destroyed because of A but this doesn’t help the ratings, right? Spoby drama does!!

7. Which girl’s style do you like the most? Which girl do you relate to the most?

I used to like the casual Emily and I love Spencer’s style because I like the classy preppy things. Relate in the sense of style? Probably none because I can’t say I have a characteristic style, but I prefer the casual-formal things.

8. Why do the girls keep seeing Allison? Do you think there is something more behind it?

*cough* Season 3 finale *cough*. Oh, well, I wasn’t sure those “dreams” were ever dreams or hallucinations mainly because of Aria’s doll.

9. Who is your crush on the show?

Wren! Oh, well, I guess the British accent never fails, right?

10. Who is your least favorite character? (4 girls and overall)

From the Liars… to be honest I don’t really fancy Aria – no reason. And overall I kinda hate Toby – just because. Well, I think I hate him because of the viewers. The story would be so much cooler if he was really bad but a good story is no good for ratings, Spoby is!

11. What was the biggest shocking moment for you?

I don’t remember right now. Probably the Jenna-Shana (her name is Shana, right?) thing. They met before Shana was even introduced and I just didn’t see that one.

12. Do you think Tobey is really dead?

We already know this answer…

13. What would you do if A was after you?

Well… if I was Emily MY FUCKING DAD IS SOMETHING IN THE ARMY! But me… I don’t think I’m rich enough to have no other worries than A.

This is it! I had fun and I had fun watching the show (now I have to wait until the next season… ugh). It’s like a guilty pleasure because sometimes is a teeny soap opera and sometimes a really nice mystery thriller show. And I love that every finale is after a Hitchcock film.

Best Thing in the World: The Oscars Ceremony

osc  I must admit that I always try to watch all the movies ’till the ceremony – I failed every year. Heck, last year I didn’t even try because I was busy with school and the films weren’t that interesting. But this year they were! And this is the first year when most of my predictions came true! That’s crazy! I usually pick two winners: my I-really-want-this-one-to-win and my this-should-win-if-the-first-doesn’t. And guess what? In best music something (original score I think – but I am not sure, might be mixing) both of my picks won!

And even if the movies suck or even if I don’t watch them all, I always watch the ceremony because it’s awesome and fun! And the hosts are the best thing about the ceremony and also all the things that they prepare for the show like the boob song from this year – I sang it all day long (“We saw your boobs! We saw your boobs!”). Oh, and did I mention our handsome host Seth MacFarlane? He was amazing (and he sang the boob song). The jokes are amazing and the speeches are remarkable. And one of the most awesome things from this year was the chance that some students (in film making and stuff) got! To be at the Oscars, to learn from their heroes and to see studios and how things work in the industry. That’s amazing and a great thing for them – we should all support young artists!

But let’s jump into even more great things from the ceremony!


Argo Fuck Yourself! Argo got the Best Picture Award and I am so so glad. It was my second choice. I really wanted for Zero Dark Thirty to win because it was a great film and Kathryn Bigelow did an awesome job (can’t say the same for her Best Picture movie The Hurt Locker, but whatever).

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Then we have the legendary Quentin Tarantino taking home another Best Original Script Award. But the best part was Ben Affleck saying that he is honored to be in the category of directors who weren’t nominated for the Best Director Award and he mentioned Quentin and Kathryn – I am also sad that they didn’t get nominated in that category but we know they are great!


Now for the actors! Best Actor was Daniel Day-Lewis and he deserved it! The movie wasn’t the best (kinda boring if you ask me), but men, the man was great! He got into the skin and flesh of Lincoln – I still wanted Hugh to win just because I am in love with Jean Valjean. For Actor in a Supporting Role we have the greatest and wonderful Christoph Waltz! I prayed for him to win and he did! So so happy because this guy is something… something great and when you put two great people together (it’s the second Oscar he got in a movie by Tarantino!) expect great things to happen.

As for the Best Supporting Actress it wasn’t hard to guess! Anne Hathaway was lovely and her speech was amazing – also, her speech from the Golden Globes was amazing too! And then the backstage press conference… She is just lovely and a great human being. And my favourite win of the night (though she was my third choice; I wanted Jessica Chastain or Emmanuelle Riva to win, but all the women in this category were simply great that it was hard to pick) was Jennifer Lawrence because she is such a funny creature! You need to watch the backstage press conference because it will make you laugh no matter what! She says only funny things. And she fell on the stairs on the way to claim her Oscar but she did it in a great way!


And a random favourite moment from the Oscars was seeing Daniel Radcliffe dancing! Yup, yup!

