Random Monday #4: Best Halloween Episode EVER

my so called life halloween-747069

1. TV shows love holidays and they make great great episodes about them. I love all of the FRIENDS thanksgiving episodes, they are my favorites ever, but My So-Called Life’s Halloween episode is the best out there. Sure, the Pretty Little Liars have Halloween episodes and they are great, but no TV series compares with the quintessential show for teenagers. My So-Called Life is a piece of art, the writing is especially great and the best episode is, of course, the Halloween episode (actually, it’s really hard to pick one).

The costumes were out of this world or anything, but can we talk about Angela’s costume? The cat eye glasses and the lime button up sweater. Oh, dear… it almost made me want to change my Halloween costume.

2. I have not finished Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). The anime.

3. Homestuck is on a huge pause again and the next update is going to be the final update. I kinda like that.

4. Did you know there’s a thing called bubble tea? Where can I get one? How do I make it at home? I so want to try it!!

Yes, this Random Monday was more of a “let’s talk about how great MSCL is and then add three short other things”, but that show is really great, ok? Did you watch it already? What are you waiting for?


The Geeky List: Vampires, Sherlock and Titans

This is my third Geeky List and this one also has a TV show. As you can probably tell I watch way too much TV – not including the anime in this category. But I am totally sure that it’s not my fault, I am not the one who produces such awesome and entertaining TV series so don’t blame me for watching them!! Mmm… yeah, let’s start:

  • The Little Vampire book series by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg with illustrations by Amelie Glienke. I love children books and I also love monsters and scary creatures, now combine those too add some really nice illustration and you have the secret of happiness – not joking! I won’t go into details with this series because I already did here and here, but I have to tell that if I ever have kids we’ll have lots of fun reading about the adventures of Rudiger – the little vampire – and Anton, his human friend.
  • In my last Geeky List post I mentioned that the next one – this one – will have lots of Sherlock, and it’s true in a way, but more Sherlock to come in the next ones!

    I finished the BBC Sherlock a long time ago but I am still obsessed with it and I can’t stop reblogging anything related with it on tumblr. I also re-watch some episodes from time to time and I make everyone who isn’t watching it watch it because that’s how obsessed I am and the show is just too great to ignore it. It’s a modern take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories and it’s just amazing! There’s also another Sherlock show called Elementary and I will start that one soon because the friend who got me to watch Sherlock recommended it to me. I feel so lucky for having friends that only give good recommendations.
  • Now I know I talk about anime&manga in my Otaku Sunday series, but Shingeki no Kyojin (in English: Attack on Titan) has taken over my life!! After every new episode from the anime I was left with more questions than answers (kinda like Pretty Little Liars does) so why not read the manga and see if any of my theories is any good? Now I have even more questions and while some of my theories turned out to be quite good now I have even more theories and I need to know more but you have to wait like a week for the anime and I am not sure how much for the next chapter in the manga!! It’s crazy, I tell you.

I guess this is all for today, it’s quite a short and not detailed list but I have to go Indian food and I don’t want to be late. See you next time! I also leave you with this awesome song about geeky girls (and not only)!

The Geeky List: Homestuck, TV Shows and Dramione

This Geeky List might be a little bit too heavy on TV shows, but I do watch a lot of those so… there might be one or two in every Geeky List. I actually wonder which Geeky List won’t have a TV show… But, yeah, let’s begin:

