Otaku Sunday #15: What I “Marathoned” Last Week

I had an exam today so I think you can understand why I didn’t post the Otaku Sunday yesterday. But I have a long post so the Universe will be content with my work, or so I hope. I honestly tried my best to write proper reviews for this anime since I posted them on MAL too – so if you have any tips on how to make better reviews please do teach me!


First anime is Tsuritama, a Spring anime from last year about… fishing, friendship and aliens! At first I thought this was a way too colourful anime about nothing… maybe fishing, but it has a story (an odd one) and it has nice characters, AND the happy-go-lucky atmosphere is catchy!

Starting with the story… a shy-almost-antisocial teenager, Yuki, starts hanging out (against his will) with Haru, a boy who says he’s an alien. And they… go fishing. But that is not an easy thing to do so they train under Natsuki, the “Fishing Prince”. What they don’t know is that they are closely followed by a strange Indian and his duck named Tapioca. And also, fishing might just be the only way to save the world! Except for Haru, the other main characters aren’t really the friendly type, but they will soon learn the meaning of friendship. I truly enjoyed how the anime concentrated on developing the characters and teaching them lessons about life, friendship and fishing.

As you may know, art&sound reviews aren’t really that good but I will try my best. The animation is really colourful, but it fits the atmosphere really well. The style suddenly changes to emphasize different feeling (sometimes they are really scary). As for the music, it’s quite catchy and suitable for the show.

You won’t find a deep story in Tsuritama, but it’s not one of those anime with 10 episodes about nothing and 2 with the story. The first half of the anime concentrates more on the characters and fishing and… a lot of stuff that might make you curious about what the story is about. I am no salesman, really, and if Tsuritama is not your type then you shouldn’t watch it, but if you have mixed feelings just watch one or two episode and it may just catch you too. I told you it’s contagious!


Sukitte Iinayo is a romance schoujo anime that filled my heart with tons on emotions since I marathon it in a day or two. The story might not be something new in the anime world, but it still has a special place in my heart because once the feelings reach beyond the flat screen that’s all that matters. And that’s what Sukitte Iinayo does best!

The characters aren’t really too original, but they still have something unique that distinguish them from the rest – well, some of them do. And they aren’t uni-dimensional, each sharing a good part as well as a bad one. Their pasts had a big part in building who they are now and it was nice to learn about who they used to be and who they are now. And while these past stories are presented to us, the relationship between are main characters evolves little by little. Oh, did I forget to mention that they start their relation pretty early in the anime so you won’t have to wait 10 episodes for a kiss? But they still have obstacles to encounter like any other love relation.

The art is really pretty and just my type. The light softly changes and it fits the atmosphere quite perfectly. Oh, and we have lots of kitties so that definitely is a plus for me! The music is suitable for the show and quite lovely, as for the voice actors they are just perfect for their characters.

The show is really great and lovely if you prefer romance shoujo anime and if you don’t expect it to break any boundaries. It’s a pretty good watch and once it gets you it won’t let you go!


Otaku Sunday #14: The Spring Season

Oh, boy, oh, boy! You can tell it’s Spring when you have 10 anime you are really interested in. When the chart comes out I take it and almost randomly decide what I might watch or not. With the info the chart gives you (one picture and a phrase or two about the plot) you can’t really know what’s going to be worth watching and what not, but sometimes you just don’t have time to do your research (or the first thing you google is Aku no Hana and there’s is nothing about the art so you give up – I try not to read to much about the plot because there are a lot of spoilers out there). Oh, and I give stars: green stars to the anime that I might watch and a red star to those anime I will watch for sure (or that’s what I think atm). It’s a very superficial decision and you can only know for sure (almost) after you watch an episode or two. Like I did in the Winter Season post, I have categories here too:

♥ Really Excited About:


Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) was a red start from start – instinct, I suppose, but guess what? Prior to the first episode I couldn’t find anything about the art… anything at all. And then the art was revealed and a huge fight started: on one side we have those who won’t watch it ever no matter how good the story is and on the other side are those people who like it even more because of the different art style. I don’t really care. I mean, I do like the art and find it refreshing and stuff, but most of all it fits the story and the atmosphere perfectly. The first episode doesn’t tell us too much about anything really (maybe only about the main male character) but the combination of sounds, art, effects and everything, the suspense and EVERYTHING made me wanna read the manga. Isn’t that crazy? Give it a chance, really.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) wasn’t a red star… but now it is my favourite anime from this season so far!! It seems to have a complexity that most anime don’t care about. The story is great and strong, and the characters are very well made, they are unique in a way and more than what they seem to be in the first episodes. This is one of those shows were the story is so good that other things don’t matter anymore. And we have 24 episodes so it better be good!

