Wishlist Wednesday #1

Remember this post? Well this is a similar list with stuff I’d waste money on…

WW: Candles

Candles! I am not really a candle person because the ones that are good are too expensive. But these candles look really cool, especially for Halloween. I mean, candle skulls?

WW: Rings

Accessories, well… rings only today: I love Unicorns. And snakes – yes, I know I have a snake ring already, but this one with the green stone is so much more Slytherin than mine. As for the cute cat ears? Oh, but I already have a cheap cat ears ring in the mail (I hope it gets here NOW!).

WW: Hats

Fashion: It’s Autumn, so HATS! First, the bowler hat because it’s perfect for my Halloween costume – I am going to be Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and since I really need a bowler hat I’ll look for a cheap one in thrift stores. I never had a French beret and I don’t know if they’re in style or not (everyone seems to be crazy for beanies) but who cares about that? And the cat one… well, cats!!

WW: Cups Mugs

Cups/Mugs: Last, but not least my favourite things in the world! Did I mention that I like Unicorns? And a ceramic coffee cup for environmental reasons – I rarely drink coffee but I love how coffee cups look! And the last one is purrfect for Halloween!

So this is my “shopping list” for this week. A girl can dream, right? What is on your pretend-shopping-list?

Busy times, darling! (also known as “Time for Cat Photos”)

Since Tuesday I keep saying to myself: “Now you woke up so you can write a blog post” but things just come my way and I have to go there and do that and hug someone or help Mom or play games or go to the gym. Then I get home from being there, doing that, hugging, helping, laughing, talking, working out, eating and I am too tired to write so I say “It’s OK, I am going to write a blog post when I wake up!” And the funniest part is that I actually believe myself.

Now it’s Friday I am finally writing and this is happening just because I know how busy I am going to be after I publish this! I will go and meet with my personal trainer, well, she is my Pilates/Step Aerobic/Gym Ball trainer but she knows I am only here for a week so she makes me work out a lot and she takes me jogging and today we meet to talk about nutrition and stuff and then to do some more Step Aerobic. After this I will go to my best friend’s home because she is going to be back from Bucharest – where she lives and works this summer-, and I am going to kidnap her after I see and hug her mom. And then we will have a sleepover!


But guess what!! Last night I had a sleepover with three boys – oh, stop thinking about dirty stuff, we just played a lot of Cluedo, some Scotland Yard and a lot of Wii games. We tried to figure out the wireless network but failed miserably. We talked and had fun. Did I mention we played a lot of Cluedo? These guys loved Cluedo and I am glad they did because it’s an awesome game. We didn’t even notice it was morning because of their Cluedo enthusiasm. Oh, and I had to make the games with a printer and a lot of things because the board-games are in Cluj. But it was all worth it!

After tonight’s sleepover with my best friend I will go swimming (FINALLY!) and have a barbecue with my family and some family friends. Then on Sunday morning I want to see one of my dearest professor but it might not happen and then I will depart to Bucharest and I am FINALLY going to go to Mircea Cantor’s exhibition at MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art from Bucharest) and then I will do things with my other friends that are still in Bucharest… and that will happen until Wednesday early morning when I will take a train and go back in Cluj.


Since my Sunday-Tuesday is probably going to be a little bit hectic I will not write my Otaku Sunday on Sunday – but this is no news for you, guys. I will try to get it up on Monday because I’ll spend time with my best friend Mih and do you know who she is? You probably do since I mention her in almost every Otaku Sunday post. We might watch some anime or manga and I will probably have a folder with her recommendation only. If I don’t write on Monday then I probably tied her up and made her watch Game of Thrones again – it happened once! But fear not, I will do my best to post something on Monday and if I don’t I will just have to write two Otaku Sundays next Sunday (next Sunday as in next next Sunday when I will relax in Cluj).

After my trip is over I will try to write a blog post with details and impressions and I will definitely miss everyone – especially my Mom… and my cat:


Oh, no!

When I first challenged myself to post at least three times a week during my holiday I had all this summer figured out: finish with the exams, go back to my parents’ home for a week or so, then the entire month of July belongs to me and it’s my writing month because of NaNoWriMo’s Camp July. Unfortunately you don’t always get what you want and now I am to my parents’ home and I have a lot of places to go and people to see (including Mircea Cantor’s exhibition!).

So… my NaNoWriMo project isn’t going as planned because I am away from the laptop for a lot of hours and I can’t write on paper because I am doing other stuff, but I can think and plan my story and I love it so far. Even if this NaNo Camp July turns to be a failure for me at least I have an awesome story that I love to write. I am also reading a lot because my holiday includes lots of car rides and there’s nothing better to do than to read.

As for my blog posting I will try to still post three times a week, but I won’t go hard on myself if things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, less computer time is better especially when you have a cute cat to spend time with!


Week in Review?

First of all, why the fudge does wordpress signs me off on every single Monday? Like what’s the logic behind that? And now back to our subject! Since I recently made a tumblr where I post almost daily and mostly pictures about random and boring stuff I do or eat I figured that there’s no need for my Week in Photos posts… but there was a hole on Monday (when I don’t post late Otaku Sundays) and I decided to just change the Week in Photos a bit. So here it is *drumrolls* the first Week in Review!

Last week I was on Easter Break (also known as Spring Break, I guess…) and I went in my hometown to visit my family and friends, and the most important one, my cat:


No other cat is as spoiled as this Monster is, but let’s face it there’s no other cat as adorable and beautiful as he is so I guess this is way the entire family treats him as a king! I washed him, watched him sleep and tried not to wake him up. There is nothing better than a fluffy sepia cat, trust me!

And because I rarely get to see my friends we had a picnic – but I already did a post on it! I also had a slumber party with Mih and it was one of the greatest slumber parties I ever had!! Soon after I had one with my little cousin (she is a teenager, but a good one) but it still couldn’t top the one I had with Mih. And Alecs came home especially for me and that was really nice of her and awesome! I influenced my friends a lot this holiday: I convinced Mih to watch Game of Thrones and I also convinced Alecs to watch Survivor  – I made her watch the 25th season because it’s one of the greatest and probably the first one ever when my favourite person wins!

I barely had time for internet or TV shows (watched by myself, I did a lot of watching of stuff with my friends), but I managed to watch Game of Thrones (missed last night’s episode but I will make time for it… soon), Survivor and Naruto!! And better than internet and TV shows is reading a book! I finished just one, Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and I tried and write a not so proper review on my tumblr and I might soon or not too soon talk about it here too (probably on Friday?).


I spent Easter day with my family visiting other relatives. It was really fun, but way too much food. The other part of the day was spent with a book – is there a better way to enjoy a holiday? The day before Easter was a day for close friends and nature! We went to a forest near some kind of river and I tried fishing (and failed – and my dad is a fisherman!!) and did quite a lot of swimming!! Swimming is like my favourite type of sport to perform if you don’t count Pilates as a sport!


I ate too much pizza and had way too much ice-cream and sorbet (I even had it for breakfast!), but I still managed to do some work outs – not too many because I was pretty busy spending time with people, but I try to recover now!

For the weekend I was back in Cluj and after a day spent with my friends from here (and after sleeping on their couch because I don’t sleep during train rides), I managed to do some shopping for the house and some delicious pasta!

It was a great week and I feel so refreshed after it! Usually train rides are tiring, but the holiday had a way greater effect on me and no train ride could ever take it away! Hope the Summer is going to be just as fun if not more!