Random Monday #4: Best Halloween Episode EVER

my so called life halloween-747069

1. TV shows love holidays and they make great great episodes about them. I love all of the FRIENDS thanksgiving episodes, they are my favorites ever, but My So-Called Life’s Halloween episode is the best out there. Sure, the Pretty Little Liars have Halloween episodes and they are great, but no TV series compares with the quintessential show for teenagers. My So-Called Life is a piece of art, the writing is especially great and the best episode is, of course, the Halloween episode (actually, it’s really hard to pick one).

The costumes were out of this world or anything, but can we talk about Angela’s costume? The cat eye glasses and the lime button up sweater. Oh, dear… it almost made me want to change my Halloween costume.

2. I have not finished Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). The anime.

3. Homestuck is on a huge pause again and the next update is going to be the final update. I kinda like that.

4. Did you know there’s a thing called bubble tea? Where can I get one? How do I make it at home? I so want to try it!!

Yes, this Random Monday was more of a “let’s talk about how great MSCL is and then add three short other things”, but that show is really great, ok? Did you watch it already? What are you waiting for?


Random Monday #2: Cielo Variabile and other stuff

More randomness – I don’t think I’ll post them every single Monday. I do apologize for the lack of Otaku Sunday, Mom’s coming over – first time she visits this place – and I have to clean and stuff so no time for watching anime or reading manga.

1. Last Friday I went to the museum with a friend (who’ll soon move to Cluj too) and I found a piece of work by Mircea Cantor – it had nothing to do with the exhibition we were visiting, but it’a permanent work he donated to the museum. It’s similar to the one in the picture above (also made by him) only it says “cer variabil” (also the same thing, but in Romanian).

2. I am watching the final season from Dexter and while I do miss the normal Debra I can’t not be impressed by how well she plays this vulnerable fucked-up new Debra. Great job, Jennifer Carpenter!

3. I have just one episode left from the second season from Doctor Who – the one with the First Doctor – but I can’t watch it because Ian and Barbara are companions no more. I know they wanted to leave and that they are happy to be home and that they’ll get married soon (that happens in a comic with the Eleventh Doctor I think) but I STILL MISS THEM!

4. Mom’s coming over and she is a great cook, but she excels at cakes&sweet stuff. We are going to make Lemon Cakes because they are Sansa’s favourites. I found a lot of recipes on the internet, but we’ll probably make an original one. If I ever throw a Game of Thrones party (or go to one) I’ll bring Lemon Cakes!


5. I’ll talk more about this Friday (or Saturday or Sunday – yes, I am planning an Otaku Weekend, but I don’t promise anything) but my silly nose-theory turned out to be true (it wasn’t because of the nose part, but still). Anyway… it’s just a little thing compared to other things going on in the manga right now and I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

6. New Sims 3 game: Into the Future! I am really excited because I want to create the characters from the thing I am writing. The action happens “Into the Future” and by the time the game is out I hope my thing will be over – or waiting for a part II. I want to play with my four main characters – all girls, but very different not necessarily strong girls or role-modes, really, just normal humans.

7. I need more matching dishes. So far I have a Japanese bowl and a Japanese tea cup that fit and two red bowl with matching chopsticks.

The Geeky List: Vampires, Sherlock and Titans

This is my third Geeky List and this one also has a TV show. As you can probably tell I watch way too much TV – not including the anime in this category. But I am totally sure that it’s not my fault, I am not the one who produces such awesome and entertaining TV series so don’t blame me for watching them!! Mmm… yeah, let’s start:

  • The Little Vampire book series by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg with illustrations by Amelie Glienke. I love children books and I also love monsters and scary creatures, now combine those too add some really nice illustration and you have the secret of happiness – not joking! I won’t go into details with this series because I already did here and here, but I have to tell that if I ever have kids we’ll have lots of fun reading about the adventures of Rudiger – the little vampire – and Anton, his human friend.
  • In my last Geeky List post I mentioned that the next one – this one – will have lots of Sherlock, and it’s true in a way, but more Sherlock to come in the next ones!

    I finished the BBC Sherlock a long time ago but I am still obsessed with it and I can’t stop reblogging anything related with it on tumblr. I also re-watch some episodes from time to time and I make everyone who isn’t watching it watch it because that’s how obsessed I am and the show is just too great to ignore it. It’s a modern take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories and it’s just amazing! There’s also another Sherlock show called Elementary and I will start that one soon because the friend who got me to watch Sherlock recommended it to me. I feel so lucky for having friends that only give good recommendations.
  • Now I know I talk about anime&manga in my Otaku Sunday series, but Shingeki no Kyojin (in English: Attack on Titan) has taken over my life!! After every new episode from the anime I was left with more questions than answers (kinda like Pretty Little Liars does) so why not read the manga and see if any of my theories is any good? Now I have even more questions and while some of my theories turned out to be quite good now I have even more theories and I need to know more but you have to wait like a week for the anime and I am not sure how much for the next chapter in the manga!! It’s crazy, I tell you.

I guess this is all for today, it’s quite a short and not detailed list but I have to go Indian food and I don’t want to be late. See you next time! I also leave you with this awesome song about geeky girls (and not only)!