  • The most exciting one is… *drumrolls*… *moredrumrolls* HOMESTUCK is back! Last time I talked about Homestuck I was pretty sad because of the “MEGAPAUSE”, but guess what, the megapause wasn’t longer than a couple of months or so and now it’s OVER! OVER! OVER, I said!! And a lot of things happened since the megapause ended. And I am loving it and want more updates. And, bark, bark!
  • The TV shows I am into are… the ones returning this summer. I don’t know all of them because I keep forgetting to check for the schedules, but I have two I am really excited for: the fourth season from Pretty Little Liars and the sixth season from True Blood! As for the new shows from this season… I am only watching Twisted and so far I am not that impressed – it’s hard for me to warm up to new shows, especially those with teens and/or for teens (I have a deja-vu, did I already write that sentence?).
    First thing to know: these shows aren’t perfect, but they are addictive! True Blood is weird, especially this season because we have Bilith, probably my new favourite character. True Blood is a show with vampires, but we are not talking about sparkly ones or cute sexy vampire brothers, though these vampire are pretty sexy… but at least they aren’t teenagers or in their twenties. Also, the show has a lot of sub-stories and a bunch of awesome supernatural creatures beside vampires. And… “I’m a fairy? How lame!”
    The Pretty Little Liars has a really nice plot, but sometimes I feel like they don’t have the entire story, they just make it up episode by episode and that leads to a lot of plot holes and that annoys me greatly! But I still want to know who is A and the killer and other things, and the references to Hitchcock are pretty nice. Plus, the Halloween episodes are always great and making theories about this show is my new hobby.
    Both shows are books adaptations but they are pretty different (like… maybe the first season is like the first book), but the True Blood books are awesome too and an easy fun read. I don’t know about the PLL books yet but I might start reading them soon.
  • Dramione fan-fictions are my favourite fan-fictions to read (and probably the only ones I read) and redhead414 writes the cutest Dramione fics. They are post-Hogwarts and they also includes the kids: Harry’s kids, Draco’s kids, other kids. They are comfortable, funny and great bedtime stories. I recommend you read It’s All Uncharted because it’s pretty fun, this one also has an epilogue and a third part that focuses more on the kids – I only read the first two because I hate waiting for new chapters and the third one is not complete. And I also like The Request and I’m in the middle of it. The only problem with rehead414’s fanfictions is that the start is so great but then in the middle it kinda gets boring. Well, not boring in a really bad way, just… the conflict is evaporating. But it’s comfortable and cute anyway.

This is all for this list. As for the next Geeky List… it will probably have a lot of Sherlock recommendations.

Tag: Pretty Little Liars

Today I watched the finale from Pretty Little Liar. At first I wanted to do one of my Best Thing in the World post, but I was an youtube and stumbled upon a Pretty Little Liars tag and I just wanted to do it too! Spoiler Alert!!

1. Who is your favorite character?

In the beginning I liked Aria because she seemed so artsy but she became really annoying so I started to like Spencer because she’s the brain, you know, and she has funny faces. But today I realized I prefer Hanna. She says the funniest things!!

2. Who do you think is behind the “A-Team”?

Behind the A-Team is the girl in the red coat! Ha ha! I think we already know that Alison is the Big A, right?

3. Who do you ship?

I am not one who ships when watching shows. I rarely do (though I recently discovered that I ship Caroline and Klaus from Vampire Diaries). But if I really have to pick… mno, I can’t pick because Ezra and Aria are annoying, Hanna and Caleb are ok but I am not interested and I am not one of Spoby’s fans (Spencer+Toby). Let’s say I ship Ashley (Hanna’s mom) with that priest.

4. Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment?

Oh, the show has so many cheesy and/or stupid moments that I don’t know what to pick. Almost every thing the Liars do is STUPID! I sometimes wonder if they think at all – at least they did in the finale (isn’t it a little bit too late? Like you know your every move is watched by “A” and you only think about this in the season 3 finale???).

5. Who is your favorite villain?

Oh, I love Mona. She plays the crazy bitch so well that’s a great pleasure to watch.

6. Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?

Well… probably Spencer. Or Mona, ha ha! But yeah, Spencer had it pretty hard. Though in real life it would probably be Aria, I mean her family was destroyed because of A but this doesn’t help the ratings, right? Spoby drama does!!

7. Which girl’s style do you like the most? Which girl do you relate to the most?

I used to like the casual Emily and I love Spencer’s style because I like the classy preppy things. Relate in the sense of style? Probably none because I can’t say I have a characteristic style, but I prefer the casual-formal things.

8. Why do the girls keep seeing Allison? Do you think there is something more behind it?

*cough* Season 3 finale *cough*. Oh, well, I wasn’t sure those “dreams” were ever dreams or hallucinations mainly because of Aria’s doll.

9. Who is your crush on the show?

Wren! Oh, well, I guess the British accent never fails, right?

10. Who is your least favorite character? (4 girls and overall)

From the Liars… to be honest I don’t really fancy Aria – no reason. And overall I kinda hate Toby – just because. Well, I think I hate him because of the viewers. The story would be so much cooler if he was really bad but a good story is no good for ratings, Spoby is!

11. What was the biggest shocking moment for you?

I don’t remember right now. Probably the Jenna-Shana (her name is Shana, right?) thing. They met before Shana was even introduced and I just didn’t see that one.

12. Do you think Tobey is really dead?

We already know this answer…

13. What would you do if A was after you?

Well… if I was Emily MY FUCKING DAD IS SOMETHING IN THE ARMY! But me… I don’t think I’m rich enough to have no other worries than A.

This is it! I had fun and I had fun watching the show (now I have to wait until the next season… ugh). It’s like a guilty pleasure because sometimes is a teeny soap opera and sometimes a really nice mystery thriller show. And I love that every finale is after a Hitchcock film.