Best Thing in the World: HOMESTUCK

I don’t  even know how to start explaining how AWESOME this web comic is (it also had games and animations and music and more). But today is a special day: 4 years of Homestuck! And also the day I read 600 pages just to be able to watch/read/whatever the new update with my friends.

I sometimes read Homestuck when I am at Uni and colleagues ask me what it is… like seriously, is hard to give a proper answer to that question.

It all started with four friends trying to play a cool new game called Sburb. And then BOOM! No, seriously, you have to read the shit to understand it and I am afraid I will give you too many spoilers if I try to convince you read it. JUST READ IT! It’s great, spectacular, smart, witty, holly-shit-when-did-that-happen and adorable, cute, just insert words that will make you read it, really. READ IT!