Otaku Sunday #19: Scary Monsters

I used to think I’m into vampires, then aliens, then zombies so… it’s decided, I just have a thing for monsters (and not that kind of “thing”), especially the ones that really scare you like those I am going to talk about in this Otaku Sunday!


And for the first (I think… not sure… might be) in this Otaku Sunday series I am talking about an anime from the current season in a post without the rest of the anime from this season! And I have a good reason why: IT’S AMAZING! And I have so many questions! Shingeki no Kyojin is in this world where humans live inside some cages that they built to protect themselves by Titans, huge human-like creatures that don’t have a sex or the need to feed themselves, but enjoy eating people. For a long time humans were safe inside the walls, but one day a huge Titan (so titans are huge compared to humans, but this one is big compare with Titans) appears and break the first wall (there are three walls). And that’s how the story starts!

The art is unique and perfect for the show and the music is gorgeous! But the thing I love the most is the story. What I wrote about the story for now is just a synopsis and you might think it’s not getting any more interested, right? I mean, what can be more interested than the Titan breaking the wall, right? Oh, well, oh, well, just watch the sure and let’s talk about it after.


As for the other monsters we have ZOMBIES! The manga is called Apocalypse no Toride and it’s another recommendation from my friends, Mih (surprise, surprise!). The story is so crazy is good and the art is awesome!! I really don’t know how to talk about this manga, just give it a try and you’re gonna be into it in no minute. The characters are really interesting and now I have to stop writing this post because I want to read the next chapter!

Otaku Sunday #14: The Spring Season

Oh, boy, oh, boy! You can tell it’s Spring when you have 10 anime you are really interested in. When the chart comes out I take it and almost randomly decide what I might watch or not. With the info the chart gives you (one picture and a phrase or two about the plot) you can’t really know what’s going to be worth watching and what not, but sometimes you just don’t have time to do your research (or the first thing you google is Aku no Hana and there’s is nothing about the art so you give up – I try not to read to much about the plot because there are a lot of spoilers out there). Oh, and I give stars: green stars to the anime that I might watch and a red star to those anime I will watch for sure (or that’s what I think atm). It’s a very superficial decision and you can only know for sure (almost) after you watch an episode or two. Like I did in the Winter Season post, I have categories here too:

♥ Really Excited About:


Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) was a red start from start – instinct, I suppose, but guess what? Prior to the first episode I couldn’t find anything about the art… anything at all. And then the art was revealed and a huge fight started: on one side we have those who won’t watch it ever no matter how good the story is and on the other side are those people who like it even more because of the different art style. I don’t really care. I mean, I do like the art and find it refreshing and stuff, but most of all it fits the story and the atmosphere perfectly. The first episode doesn’t tell us too much about anything really (maybe only about the main male character) but the combination of sounds, art, effects and everything, the suspense and EVERYTHING made me wanna read the manga. Isn’t that crazy? Give it a chance, really.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) wasn’t a red star… but now it is my favourite anime from this season so far!! It seems to have a complexity that most anime don’t care about. The story is great and strong, and the characters are very well made, they are unique in a way and more than what they seem to be in the first episodes. This is one of those shows were the story is so good that other things don’t matter anymore. And we have 24 episodes so it better be good!

Might Be Interesting:


Karneval looks like something interesting. We have cute characters design, very colourful art and creepy monsters. The main characters are pretty different and there is an kick-ass organization called “Circus”! Might be quite enjoyable, really.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation is not the 2nd season it’s just the adaptation of the game Devil Survivor 2 (think of Persona 4 or something like that). I am about to consider it a way too blueish anime for me, but I will stick for some more episode because it might actually have potential. So far we have dudes fighting monsters with other monsters they get from their phones.

Suisei no Gargantia… well in the first half I was really bored and couldn’t understand why the fuck the aliens looked like flowers (but whatever). Now I am glad I didn’t stop watching because the second half was quite fun. I only watched one episode so I don’t know too much, but the thing is we have a dude from the distant future who speaks a weird language and somehow manages to travel in time and space and wakes up on Earth (not present day, not present day – which is why I think the show is cool).

♥ Might Be Funny:


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kaway Wake ga Nai. is the 2nd season of OreImo and I had fun watching the first one so I might have fun watching this one, right?

Hataraku Maou-sama is a funny anime about Maou-sama (this time the Demon King is a “he”) and Yuusha (here is Emilia the Hero aka Yusa) who end up in present day Tokyo and they barely have magic so they have to survive by taking a real job and making real money…

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. has very cute art and feeling and is really funny. Basically, Youto (Hentai Ouji) and Tsukiko pray to the Stone Cat Statue and Youta loses his facade and now he just freely speaks his mind, maybe a little bit too freely and Tsukiko can’t show emotions anymore.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru is not as fun as the other ones, but still worth watching in case there’s nothing to do.

I also had on my list Photo Kano but not anymore and due to the fact that RDG Red Data Girl came out in March I forgot to put it on this list. Will talk about it in a future Otaku Sunday maybe. Might talk about the OVAs and movies in another Otaku Sunday too. Anything else good to watch this Spring?