My Happiness Project: Energy

I am almost 22 years old. I didn’t do anything impressive so far, but I believe in baby steps. Last year I made a list with 21 things to do before I’m 22. I’ll be 22 in exactly a month and I won’t have time to do everything that’s on the list. But that’s ok, because it’s just a list with silly things. I love lists, but now I am tired of them. I feel like I spend more time making them than actually doing the stuff I write down on the list. So I decided to stop making lists and start doing the things that I’d put on a list (obviously I won’t give up grocery lists because I forget things, but you know what I mean).

I started readingĀ The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I had the book for a while but I didn’t trust it or even cared about it until I started reading it. I like that she uses lists, you know… the book has 12 parts for each month of the year, and each month has a small list with things to do and so on. I like the idea of trying to change yourself in a year without really changing yourself, you know? Without starting from zero, it’s more about being a better you. And I am going to do that. I did try in the past to do similar things but failed every time. I might fail this time too, who knows… Baby steps?

Rubin makes January the month of Energy. I won’t wait until January to start and I plan to use her book as a guide and, of course, the internet. Also… I like energy. As a strong believer in Feng Shui – well, not really, I did love it in middle school – I know how important energy is. And I have a huge lack of it being the lazy cat I am. You know what they say, right? Fake it till you make it!

Following Rubin’s plan for the month of January I’ll improve my sleeping habits, I’ll exercise better and organize my house and life – she has more for the Energy chapter but baby steps. I will also update this blog with my progress and I’ll award myself invisible medals like “Yea, I removed my makeup before sleep” or “I went to sleep early today!” (funny things, I am not sleeping right now because I want to write this blog post).

Random Monday #2: Cielo Variabile and other stuff

More randomness – I don’t think I’ll post them every single Monday. I do apologize for the lack of Otaku Sunday, Mom’s coming over – first time she visits this place – and I have to clean and stuff so no time for watching anime or reading manga.

1. Last Friday I went to the museum with a friend (who’ll soon move to Cluj too) and I found a piece of work by Mircea Cantor – it had nothing to do with the exhibition we were visiting, but it’a permanent work he donated to the museum. It’s similar to the one in the picture above (also made by him) only it says “cer variabil” (also the same thing, but in Romanian).

2. I am watching the final season from Dexter and while I do miss the normal Debra I can’t not be impressed by how well she plays this vulnerable fucked-up new Debra. Great job, Jennifer Carpenter!

3. I have just one episode left from the second season from Doctor Who – the one with the First Doctor – but I can’t watch it because Ian and Barbara are companions no more. I know they wanted to leave and that they are happy to be home and that they’ll get married soon (that happens in a comic with the Eleventh Doctor I think) but I STILL MISS THEM!

4. Mom’s coming over and she is a great cook, but she excels at cakes&sweet stuff. We are going to make Lemon Cakes because they are Sansa’s favourites. I found a lot of recipes on the internet, but we’ll probably make an original one. If I ever throw a Game of Thrones party (or go to one) I’ll bring Lemon Cakes!


5. I’ll talk more about this Friday (or Saturday or Sunday – yes, I am planning an Otaku Weekend, but I don’t promise anything) but my silly nose-theory turned out to be true (it wasn’t because of the nose part, but still). Anyway… it’s just a little thing compared to other things going on in the manga right now and I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

6. New Sims 3 game: Into the Future! I am really excited because I want to create the characters from the thing I am writing. The action happens “Into the Future” and by the time the game is out I hope my thing will be over – or waiting for a part II. I want to play with my four main characters – all girls, but very different not necessarily strong girls or role-modes, really, just normal humans.

7. I need more matching dishes. So far I have a Japanese bowl and a Japanese tea cup that fit and two red bowl with matching chopsticks.

Busy times, darling! (also known as “Time for Cat Photos”)

Since Tuesday I keep saying to myself: “Now you woke up so you can write a blog post” but things just come my way and I have to go there and do that and hug someone or help Mom or play games or go to the gym. Then I get home from being there, doing that, hugging, helping, laughing, talking, working out, eating and I am too tired to write so I say “It’s OK, I am going to write a blog post when I wake up!” And the funniest part is that I actually believe myself.

Now it’s Friday I am finally writing and this is happening just because I know how busy I am going to be after I publish this! I will go and meet with my personal trainer, well, she is my Pilates/Step Aerobic/Gym Ball trainer but she knows I am only here for a week so she makes me work out a lot and she takes me jogging and today we meet to talk about nutrition and stuff and then to do some more Step Aerobic. After this I will go to my best friend’s home because she is going to be back from Bucharest – where she lives and works this summer-, and I am going to kidnap her after I see and hug her mom. And then we will have a sleepover!


But guess what!! Last night I had a sleepover with three boys – oh, stop thinking about dirty stuff, we just played a lot of Cluedo, some Scotland Yard and a lot of Wii games. We tried to figure out the wireless network but failed miserably. We talked and had fun. Did I mention we played a lot of Cluedo? These guys loved Cluedo and I am glad they did because it’s an awesome game. We didn’t even notice it was morning because of their Cluedo enthusiasm. Oh, and I had to make the games with a printer and a lot of things because the board-games are in Cluj. But it was all worth it!

After tonight’s sleepover with my best friend I will go swimming (FINALLY!) and have a barbecue with my family and some family friends. Then on Sunday morning I want to see one of my dearest professor but it might not happen and then I will depart to Bucharest and I am FINALLY going to go to Mircea Cantor’s exhibition at MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art from Bucharest) and then I will do things with my other friends that are still in Bucharest… and that will happen until Wednesday early morning when I will take a train and go back in Cluj.


Since my Sunday-Tuesday is probably going to be a little bit hectic I will not write my Otaku Sunday on Sunday – but this is no news for you, guys. I will try to get it up on Monday because I’ll spend time with my best friend Mih and do you know who she is? You probably do since I mention her in almost every Otaku Sunday post. We might watch some anime or manga and I will probably have a folder with her recommendation only. If I don’t write on Monday then I probably tied her up and made her watch Game of Thrones again – it happened once! But fear not, I will do my best to post something on Monday and if I don’t I will just have to write two Otaku Sundays next Sunday (next Sunday as in next next Sunday when I will relax in Cluj).

After my trip is over I will try to write a blog post with details and impressions and I will definitely miss everyone – especially my Mom… and my cat: