Dear Diary: Anything Can Happen!

Almost three weeks of Uni and I am already tired… and stressed. I feel like I’m sleeping in a soap bubble and concepts and ideas are in floating around me and I like some of them and everything seems solved, but then I find another one and I try to link them together but sometimes you just can’t! You know?? You can’t, they don’t go well together and you want them both!!


But I try not to panic, you know? I mean… all I want is to get it over with and that’s it. Anything can happen, really. Plus, all this stressing about “my art” and my school assignments is interfering with my happiness project!! I was supposed to be in bed right now, sleeping, dreaming… resting. Oh, well, no need to be sad about that. One failed day is no reason to quit, right?


Dear Diary: I am sad

It’s funny how I never write on this blog when I’m sad. I used to do that a lot, but lately I don’t feel like sharing… I don’t have tragedies to be sad about, just little things and moody days.

Right now I am mainly sad because the house is a mess and I am in no mood for cleaning it. Also because I have no idea what to for my BIG project this year – I’m in my last year of University and I also have no idea what I’m gonna do after. I keep reading that it’s ok to be clueless in your early twenties – but is it? After this year I’ll have to get a job, you know? That’s not easy. I don’t even know what job I want…

But my hubby is going to give me a massage and then I’ll spend three hours in the shower brooding over all these things that contribute to my sadness.