Might Be Interesting:


Karneval looks like something interesting. We have cute characters design, very colourful art and creepy monsters. The main characters are pretty different and there is an kick-ass organization called “Circus”! Might be quite enjoyable, really.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation is not the 2nd season it’s just the adaptation of the game Devil Survivor 2 (think of Persona 4 or something like that). I am about to consider it a way too blueish anime for me, but I will stick for some more episode because it might actually have potential. So far we have dudes fighting monsters with other monsters they get from their phones.

Suisei no Gargantia… well in the first half I was really bored and couldn’t understand why the fuck the aliens looked like flowers (but whatever). Now I am glad I didn’t stop watching because the second half was quite fun. I only watched one episode so I don’t know too much, but the thing is we have a dude from the distant future who speaks a weird language and somehow manages to travel in time and space and wakes up on Earth (not present day, not present day – which is why I think the show is cool).

♥ Might Be Funny:


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kaway Wake ga Nai. is the 2nd season of OreImo and I had fun watching the first one so I might have fun watching this one, right?

Hataraku Maou-sama is a funny anime about Maou-sama (this time the Demon King is a “he”) and Yuusha (here is Emilia the Hero aka Yusa) who end up in present day Tokyo and they barely have magic so they have to survive by taking a real job and making real money…

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. has very cute art and feeling and is really funny. Basically, Youto (Hentai Ouji) and Tsukiko pray to the Stone Cat Statue and Youta loses his facade and now he just freely speaks his mind, maybe a little bit too freely and Tsukiko can’t show emotions anymore.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru is not as fun as the other ones, but still worth watching in case there’s nothing to do.

I also had on my list Photo Kano but not anymore and due to the fact that RDG Red Data Girl came out in March I forgot to put it on this list. Will talk about it in a future Otaku Sunday maybe. Might talk about the OVAs and movies in another Otaku Sunday too. Anything else good to watch this Spring?

Otaku Sunday #13: Winter Reviews

The anime from the Winter Season are over! And it’s not Monday yet for me because I didn’t go to sleep yet. But I am on time, right? Well this is something new and I have to get used to it. Edit later: Silly me, forgot to mention that you can read more about the stories and my opinions on these anime here!

As for the Winter Season… I usually don’t let myself start too many anime from the seasons because 1. I don’t have the time and 2. most of them are bad (and 3. I have this obsession with finishing everything that I start so…). From the Winter Season I watched three short anime: Ai Mai Mi – not worth watching, Mangirl – short and funny and Yama no Susume – a really cute anime about climbing and mountains and friendship. There is also the second season of Chihayafuru and it’s awesome! But it’s not over yet (it’s awesome anyway so be sure to watch the first season and the second one!).


Vividred Operation – How to start with this one? Well, I don’t understand why I started it. I knew it was going to be filled with fan service and cliches but I started it and because of 3. I had to finish it. There is absolutely nothing new or amazing about this one. Just a bunch of little girls saving the world by… kissing each others foreheads. As you can see the story is not something new. The characters aren’t something new. And the rest of the show is not something new…


Amnesia – The story was great and I truly enjoyed how they didn’t focus on the romance part of the show but on what was going on with the heroine. The pace was pretty slow but it kinda fit the anime. And I loved the ending. If you don’t have anything else to watch you can try Amnesia, really. There were annoying things like the heroine’s behavior, but still not bad or anything like that.


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – This is that kind of anime that the fan service just doesn’t matter! Because the show is great and smart and funny and the booby shots are pretty enjoyable, really. The story is pretty and the dialogue is the best. As for the characters, they are cute and Maoyuu (Demon King) is really adorable. The art is really pretty, especially the details and the backgrounds.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai – It was really something wow for me. I truly enjoyed it! The story doesn’t seem much when you read the synopsis but it’s so much more than that, really. Just pay attention to it. The characters aren’t the most unique but they are still enjoyable. And the music is great but the art is my favourite part because it combines different styles and the art is used to create different emotions and states of mind and that is pretty cool really.


Tamako Market – My favourite anime (well, Chihayafuru 2 is but that’s not over so whatever)!! Because we all need some moe from time to time. It was funny and crazy. And Dera is the best character ever! He is hilarious! The entire show is like a ball of happiness and funny moments. Mochizo is also funny (and poor Mochizo) and Tama-chan. It’s just great and I can’t complain – maybe the ending wasn’t really what I expected but there’s no problem because I have cute gifs to make me laugh.

