My Happiness Project: Sleep!

Well I’ll mention it again, I am reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and I read a bunch of other articles that I find on Google. I don’t have all the answers or anything, I am just trying my own happiness project – Rubin herself says this is a personal thing and there are no rules to happiness (btw: I love the personal aspect of her book!).

So… sleep. I am in Uni and that means a lot of sleepless nights. In general, not for me, I like sleeping and I’d rather wake up really early to study or work on my drawings than stay up all night.

My biggest issue with sleep is that I can’t do it… normally. It takes me a lot of minutes to fall asleep (and by that I mean more than 7!), I have bad dreams and I often wake up and can’t go back to sleep. I also hate sleeping too much – if I do it I feel super tired and I’ll be in a bad mood all day. Working on my sleeping habits is going to be one of the hardest things to do.

These are the things I’ll work on for the next couple of weeks or so:

  • go to sleep earlier – like 11 pm (hopefully)
  • wake up at 7 am or 8 am every single day, including weekends
  • work on my night routine – and by work on my night routine, which is probably THE HARDEST, I mean no before bed sugary snacks and no work or anything on the computer 1 h before bedtime (CRAZY!). Well let’s hope I can do it.

Here is my plan, almost step by step:

Go to sleep earlier. The perfect plan is to fall asleep at 11 pm, or at least be in bed, tucked in my blankets. But I know that won’t happen too soon (since it’s 10 pm and I am writing a blog post) so falling asleep before midnight is what I’m going for. The thing is… I am a night owl.

Wake up earlier. The good thing is I am also a morning person! And I usually wake up pretty early, but I’m going to wake up EARLIER (see I am positive as a proton!) and enjoy more hours in the morning. If the go to sleep earlier succeeds then the waking up earlier won’t be a problem.

Have a night routine. This is the part I’ll have to work a lot on. So no food before bed, or green tea, or black tea or anything with caffeine! Also, no computer! I don’t like saying “no” usually and this one contains a bunch of them, right? I’ll just have to rephrase then. Instead of no sugary snacks and green/black teas I’ll say “drink herbal tea before bed or milk and eat fruits” (I know fruits have sugar too, but they are better than processed sugar). No work or computer 1 h before bed because “1 hour for myself before bed” – during that hour I can take a warm shower, convince my hubby to give me a massage, paint my nails, write in my journal or read… read something nice and preferable a book that won’t keep me up all night!

I’ll write another post about sleep in a week or two to see my progress. Do any of you have tips and ideas about a good night sleep? Oh, it’s almost half past ten. I’ll post this article, turn of my laptop and jump in the shower. Have a good night!

October List: Eating Habits&Food Journal

I said yesterday about my October list with things to improve about myself… or just do. Anyway, you can find the list here, but I want to go into details with the whole eating habits and food stuff.

I am a student and I don’t live with my mum anymore and it’s really easy to eat only instant ramen or instant mashed potatoes or to eat out, and that’s not really healthy. Fortunately for me I love cooking. But finding time (and the mood – I am such a lazy cat) for cooking is rather difficult.

I was never able to keep a food diary. So this summer I kinda did that on my tumblr with pictures because it’s way easier to photograph what you eat rather than writing it down. But guess what? I think it’s better to write it down. Since last week of September I started a meal diary that I want to continue this month too. Since then I discovered some unhealthy eating habits that I have so this month I’ll also try to work on those.

About the meal journal: I have a binder and I write everything down in there because it’s easier to organize it and I always work better on plain paper than on a notebook really. I usually write after I eat if I’m at home, if I’m not I just make a note on my phone. I write down the meal, the hour and what I was doing while eating (it’s hard not to multitask while eating and I know it’s not good, but IT’S HARD!). I don’t think to much about how many calories I have on my plate, I try to estimate them after I’m done eating but it’s ok not to be exact – because it’s hard especially with home cooked meals.

