OOTD: Outfit of the… yesterday!

Yesterday was a sunny day and while I didn’t really like the weather, I did loved the lightning so I forced my boyfriend to take some photos of me and my new lovely dress!
My new dress has a cute story… we are fated to be together! Two weeks ago I went on a walk with my hubby and a friend and I spotted a lovely girl wearing a red dress with geometric print, she also had some really nice boots. My boyfriend didn’t care about the dress – he doesn’t fancy dresses, but my friend loved it too. Next day, a Monday, on my way to school guess what I see in the store’s window next to the bus station? THE DRESS! And I couldn’t believe the price tag (25 Ron) so when my school was over I got two schoolmates with me and showed them the dress, tried it on and now it’s part of my closet.


I wore it almost daily since I got it, but the weather was lovely and cold until yesterday so I always had a cute sweater over it – by the way, it looks super cute with sweaters.


My leggings are really old, have them since high school but they still look amazing. The boots aren’t new either, my aunt got them for me a couple of years ago and I didn’t like them at first. But you know how some boots or bags just look better with time? I love mine now!


I didn’t care about makeup yesterday and only wore my bb cream and my new mascara. As for accessories, my yin-yang necklace that I wear all the time and my owl because it’s perfect for autumn!