Well this is it! Next I will probably have my Anime Spring Season first impressions. See you later!

Otaku Sunday #12: About Wolfs and Family

I know, I am not even late. I am super late! But I do have some acceptable excuses: on Sunday I had an all-day-long Game of Thrones marathon!! That’s the best excuse ever as I told today to a dear friend of mine who used to always be late on his date on the day the new Game of Thrones episode was airing.

For today’s (I do mean Sunday, not Tuesday but time… does not exist, right?) Otaku Sunday I had something else planned – the Winter reviews! But Game of Thrones kept me busy and I still haven’t seen the last episode from the many Winter anime that I am watching… so expect them next Sunday, when the article will probably be posted on a Sunday (I can’t promise you anything but I can hope… and I have a deja-vu).


So what I have is… an awesome anime movie, Wolf Children, recommended to me by Mih (I talked about her in numerous other posts and especially Otaku Sunday posts since we kinda like the same things). I can’t really make a proper review to this movie because every time I like something I find it hard to review it. The same thing cannot be said about things I don’t like, but unfortunately I only share things I like in this Otaku Sunday.


Wolf Children is a drama, fantasy with some supernatural stuff, but family friendly anime movie about… well, family! And not a normal family because Hanna’s family can be described in any word but normal. Hanna was a student until she met her prince charming who was more of a “wolf charming” than a prince. They loved each other deeply and they had a baby on a snowy day so they named her Yuki. Some years after that they had a baby on a rainy day so they named him Ame. But shortly after the father died and Hanna was left with two wolf children and no idea how to raise them.

The story is wonderful and will brighten your day for sure. The animation and the drawing style is stunning, as is the audio. And just because Wolf Children is made by the director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, try not to compare them as they are really different regarding the story and the mood.

Otaku Sunday #9: I am sorry!

I planned on writing about the Spring Anime Season but most of them come out in April and I can’t find pictures or details about the new anime so… I have nothing prepared for this Sunday, ok? I have excuses, of course, I played a lot of Sims 3: University Life, I read a lot from A Game of Thrones and I re-watched many episodes from Game of Thrones. So this is another Sunday without an Otaku Sunday, but I have a post with food and I promise that tomorrow I will write this Otaku Sunday – I hope it’s the last late Otaku Sunday.

Edit Later: As I promised… the last late Otaku Sunday (hopefully!). And since last week was really busy and because I planned to talk about the Spring Season I don’t have much to talk about today. So I decided to share with you some anime that me and my boyfriend want to watch together. We are pretty different and while I watch almost anything (except stupid comedies and shounen anime), he barely finds an anime to watch.


  • Bokurano – because it’s a psychological sci-fi. From what I read looks pretty awesome and even though most of the people recommend the manga… I barely read anything but shoujo so I will stick with the anime. It’s like a game for Earth or something like that… I can only think of Btooom! and how awesome it was so I have high hopes!
  • Gantz – yet another psychological sci-fi but this one also has some horror and supernatural stuff. We will see. And this is also like a game for survival, fighting aliens… can you see a pattern here?
  • Juuni Kokuki – also known as The Twelve Kingdoms or the anime who broke the pattern. My boyfriend picked this one but give me a red-headed girl with a sword and I will most likely be in love!


  • Nichijou – this sounds just like the anime I wouldn’t watch because it’s a comedy (I have a bad sense of humor, trust me) and doesn’t sound too… me. Oh, the things we do for love!
  • Abenoshi Mahou Shoutengai – as for the last one… hmm, it’s a comedy but it looks like one that I might enjoy. I am not the best at talking about anime I did not watch because I try not to read too much about them. Just making sure I don’t read spoilers.

What are some anime you watch or plan to watch with other people? I usually do this – watching anime – by my own, but sometimes I have partners like my boyfriend (we watched Baccano and now we are watching Noein) or my best friend (we only watched Nana) or the best anime partner ever, my dearest friend Mih (we watched so so many things together!!).

Otaku Sunday #7: Let’s Relax!

Today I am late not because I was busy or sick, but because I napped. It wasn’t planned or anything nor did I need that little nap but it was really pleasant and worthy. Sometimes I am so tense even when it’s Sunday and I just need something to remind me that it’s ok to just relax from time to time. Which is why the things I have for this Otaku Sunday are perfect for a relaxing day.


For the manga part of our Otaku Sunday I picked a really funny one: Tokyo Alice. It is a lovely manga about a girl whose love, passion and purpose in life is… SHOPPING! And this passion keeps our protagonist quite busy… so busy that she forgot about dating and her love life is a mess.

