Otaku Sunday #14: The Spring Season

Oh, boy, oh, boy! You can tell it’s Spring when you have 10 anime you are really interested in. When the chart comes out I take it and almost randomly decide what I might watch or not. With the info the chart gives you (one picture and a phrase or two about the plot) you can’t really know what’s going to be worth watching and what not, but sometimes you just don’t have time to do your research (or the first thing you google is Aku no Hana and there’s is nothing about the art so you give up – I try not to read to much about the plot because there are a lot of spoilers out there). Oh, and I give stars: green stars to the anime that I might watch and a red star to those anime I will watch for sure (or that’s what I think atm). It’s a very superficial decision and you can only know for sure (almost) after you watch an episode or two. Like I did in the Winter Season post, I have categories here too:

♥ Really Excited About:


Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) was a red start from start – instinct, I suppose, but guess what? Prior to the first episode I couldn’t find anything about the art… anything at all. And then the art was revealed and a huge fight started: on one side we have those who won’t watch it ever no matter how good the story is and on the other side are those people who like it even more because of the different art style. I don’t really care. I mean, I do like the art and find it refreshing and stuff, but most of all it fits the story and the atmosphere perfectly. The first episode doesn’t tell us too much about anything really (maybe only about the main male character) but the combination of sounds, art, effects and everything, the suspense and EVERYTHING made me wanna read the manga. Isn’t that crazy? Give it a chance, really.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) wasn’t a red star… but now it is my favourite anime from this season so far!! It seems to have a complexity that most anime don’t care about. The story is great and strong, and the characters are very well made, they are unique in a way and more than what they seem to be in the first episodes. This is one of those shows were the story is so good that other things don’t matter anymore. And we have 24 episodes so it better be good!

Might Be Interesting:


Karneval looks like something interesting. We have cute characters design, very colourful art and creepy monsters. The main characters are pretty different and there is an kick-ass organization called “Circus”! Might be quite enjoyable, really.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation is not the 2nd season it’s just the adaptation of the game Devil Survivor 2 (think of Persona 4 or something like that). I am about to consider it a way too blueish anime for me, but I will stick for some more episode because it might actually have potential. So far we have dudes fighting monsters with other monsters they get from their phones.

Suisei no Gargantia… well in the first half I was really bored and couldn’t understand why the fuck the aliens looked like flowers (but whatever). Now I am glad I didn’t stop watching because the second half was quite fun. I only watched one episode so I don’t know too much, but the thing is we have a dude from the distant future who speaks a weird language and somehow manages to travel in time and space and wakes up on Earth (not present day, not present day – which is why I think the show is cool).

♥ Might Be Funny:


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kaway Wake ga Nai. is the 2nd season of OreImo and I had fun watching the first one so I might have fun watching this one, right?

Hataraku Maou-sama is a funny anime about Maou-sama (this time the Demon King is a “he”) and Yuusha (here is Emilia the Hero aka Yusa) who end up in present day Tokyo and they barely have magic so they have to survive by taking a real job and making real money…

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. has very cute art and feeling and is really funny. Basically, Youto (Hentai Ouji) and Tsukiko pray to the Stone Cat Statue and Youta loses his facade and now he just freely speaks his mind, maybe a little bit too freely and Tsukiko can’t show emotions anymore.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru is not as fun as the other ones, but still worth watching in case there’s nothing to do.

I also had on my list Photo Kano but not anymore and due to the fact that RDG Red Data Girl came out in March I forgot to put it on this list. Will talk about it in a future Otaku Sunday maybe. Might talk about the OVAs and movies in another Otaku Sunday too. Anything else good to watch this Spring?