V-Day Movie Recommendations

I just realized that “recommendations” is such a long word! Before jumping to the conclusion that I may be insane (they are still testing that) let me say that today I was so sick (and still am) that I forgot twice – TWICE! – to write this post. I almost gave up but then I knew I’ll feel worse because I didn’t keep my word so here I am… writing… sick… about movie recommendations for V-Day. If you think you are going to read another one of those cheesy articles about cheesy romantic-comedies then you are so wrong, my bro! I don”t fancy those movie – rarely there’s one I like. But enough with the introduction. Let’s talk movies:

amour, silver linings, impossible

Since I am pretty excited about the Oscars I decided to pick some films from there (plus, they are the most recent films I’ve seen so…):

  • Amour. Yesterday I watched Amour and this is here just for those of you who like Michael Haneke or if you think you are strong enough to watch it – no, it won’t necessarily bring you to tears (it’s not that kind of movie). To be honest my ALC professor (Art, Literature and Cinema) recommended us not to watch it until we will be older. The poster was created by Matt Owens (and here are some other awesome posters created by him). Why for V-Day: it’s the definition of love
  • Silver Linings Playbook. This movie, oh, this movie! What a surprise! I didn’t not expect it to be this awesome. I knew it was a romantic- comedy and that’s about all my knowledge of the film before watching it. No! This is not a romantic-comedy (ok, it is, but not your typical one), this is a fantastic movie with GREAT GREAT acting and smart writing.  The poster is created by Joshua Budich (and here are some more). Why for V-Day: because it’s a romantic-comedy that is too good for its own genre.
  • The Impossible (or Lo Imposible in the original – it’s in English, but produced by a Spanish studio or something like that). It’s a film about the survivors of a tsunami. Yes, it is made after a real event and while some critics considered it too dramatic and unrealistic, the actually survivors from that actually tsunami were touched and confessed that it is exactly how it happened (and by survivors I am not referring to the protagonists). I’m sorry I couldn’t find an awesome poster for this one. Why for V-Day: it gives you hope for the humanity.

mirror mirror, once upon a time

And if you don’t fancy any of those presented before, than maybe you are in the mood for a modern adaptation of a fairy tale, right? I hope so… oh, c’mon, who doesn’t like fairy tales? And the thing about them is that they can be transformed to fit our current society. When Disney first made Snow White she was just a princess waiting for her prince like most of the women in those times, but nowadays, the princesses are so much more! They don’t need a prince, they can take care of themselves and they can even save a few other people while taking care of themselves – just like our modern women, right? I recommend you Mirror Mirror because it’s a witty film with amazing costumes created by Eiko Ishioka (who died last year). And if you have more time on your hands then you can have an Once Upon a Time marathon where Snow White’s daughter is trying to save the fairy tales.

how to marry a mill

Last but not least: How To Marry A Millionaire. This is an old comedy with Grable, Monroe and Bacall, all three looking to … well, this one is quite self-explanatory: they are trying millionaires! You will laugh and fall in love with this glossy movie!

I so hope you are having a nice evening with one of the films I talked about. Now I’ll say good-bye and go make myself some hot tea to accompany my medicines.

The New Shows of This Year

I like discovering new shows to watch – especially when I have exams. I try to watch at least the pilot episode from every new series that sounds a little bit interesting. Unfortunately, new TV shows aren’t as easy to discover since I don’t spend much time looking for them so if there is something great out there make sure to leave it in a comment – I will be glad to give it a try. But right now let’s talk about this four nice shows that started recently. Oh, I am gonna talk about them in the order I started them.
new tv show
Deception is some kind of a soap-opera that sounded like Revenge but it’s really different. It follows Joanna, a cop who goes undercover into the wealthy family she grew up in (because her mother was a maid there) trying to solve the murder of her best friend – the daughter of the family. She gets a new job as Robert Bowers’ assistant (the head of the family) and she lives with them, being force to stay real in a world of lies and to face her past relationship for the greater truth. It’s definitely not the best show in the world, but it’s good enough for boring nights and study breaks.

The Carrie Diaries, on the other hand, is an awesome and super enjoyable show – a prequel to Sex and the City but with a few changes (I read – forgot where – that this series follows the book more than the original one). Here he have a teen Carrie – interpreted by AnnaSophia Robb who does an outstanding performance – struggling with the death of her mother and high school so her father gets her an internship at a law-firm in Manhattan: her first date with the city. The show is so sweet and funny and I am also excited because of Freema Agyeman (who plays Larissa Loughlin) or as I know her Martha Jones from Doctor Who! Oh, and did I forget to mention we are in the ’80s? Just imagine the fashion!

My favourite one is The Following! Found it a few days ago and I couldn’t stop watching – too bad ’cause it only has two episodes so far and because of that I found a half an hour “Introduction – The Following” or something like that where the producers and writers and actors share their thoughts and tell us a little bit more about The Following! The show is about a really handsome serial killer that escapes from prison and the ex-agent, who caught him in the first place, is asked to catch him again. What I forgot to mention is that our serial killer is an English literature professor specialized in the romantic period mostly and a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe hence his obsession with death as art and other things he does. But still, while watching this awesome pilot episode you can’t help by wonder how much can they keep the series like this? And the answer comes really fast: our serial killer is captured (say what!?) but he has an ingenious plan: while in prison he has formed a cult and now he has people who kill and do stuff for him, while he relaxes and reads in prison. If you love crime TV series, nice characters and E. A. Poe, then this show is for you! In the Introduction they said that they want to make the viewers talk about the episodes and be like “oh, dear, I did not expected that”. So far, they are successful!

And the last TV show I discovered last night: Banshee. Banshee is great when it comes to writing and acting. It is about an ex-con who steals the identity of a sheriff in the town of Banshee. There are a lot of secrets in this town and in every episode you find something new about the characters. Also, it’s filled with sex, blood and violence because our new sheriff likes to f**k and fight! Oh, and the poster for this show is just GREAT!

That’s all, folks! Make sure to recommend me new shows and to tell what do you think about the ones I just talked about. Love them or hate them?