The art is simple, yet unique. Backgrounds are rarely shown but that doesn’t make the story less interesting. The sketchy look gives the drawings personality and show the mangaka’s love for her art. It’s spontaneous and simplistic, yet funny and adorable.


Many readers of the manga weren’t pleased with the anime adaptation but since I haven’t read the manga I can’t tell you anything about that – in fact, I was so happy with the anime that I am going to read the manga (there might even be a second season). Kamisama Hajimemashita follows Nanami, a girl that was recently left by her dad and she is now without a house to live in… and then she saves a guy that offers her his home. And that’s how she becomes a deity.

My favourite parts about this anime are the opening and the ending – and I usually don’t fancy those parts. The story is also charming, even if not very well developed, but it’s all about relaxation today… It jumps from story to story and we even have the usual beach episode, but it’s not a big deal and you can still enjoy the anime because the characters are funny and really nice, and there is plenty of comedy and a decent dose of romance for a nice relaxing evening.


As for the news section of our Otaku Sunday I have four anime from the “2012 Young Animator Training Project”: Little Witch Academia, Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi, Ryo, Death Billiards. I don’t know anything about the plots, but they all seem to be very interesting. Each has one episode only and they are a big opportunity for young artists which is why I believe in them. And if I’m not wrong, they are part of the next season – I might talk about it in the next Otaku Sunday.

Otaku Sunday #6: Winter Update

Note: I am really tired and sleepy. I will write this Otaku Sunday later or tomorrow morning. Sorry for being late and I hope it won’t happen again.

Later: As I promised, an update on the anime from the Winter Season. I wrote an Otaku Sunday about what I will watch but things are a little different – the short anime aren’t that important to talk about so I won’t mention them (I only watch three: Ai Mai Mi, Mangirl! and Yama no Susume), I am not watching Cuticle Tantei Inaba because it’s not my type and Savanna Game hasn’t aired yet and I don’t know if it was cancelled or postponed – I will let you know as soon as I discover more.


Amnesia is very confusing! It’s not what I imagined but it’s not bad. Yeah, it is really really confusing but this is what makes me watch the next episode. I like mysteries and this is a big one. Our protagonist (whose name we don’t know yet) has amnesia and a spirit called Orion is the reason for her condition so now he is trying to help her remember… but after a few episode, us and the protagonist wake up in a total new world where everything we discovered a few episode before makes no sense and some of the characters are total different persons! And now we (the viewers, Orion and the protagonist – oh, and the mysterious guy who seems to know a little bit too much) kinda have to figure out which world is the real one…


Chihayafuru 2 is the greatest anime of this season! I love love love love it and every episodes seem so short! This anime is one of the few that have EVERYTHING! Sentiment, passion, action, plot, characters, atmosphere! It’s perfect and I just can’t find anything bad to say about it. In this season we have new characters added to Chihaya’s Karuta Club and at first I did not like the new girl but Chihayafuru knows how to build a character and it does it very well! And if you think you don’t like sports anime (they are not my thing either) keep in mind that Karuta is more of an art than a sport and even so it’s just amazing!


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is another lovely surprise of this Winter Season. The story follows the Hero and the Demon King (who by the way is a girl). They try to stop the war between demons and humans in a way that will bring peace and make everyone happy. It’s really really cute, but if you are an action fan keep in mind that this one has a lot of dialogue and not that much show but it’s still great.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai is a hilarious anime that has more substance than it appears to have. It’s funny and witty and you might not get it at first or at second or while you watch an episode after you got it… but then it all makes sense! In a way… It’s pretty hard to talk about this without spoiling stuff for you, guys. And the best part about it is the art – it changes styles and sometimes it’s like a painting in watercolours.


Tamako Market is the moe cuteness of this season! And it’s not only cute and bubbly, but it also has a talking bird on a mission to find a bride for his prince. At first the bird is slim and elegant as a bird but after you spend a few days in the house of a Mochi shop owner well… it is pretty hard not to gain a little weight, right? You have to watch this even if you hate moe because it’s just way too funny and enjoyable!


Vividred Operation is not the best anime of this season and it contains a lot of fan service but it’s pretty and fun when you don’t have what else to watch. It’s cliche and the plot is not really existent in the show, but we will get there in a few episode – like the last two episode will have a story for sure, right?

This season is not even as bad as I thought it will be! I haven’t watched all the new anime but some of those I didn’t try yet were recommended to me and I am going to watch them another time – I think I watch quite a lot for now and I still haven’t finished some that I started way too long ago. And again, I am sorry for being so late.