Last Weeks in Photos #8


hubby sleeping | me sleeping | still winter
chocolate egg | reading time | feeding the pigeons
TS3 | Turkish Delight | Teacup Pomeranian

I skipped last week because my schedule is busier than ever but I can survive. So these weeks are a little bit mixed because it’s hard to remember exactly and I know this sounds crazy but life is crazy. So I napped a lot (crazy week remember) and ate a lot of chocolate eggs and Turkish Delight. I also googled a lot of sweet pictures: Teacup Pomeranians! Because they are cute and adorable and my boyfriend wants one – of course we are not going to buy a dog right now but you never know.


Coke | tea | a lot of dishes to do
Hiragana | playing video games

So… went a little bit on the wrong side of my healthy routine and stuff and drank a lot of Coca-Cola. I am not really a fizzy drinks person but from time to time I can enjoy a glass of soda. I also drank a lot of tea; like these past weeks I had more tea than… I don’t know what to compare it too but it was a lot of tea.

Mmm… the last weeks weren’t too interesting and amazing and I am not sure the next one will be because school is keeping me busy. But you do what you have to do.


Otaku Sunday #13: Winter Reviews

The anime from the Winter Season are over! And it’s not Monday yet for me because I didn’t go to sleep yet. But I am on time, right? Well this is something new and I have to get used to it. Edit later: Silly me, forgot to mention that you can read more about the stories and my opinions on these anime here!

As for the Winter Season… I usually don’t let myself start too many anime from the seasons because 1. I don’t have the time and 2. most of them are bad (and 3. I have this obsession with finishing everything that I start so…). From the Winter Season I watched three short anime: Ai Mai Mi – not worth watching, Mangirl – short and funny and Yama no Susume – a really cute anime about climbing and mountains and friendship. There is also the second season of Chihayafuru and it’s awesome! But it’s not over yet (it’s awesome anyway so be sure to watch the first season and the second one!).


Vividred Operation – How to start with this one? Well, I don’t understand why I started it. I knew it was going to be filled with fan service and cliches but I started it and because of 3. I had to finish it. There is absolutely nothing new or amazing about this one. Just a bunch of little girls saving the world by… kissing each others foreheads. As you can see the story is not something new. The characters aren’t something new. And the rest of the show is not something new…


Amnesia – The story was great and I truly enjoyed how they didn’t focus on the romance part of the show but on what was going on with the heroine. The pace was pretty slow but it kinda fit the anime. And I loved the ending. If you don’t have anything else to watch you can try Amnesia, really. There were annoying things like the heroine’s behavior, but still not bad or anything like that.


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – This is that kind of anime that the fan service just doesn’t matter! Because the show is great and smart and funny and the booby shots are pretty enjoyable, really. The story is pretty and the dialogue is the best. As for the characters, they are cute and Maoyuu (Demon King) is really adorable. The art is really pretty, especially the details and the backgrounds.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai – It was really something wow for me. I truly enjoyed it! The story doesn’t seem much when you read the synopsis but it’s so much more than that, really. Just pay attention to it. The characters aren’t the most unique but they are still enjoyable. And the music is great but the art is my favourite part because it combines different styles and the art is used to create different emotions and states of mind and that is pretty cool really.


Tamako Market – My favourite anime (well, Chihayafuru 2 is but that’s not over so whatever)!! Because we all need some moe from time to time. It was funny and crazy. And Dera is the best character ever! He is hilarious! The entire show is like a ball of happiness and funny moments. Mochizo is also funny (and poor Mochizo) and Tama-chan. It’s just great and I can’t complain – maybe the ending wasn’t really what I expected but there’s no problem because I have cute gifs to make me laugh.

Well this is it! Next I will probably have my Anime Spring Season first impressions. See you later!

April Goals? Hmmm…


Since my March Goals weren’t exactly a hit I am not sure if to dare myself do some things in April… But let’s face it, the things I failed to do in March weren’t directly my failures: snow, rain, wind, Winter is back = no jogging and the SFC is no more (might be my fault, right? But I don’t know for sure). That being said, the make-the-bed thing and the eat breakfast daily worked great! So, yeah, let’s set some goals for April too.


  • I wanna read more! This year is definitely better than last year when it comes to reading, but there’s still place for improvement. The problem is that I start way too many books. But I will finish them, I am really positive! Right now I am reading the third book from the Harry Potter series (this year I plan to reread the books and have a movie marathon after!), the first book from A Song of Ice and Fire series – it’s a huge book but I love it and I love the TV show so… bad part is that I am reading it on the PC and there’s always something to do on the PC (I will probably try to buy a Kindle or something, after I rob a bank obviously), the second book from the Sookie Stackhouse novels – I love the TV show here too but they are pretty different and it’s like reading different stories with the same characters. Plus some non-fiction books: one about spirituality and stuff like that, one about health and how to treat different stuff at home (since I hate hospitals, doctors and I hate even more going there without my Mum – I am still a CHILD!!) and one about women and health and womanly stuff. Oh, and I also read a nice book about history that also has scientific facts in it and it’s pretty great too. And there are also books for school (including a book in French on Contemporary Art – it’s pretty hard to read since my French is not that good). I love reading, too bad I don’t have time to read everything I want – but the Easter break is close!!


