Otaku Sunday #6: Winter Update

Note: I am really tired and sleepy. I will write this Otaku Sunday later or tomorrow morning. Sorry for being late and I hope it won’t happen again.

Later: As I promised, an update on the anime from the Winter Season. I wrote an Otaku Sunday about what I will watch but things are a little different – the short anime aren’t that important to talk about so I won’t mention them (I only watch three: Ai Mai Mi, Mangirl! and Yama no Susume), I am not watching Cuticle Tantei Inaba because it’s not my type and Savanna Game hasn’t aired yet and I don’t know if it was cancelled or postponed – I will let you know as soon as I discover more.


Amnesia is very confusing! It’s not what I imagined but it’s not bad. Yeah, it is really really confusing but this is what makes me watch the next episode. I like mysteries and this is a big one. Our protagonist (whose name we don’t know yet) has amnesia and a spirit called Orion is the reason for her condition so now he is trying to help her remember… but after a few episode, us and the protagonist wake up in a total new world where everything we discovered a few episode before makes no sense and some of the characters are total different persons! And now we (the viewers, Orion and the protagonist – oh, and the mysterious guy who seems to know a little bit too much) kinda have to figure out which world is the real one…


Chihayafuru 2 is the greatest anime of this season! I love love love love it and every episodes seem so short! This anime is one of the few that have EVERYTHING! Sentiment, passion, action, plot, characters, atmosphere! It’s perfect and I just can’t find anything bad to say about it. In this season we have new characters added to Chihaya’s Karuta Club and at first I did not like the new girl but Chihayafuru knows how to build a character and it does it very well! And if you think you don’t like sports anime (they are not my thing either) keep in mind that Karuta is more of an art than a sport and even so it’s just amazing!


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is another lovely surprise of this Winter Season. The story follows the Hero and the Demon King (who by the way is a girl). They try to stop the war between demons and humans in a way that will bring peace and make everyone happy. It’s really really cute, but if you are an action fan keep in mind that this one has a lot of dialogue and not that much show but it’s still great.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai is a hilarious anime that has more substance than it appears to have. It’s funny and witty and you might not get it at first or at second or while you watch an episode after you got it… but then it all makes sense! In a way… It’s pretty hard to talk about this without spoiling stuff for you, guys. And the best part about it is the art – it changes styles and sometimes it’s like a painting in watercolours.


Tamako Market is the moe cuteness of this season! And it’s not only cute and bubbly, but it also has a talking bird on a mission to find a bride for his prince. At first the bird is slim and elegant as a bird but after you spend a few days in the house of a Mochi shop owner well… it is pretty hard not to gain a little weight, right? You have to watch this even if you hate moe because it’s just way too funny and enjoyable!


Vividred Operation is not the best anime of this season and it contains a lot of fan service but it’s pretty and fun when you don’t have what else to watch. It’s cliche and the plot is not really existent in the show, but we will get there in a few episode – like the last two episode will have a story for sure, right?

This season is not even as bad as I thought it will be! I haven’t watched all the new anime but some of those I didn’t try yet were recommended to me and I am going to watch them another time – I think I watch quite a lot for now and I still haven’t finished some that I started way too long ago. And again, I am sorry for being so late.