But a meal journal is great for observing what you tend to do like I tend to snack a lot between my meals, I also snack more when I’m in bed with my laptop. And the best part about the diary: it helps you get better because you are aware of your bad or good habits.

Eating habits list: Here is the list with things I want to improve or work on when it comes to my meals.

  • try to respect the three main meals – being in college makes it very hard to do so, fortunately this is my last year and I have lots of free time because I need to work on my big project and all that jazzSo I’m gonna try to have breakfast early in the morning (11 am is not early in the morning), lunch around 1 pm or 2 pm and dinner… well, dinner is the tricky one because I have days with classes till 7 pm or even 9 pm so… I’m gonna try to eat it around 6-8 pm depending on my day.
  • eat breakfast daily – I got a lot better at this one, but it’s still hard to do it every day and sometimes I just pretend it doesn’t exist. Not good! 
  • stop snacking so much – I will try to snack once between the meals and maybe once after dinner because sometimes I go to sleep at really late hours.
  • no fizzy drinks or “natural” juices from the supermarket – I am not a fizzy drink person, but I still drink them when I visit my friends or when I go out. I will continue to drink Frugo from time to time because that it’s just the best juice ever!
  • cook a new thing weekly – because cooking is fun.
  • don’t eat on the street – it’s just a trick to keep me from snacking and also, it’s not that nice, is it?

I’m not gonna try to stop “doing stuff” (and by doing I mean watching tv) while eating because that I really can’t. And I think this is it. Wow, I really expected to have more things on the list but it’s great, right? Well, wish me luck. I guess.

30 Day Reading Challenge Update 1.2

Guys, I am behind!! It’s day 12 and I only finished three books so far. But the thing is that it doesn’t matter how many you read, but how much fun you have reading them. Right? Plus, I still have time to get back on track, methinks.


The finished books are:

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling; It’s a reread so of course I loved it! Soon I am going to start the next one, but lately I started a bunch of books and now the list of books I’m reading is pretty… endless.
  • A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin; I did it!! We need to celebrate ’cause I wasn’t sure I would ever finish this books. And not because it’s not time (it’s awesome!) but because I read it on the PC and I don’t do well with reading on the PC (too many temptations around like the f**king internet). But the book was gorgeous and it has many things, details, that weren’t included in the TV show and while I don’t mind that, I do prefer the books especially for Bran’s dreams and also Ned’s dreams about his sister. I can’t wait to read the next ones but I don’t know if to wait to buy them or read them on my PC…
  • The Little Vampire by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg with lovely illustrations by Amelie Glienke. I loved The Little Vampire series when I was kid but I never got to read all of them and a few days ago I found them in one of my friend’s bookcase. This is the first book where Anton and Rüdiger, the vampire, meet for the first time. There’s also a movie made after the books but it’s really different and the boy’s name is Tony and the vampire’s Rudolph. I prefer Rüdiger, really.

As for my June Reading List… I am not sure about it because I started new books like The Little Vampire Moves In and A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle. I am still optimistic and think that I might read another 12 books until 17th July. And what’s even more excited about this Reading Challenge is that I made some kind of personal goal to read differently every time. For example I read The Little Vampire near the window, on a rainy day – I even had thunders and they went really well with the books. As for Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys, I read a lot of it in the park, on a windy day. Reading and weather are great paired together.


Otaku Sunday #22: If You Have Exams…

If you have exams here’s what you should watch:

  • 5 Centimeters per Secondlast week I talked about the magic of Makoto Shinkai so it was just obvious that I will continue with him. Don’t feel like studying for an exam? Just watch this anime film and you will not only procrastinate during it but you will be too sad to study after it!
  • Minami-ke – This anime is hilarious! You will laugh too much to have time to be sad that you are not doing what you should actually do: studying.
  • Chihayafuru – And this is the best anime ever for procrastinators: you can’t stop watching it no matter how much you want to study.

Now I apologize for this short Otaku Sunday but as you have probably guessed I am busy working on my final projects and studying for exams!