  • Work more for Uni! And probably finish some stuff like the 1st Photography assignment and the posters for the music events and the comic book and the illustration book and the book-object. So many things to do in one month!! And then there’s the Easter break and then three more weeks and THEN FINALS!! And I am already panicking! HELP! But I just have to get my head back in the game and work, work, work. Easier said than done.
  • Speaking of learning stuff and school… another goal is to learn all the Hiragana signs! I am having some problems like after I learn new signs I kinda forget some of the old ones but not all of them. No problem, really, ’cause I practice everyday and I know this will help.


  • Since jogging might not happen to soon (weather is still crazy here) I am going to focus more on Pilates! And I do the Blogilates videos since February but this month I want to do all the videos from the April Calendar (check her blog to get it). I am not going to do them like they are in the calendar because there are days when I just don’t have time to do all the videos, but there are days when I have time to do more than the videos for that day so, yeah, I accept Cassey’s challenge: 127 videos in one month! I love Cassey… well, it’s more like a love-hate relationship because during some workouts I want to kill her or when I wake up all sore I want to kill her again but I do love her because during the workouts she knows how to make you not stop even when it hurts like hell and she has such a bubbly personality that it makes you wanna do more and more videos!!

I guess this is it! Four seems like a reasonable number of goals for a month, right?

Oh, there is also April NaNoWriMo Camp and I am doing that too but I am writing a Harry Potter fan-fiction and it’s pretty easy because all I did was invent a new character and my fan-fiction focuses more on that character, but let’s face it, half of the work is already done (kudos to J.K. Rowling who invented that wonderful world). But in November I won’t write a fan-fiction and there is also a NaNo Camp in July but I don’t know yet what to write for it – since it’s the Summer holiday it won’t really be a problem.

Let’s hope this month will go better than the last one! *happykitty*

Introducing Some Kind of a Film Club

So… I used to have a Film Club with actual members and we used to meet every Thursday or something like that and talk about two movies per week. But then Summer was over and college was back and I go to college somewhere VERY VERY far from home or from the city the other members go to college. So we decided to change the Summer Film Club into the Skypian Film Club and host our meetings on Skype. Things didn’t go that well and we meet rarely but it was fun.

Until things started to break and some members were out other were back and then PUFF I get angry and shut it down because the members weren’t leaving and coming in a respectful way or they already left and the rest of us had no idea or they were still at the meeting but probably had something in their mouths because they were definitely not participating.

Whatever really. College is busy and it’s hard to make time to watch the movie so imagine to even spend two hours talking about it, right? Seriously, no, people can make time if they really want to. I can make time if I really want to. I make time for NaNoWriMo but I don’t make time to reply to Gina’s letter (promise I will do it this weekend so don’t be mad at me!). So see… time is not a problem. And since time is not a problem I can make some time to write a post about four films, right? It will probably be monthly or whenever I watch those four films.

Why four? Because our Film Club had four types of films: something old – pretty self-explanatory right? for a long time here were the films from the beginning to 1989 (but at the last meeting we change it to 1999 – I will keep the 1989 for a while probably), something new – well… new films from 1990 to… pretty much the present day, something borrowed – European films, Asian films, anything but American films (USA ones…), something blue – the random film, but I will probably pick a film that is cheesy, not-my-type, guilty pleasure or whatever. If I’m having a good month for films I might even add stuff like films from the Cinema, TV show of the month or stuff like that.

It’s going to be fun, really! I am pretty excited about it and I even picked some films to re-watch (I know I should try new movies but I really need to recommend you some movies I love!!). Wish me luck and tell me what you think. You can even join me and post some old, new, borrowed, blue (not SAD) films on your blog!

Otaku Sunday #12: About Wolfs and Family

I know, I am not even late. I am super late! But I do have some acceptable excuses: on Sunday I had an all-day-long Game of Thrones marathon!! That’s the best excuse ever as I told today to a dear friend of mine who used to always be late on his date on the day the new Game of Thrones episode was airing.

For today’s (I do mean Sunday, not Tuesday but time… does not exist, right?) Otaku Sunday I had something else planned – the Winter reviews! But Game of Thrones kept me busy and I still haven’t seen the last episode from the many Winter anime that I am watching… so expect them next Sunday, when the article will probably be posted on a Sunday (I can’t promise you anything but I can hope… and I have a deja-vu).


So what I have is… an awesome anime movie, Wolf Children, recommended to me by Mih (I talked about her in numerous other posts and especially Otaku Sunday posts since we kinda like the same things). I can’t really make a proper review to this movie because every time I like something I find it hard to review it. The same thing cannot be said about things I don’t like, but unfortunately I only share things I like in this Otaku Sunday.


Wolf Children is a drama, fantasy with some supernatural stuff, but family friendly anime movie about… well, family! And not a normal family because Hanna’s family can be described in any word but normal. Hanna was a student until she met her prince charming who was more of a “wolf charming” than a prince. They loved each other deeply and they had a baby on a snowy day so they named her Yuki. Some years after that they had a baby on a rainy day so they named him Ame. But shortly after the father died and Hanna was left with two wolf children and no idea how to raise them.

The story is wonderful and will brighten your day for sure. The animation and the drawing style is stunning, as is the audio. And just because Wolf Children is made by the director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, try not to compare them as they are really different regarding the story and the mood.

Best Thing in the World: Breakfast!

Long time ago I wrote my goals for March. This post is not about how well I am doing – ’cause I’m not (the SFC ceased to exist, Winter is back so no running and I got lazy with the bed making)! It’s about breakfast!

Breakfast was never my favourite meal because in the morning I am not in the mood for eating, at all! I just can’t eat. When I lived with my parents Mom was making breakfast for me everyday before going to work and everyday I was eating that meal for… lunch. Me, morning and eating just don’t go well… Plus that the breakfast she made was a little bit to hard for my morning appetite – but I didn’t know that until I decided to eat breakfast daily and I started to discover what I like and what I don’t like in the morning. If you get to know yourself and your body, then breakfast won’t be a problem anymore. I am still discovering stuff, but so far I love what I have for now.


97% of my breakfast meals are yogurt, cereals, sesame seeds and brown flax-seeds (4). But sometimes I forget to buy yogurt and I replace it with milk… you might wonder how come I didn’t fancy having breakfast when there’s milk and cereals (1). Well, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of milk and cereals. I love milk and I love cereals but not those two together. My cereals are 100% whole-grains or at least 77%, but there are days when I am out of my cereals or anything else for breakfast and I borrow from my boyfriend (2).

When I don’t have time for breakfast at home I either make some sandwiches the day (3) before or I buy some sesame pretzels. But let’s go back to those 97% of my breakfast meals. I sometimes combine that with a fruit like an apple (5) or I slice some strawberries and throw them in (8). I even put Nutella if there’s any in the house (9) or go for combos like Nutella and fruits (11). And if there’s no Nutella I replace it with raspberry jam (10). To be honest, I love sweet stuff and this is how I made myself enjoy breakfast: adding something sweet to the meal.

If I don’t have cereals but I have yogurt (this doesn’t happen to often) I don’t go for my boyfriend’s cereals because I don’t really fancy them, but I eat yogurt just with fruits (7) or cakes or muffins (6) if there are any in the house. Sometimes I even go just for yogurt or fruits and while it’s not really a full breakfast meal it’s still better than skipping it, right?

If I know I will have a long and hard day at school I try to eat a bigger breakfast – most of the times I fail, but I discovered some combos that work like having my normal breakfast (yogurt + cereals + the seeds + something else – optional), coffee if I am still sleepy – you know I don’t really drink coffee anymore – and a tuna sandwich (12) because it’s my favourite sandwich and I will definitely eat it; too bad I am allergic to tuna and I can’t have it that often. And if I can’t have tuna (because of my allergy or because I didn’t buy it) I will replace it with a boiled egg (13) because I can eat it from time to time (the egg doesn’t work every time).

And if it’s brunch or a lazy day when I wanna spoil myself I will have chocolate for breakfast: a slice of bread with Nutella (still some fibers, right?) and some fruits, or if I have more time (and if I am allowed to have some tuna) I go for An American Sandwich!


As for today’s breakfast, I had some pudding (I only ate half of it) because we bought tons of pudding! Mih told me about this great deal where you buy four pudding powders (or whatever they are) and get a cute teaspoon with a bear!! We got them all!

Hope you had fun reading about my morning meals and don’t forget to enjoy your breakfast!

Last Week in Photos #7: Still Winter


lovely tea | a view of the sky | Castle and Plant
buds | wrestling | learning Hiragana
me in red | sketches for the comics | weekend food with friends

Remember how last time Winter was coming back? Well… after some days of really really hot weather, Winter decided to stay and it snowed again. But the ugly part was the wind and the cold and… the fact that it all happened during the weekend!!

Last week  I discovered an awesome tea sent by a pen-pal. It was delicious! I started watching Wrestling again (and it’s addicting, again) and I am just in time for Wrestlemania! YES!

I re-organized the closets and I discovered an old favourite of mine: my super warm red sweater. Didn’t dare to put in the box with the other Winter clothes because I didn’t have the chance to wear it this Winter and since we had some cold weather I enjoyed it!!

I started learning Japanese again and this time I focus on writing too and right now I try to learn Hiragana while not falling behind with the drawings for school (for the comics class we have to draw some psychological test and we aren’t supposed to know the signification of the elements, but I already know the test…).

We spent the weekend with friends and cooked some delicious stuff and we played Silent Hill games and watched a Korean horror movie. I know there is no cat in the photo-set so here’s some Mogu for you: