So… I have a new tumblr!

Let’s skip the introduction already. The tumblr is called The Room Diary and it makes no sense but whatever. Here’s the link if you are curious.

I don’t know why but I feel like there is a difference between a blog and a tumblr… well, depending on what you on what kind of blogs, tumblrs you make but mine are both personal (more or less). But I feel like a blog post should be more… organized? With a certain subject, longer and… you get the idea right?

But my tumblr is more like a diary and we all know that a diary is funnier if it’s on the internet because who cares about intimacy anymore? I’m just joking but to be honest I was never that kind of person who kept her diary for herself – I’d rather keep the fictional stuff that I write for myself than my diary and I have no idea why. But things are what they are.

So my tumblr is more of a place, a room, where I can sketch little bits and pieces of my ideas and thoughts really. And also a place to share pictures without bugging too many people.

Well this is not my first contact with tumblr so you might wonder why now? (Actually, I know you are not, but just let me write and enjoy myself.) It started with this youtube video:

And the food tumblr they recommend. The pictures from Margaret Makes Dinner are so inspiring that they made me do a blog where to share my meals too (also, I got some ideas for what to eat from her) – but I am sharing more than that.

PS: I am pretty sorry about the lack of posts but… I don’t like making excuses so see you next time! (Probably tomorrow with my Otaku Sunday.)

Otaku Sunday #15: What I “Marathoned” Last Week

I had an exam today so I think you can understand why I didn’t post the Otaku Sunday yesterday. But I have a long post so the Universe will be content with my work, or so I hope. I honestly tried my best to write proper reviews for this anime since I posted them on MAL too – so if you have any tips on how to make better reviews please do teach me!


First anime is Tsuritama, a Spring anime from last year about… fishing, friendship and aliens! At first I thought this was a way too colourful anime about nothing… maybe fishing, but it has a story (an odd one) and it has nice characters, AND the happy-go-lucky atmosphere is catchy!

Starting with the story… a shy-almost-antisocial teenager, Yuki, starts hanging out (against his will) with Haru, a boy who says he’s an alien. And they… go fishing. But that is not an easy thing to do so they train under Natsuki, the “Fishing Prince”. What they don’t know is that they are closely followed by a strange Indian and his duck named Tapioca. And also, fishing might just be the only way to save the world! Except for Haru, the other main characters aren’t really the friendly type, but they will soon learn the meaning of friendship. I truly enjoyed how the anime concentrated on developing the characters and teaching them lessons about life, friendship and fishing.

As you may know, art&sound reviews aren’t really that good but I will try my best. The animation is really colourful, but it fits the atmosphere really well. The style suddenly changes to emphasize different feeling (sometimes they are really scary). As for the music, it’s quite catchy and suitable for the show.

You won’t find a deep story in Tsuritama, but it’s not one of those anime with 10 episodes about nothing and 2 with the story. The first half of the anime concentrates more on the characters and fishing and… a lot of stuff that might make you curious about what the story is about. I am no salesman, really, and if Tsuritama is not your type then you shouldn’t watch it, but if you have mixed feelings just watch one or two episode and it may just catch you too. I told you it’s contagious!


Sukitte Iinayo is a romance schoujo anime that filled my heart with tons on emotions since I marathon it in a day or two. The story might not be something new in the anime world, but it still has a special place in my heart because once the feelings reach beyond the flat screen that’s all that matters. And that’s what Sukitte Iinayo does best!

The characters aren’t really too original, but they still have something unique that distinguish them from the rest – well, some of them do. And they aren’t uni-dimensional, each sharing a good part as well as a bad one. Their pasts had a big part in building who they are now and it was nice to learn about who they used to be and who they are now. And while these past stories are presented to us, the relationship between are main characters evolves little by little. Oh, did I forget to mention that they start their relation pretty early in the anime so you won’t have to wait 10 episodes for a kiss? But they still have obstacles to encounter like any other love relation.

The art is really pretty and just my type. The light softly changes and it fits the atmosphere quite perfectly. Oh, and we have lots of kitties so that definitely is a plus for me! The music is suitable for the show and quite lovely, as for the voice actors they are just perfect for their characters.

The show is really great and lovely if you prefer romance shoujo anime and if you don’t expect it to break any boundaries. It’s a pretty good watch and once it gets you it won’t let you go!

Another Walk or “How We Took a Free Thursday Because the Weather Was Too Pretty”

What a huge title! Last Winter I wrote a post about a walk and all the nice things I got to do in a free week day. Today was similar, even better. My boyfriend woke up with a pink eye (also known as Conjunctivitis) and decided to skip school and because my seminars from Thursday aren’t nice or interesting I decided to do the same. Also, the weather was gorgeous and because we already planned to go to the Botanical Garden in the weekend we just rescheduled a little bit and we went there today (the weekend will be busy anyway because it’s his birthday).


First we stopped at Titi’s and spent some time with this huge ball of fur and joy. And then we continued our adventure!


We saved some money by not taking the bus. Instead we walked like an hour or so, but it was fun. On the way to the garden we have to walk near to a cemetery and while it might be scary sometimes today it was really calming and lovely.


We also met some lizards!! I get pretty excited when I have the chance to photograph these creatures because they are like my second favourite animals. I tend to believe I prefer animals that are just like me: lazy and sun-lovers (as in nice warm sun, not broiler or anything similar) just like cats and lizards.


The Botanical Garden is this huge forest in the middle of the city. We can spend hours there and not get bored. There is also a very beautiful Japanese Garden but we didn’t take pictures there because there were many people and I don’t fancy it when it’s so crowdy.


Another prone to crowds place is the water tower. It’s very high and you can see parts of the city. Vlad doesn’t do well with high places so he waited for me on a bench (can you see that red dot? It’s him!).


We love not following the standard routes and we sometimes have to cross the river (yes, there is a river in the middle of the garden – well, forest) jumping on rocks. It’s awesome!


(Sorry for the double picture) We plan to have a picnic in the middle of the garden because the view is amazing. And the birds are too!!


And the last parts of the Garden are the greenhouses. There are three – one with water plant mainly, one with plants from the Mediterranean and Australian zones – this one is my boyfriend’s favourite. And my favourite:


The Palm House! Vlad thinks it’s kinda boring because there are only… palms (and some bamboo) but I find it really lovely. Maybe because it makes me feel small… There’s something whimsical about it and I can’t put in words.

I know there are more pictures than words (actually if you start counting them I think I’m wrong but you get what I want to say), but I like it this way. And the garden is just too beautiful and neither the pictures nor the words can express its nature.

Last Week in Photos #9: Talking Too Much About Toothpaste!


Einstein | Turkish Delight | Fluff’s belly | a new buddy | Lime My Cola
new coat | beer&friends | another buddy | toothpastes | Spring

Einstein is the newest cat we befriended! He is still scared and doesn’t really know if he wants to stay and be patted or run away from us but once he sniffs your hand he is all yours. Also, can you see how big Fluff’s belly is? Can’t wait to meet the little cubs!! And the bug is another friend we made this past week… but then he flew away without leaving his number or address. Oh, bugs.

We tried a lot of new weird stuff this week like special Turkish Delight (I used to eat a lot of those when I was a kid because Mom was obsessed with them) and the Lime My Cola yogurt that has a very kinky Cola bottle.

Mom got me a new coat that I simply adore! Mom buys me a lot of stuff from second hand stores and she understand better and better what I like to wear and what not and this coat is just the best thing she purchased for me ever! And even more, it was new! With the label still on and everything and it’s from Stella McCartney for H&M collection and it was probably more than 10 times cheaper than its original price. Isn’t that crazy?

And the dog from a some Last Week in Photos ago. He is too cute not to mention it. Also, this week we went out quite a lot despite the fact we had no money. But Spring is here so YEEY!! Oh, and we got some new toothpastes… the one for gums is gone (we both have sensible gums so…) and I loved it, the baby one appeared out of nowhere (well, Vlad got it from a guy who went to the dentist and got a lot of free toothpaste samples) and the Total Advanced Whitening is our new toothpaste – I wanted to repurchase the one for gums but they were sold out.

Anyway, Spring is here so yeey! (Saying it twice is always better!)

Otaku Sunday #14: The Spring Season

Oh, boy, oh, boy! You can tell it’s Spring when you have 10 anime you are really interested in. When the chart comes out I take it and almost randomly decide what I might watch or not. With the info the chart gives you (one picture and a phrase or two about the plot) you can’t really know what’s going to be worth watching and what not, but sometimes you just don’t have time to do your research (or the first thing you google is Aku no Hana and there’s is nothing about the art so you give up – I try not to read to much about the plot because there are a lot of spoilers out there). Oh, and I give stars: green stars to the anime that I might watch and a red star to those anime I will watch for sure (or that’s what I think atm). It’s a very superficial decision and you can only know for sure (almost) after you watch an episode or two. Like I did in the Winter Season post, I have categories here too:

♥ Really Excited About:


Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) was a red start from start – instinct, I suppose, but guess what? Prior to the first episode I couldn’t find anything about the art… anything at all. And then the art was revealed and a huge fight started: on one side we have those who won’t watch it ever no matter how good the story is and on the other side are those people who like it even more because of the different art style. I don’t really care. I mean, I do like the art and find it refreshing and stuff, but most of all it fits the story and the atmosphere perfectly. The first episode doesn’t tell us too much about anything really (maybe only about the main male character) but the combination of sounds, art, effects and everything, the suspense and EVERYTHING made me wanna read the manga. Isn’t that crazy? Give it a chance, really.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) wasn’t a red star… but now it is my favourite anime from this season so far!! It seems to have a complexity that most anime don’t care about. The story is great and strong, and the characters are very well made, they are unique in a way and more than what they seem to be in the first episodes. This is one of those shows were the story is so good that other things don’t matter anymore. And we have 24 episodes so it better be good!

Might Be Interesting:


Karneval looks like something interesting. We have cute characters design, very colourful art and creepy monsters. The main characters are pretty different and there is an kick-ass organization called “Circus”! Might be quite enjoyable, really.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation is not the 2nd season it’s just the adaptation of the game Devil Survivor 2 (think of Persona 4 or something like that). I am about to consider it a way too blueish anime for me, but I will stick for some more episode because it might actually have potential. So far we have dudes fighting monsters with other monsters they get from their phones.

Suisei no Gargantia… well in the first half I was really bored and couldn’t understand why the fuck the aliens looked like flowers (but whatever). Now I am glad I didn’t stop watching because the second half was quite fun. I only watched one episode so I don’t know too much, but the thing is we have a dude from the distant future who speaks a weird language and somehow manages to travel in time and space and wakes up on Earth (not present day, not present day – which is why I think the show is cool).

♥ Might Be Funny:


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kaway Wake ga Nai. is the 2nd season of OreImo and I had fun watching the first one so I might have fun watching this one, right?

Hataraku Maou-sama is a funny anime about Maou-sama (this time the Demon King is a “he”) and Yuusha (here is Emilia the Hero aka Yusa) who end up in present day Tokyo and they barely have magic so they have to survive by taking a real job and making real money…

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. has very cute art and feeling and is really funny. Basically, Youto (Hentai Ouji) and Tsukiko pray to the Stone Cat Statue and Youta loses his facade and now he just freely speaks his mind, maybe a little bit too freely and Tsukiko can’t show emotions anymore.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru is not as fun as the other ones, but still worth watching in case there’s nothing to do.

I also had on my list Photo Kano but not anymore and due to the fact that RDG Red Data Girl came out in March I forgot to put it on this list. Will talk about it in a future Otaku Sunday maybe. Might talk about the OVAs and movies in another Otaku Sunday too. Anything else good to watch this Spring?

Best Thing in the World: HOMESTUCK

I don’t  even know how to start explaining how AWESOME this web comic is (it also had games and animations and music and more). But today is a special day: 4 years of Homestuck! And also the day I read 600 pages just to be able to watch/read/whatever the new update with my friends.

I sometimes read Homestuck when I am at Uni and colleagues ask me what it is… like seriously, is hard to give a proper answer to that question.

It all started with four friends trying to play a cool new game called Sburb. And then BOOM! No, seriously, you have to read the shit to understand it and I am afraid I will give you too many spoilers if I try to convince you read it. JUST READ IT! It’s great, spectacular, smart, witty, holly-shit-when-did-that-happen and adorable, cute, just insert words that will make you read it, really. READ IT!

February&March Favourites 2♥13

Long time since my last faves, right? Well February wasn’t long and there weren’t many things to talk about so I decided to just skip it and combine the stuff from February with those from March. Hence why the long gap time between the last faves post and this one.


Starting with skincare and body products:

  • another natural soap that I started using in February (it’s a heart so it made sense). This one is not made by my aunt, but it’s still great. There are hints of mango and citrus if you sniff it but nothing too much or artificial which is why I love it. I know it doesn’t have a nice colour or anything but it’s better for your skin, trust me!
  • I had this Mitchum deodorant for quite some time but thought it was weird to talk about it. It is pricey for a deodorant but it’s the best one ever! As for the 48 hours? That is true too! The one for women has a sweet smell I don’t really fancy but it’s not too in your face, but the one for men smells amazing – my boyfriend has one and he loves it too.
  • this makeup remover milk from Gerovital Plant has only one flaw: you finish it too fast!! It does clean your face (not the best out there, but still works) and I love works great with my face, it’s gentle and easy to use.
  • and the greatest discovery of March: the Garnier BB Cream for oily skin. I had the original Garnier BB Cream for quite some time (this product last a lot even if you use it daily) but I wasn’t in love or anything because 1. I have oily skin and I needed a lot of face powder after I applied it and 2. it was a little bit darker than my face – this is the problem with this BB Cream, it only has the shades light and medium (and light isn’t that light!). But then I tried the one for oily skin and, boy, it is perfect for me. it goes mat on the skin so no need for powder and for whatever reason the light shade from this one is lighter than the light shade from the original BB cream.


In February and March I used more makeup than in January but I decided to only talk about the best of the best, you know.

  • I wore more color than the liliac purple and that gorgeous grey but these two I used the most. The Lively Liliac from Rimmel London is one of my favourite purplish varnishes that I have (and I have a few shades of purple, really) and it felt perfect for the beginning of Spring (Spring is still not here, though). As for the VIP Grey from Astor… well, it was my favourite nail polish for the last three or four years and I used it so much that now it’s over! It’s quite a new thing for me. I used to finish an entire nail polish only when I was 14-15 and I only painted my nails with the same shade of red, but since my nail polish collection grew I didn’t imagine this will happen. Had to say good bye and it was hard.
  • another nail related thing is a nail butter from Oriflame. I am not the best at manicure or pedicure but I had this nail butter and decided to use it and it’s great. I have no idea what it should do but I use it when my nails are really dry (and they get very dry from the nail polish remover that I’m using and hating) or for my cuticles.
  • I played with quite some eyeshadows, most of them neutrals or soft green, but this quad from E.L.F. was my every single day go to. It’s called Matte Mauve and it’s perfect for a soft look or no-makeup-look. It also brightens your eyes. The pigmentation is not great and it doesn’t last all day, but I wasn’t really looking for any of those so it worked.
  • I did go a little crazy for red lips and rediscovered a red lipstick I used to only use for parties or events (because it’s a little bit sparkly). It’s Love Red from an Oriflame limited collection. It’s very moisturizing and lasts a lot on your lips (if you don’t drink or eat). I love that it’s pretty sheer but buildable. Used with a red lip-pencil it can last for hours!


Random faves time!! Since Winter wasn’t gone and because I re-organized the closets I discovered some items I didn’t wear in the Winter time so decided to have fun with them (the only good part about Spring not being here yet).

  • the red sweater is my favourite and I sad when I realized that I ignored it all Winter! It’s so soft and cute – too bad it’s pretty complicated to wash.
  • in March I made a passion for greens so I wore a lot of green clothes. My favourite was a neon green short-sleeved sweater. I am not a neon fan but I discovered the sweater in a second hand store and it was cute (bought it last Summer) but I forgot to wear it.
  • most of the times I paired the neon green sweater with a dark green cardigan because they complimented each other in a great way. The cardigan is pretty long and it only had buttons in the chest area.
  • let’s call my toothbrush a fashion accessory, ok? It’s my new toothbrush and I get quite obsessed with buying a new toothbrush but since I was in a love-green-for-ever mood it was pretty easy to choose.
  • and my favourite food: my cereals! They are 77% whole grains and they are perfect with any kind of yogurt. They are made by Kaufland and have a pretty ok price.


More random things: black gel pens! As you can see one of the pens is dead by now so I don’ lie when I see they are my favourites. And my new planner (not so new, but it was new in February)!!

Last Weeks in Photos #8


hubby sleeping | me sleeping | still winter
chocolate egg | reading time | feeding the pigeons
TS3 | Turkish Delight | Teacup Pomeranian

I skipped last week because my schedule is busier than ever but I can survive. So these weeks are a little bit mixed because it’s hard to remember exactly and I know this sounds crazy but life is crazy. So I napped a lot (crazy week remember) and ate a lot of chocolate eggs and Turkish Delight. I also googled a lot of sweet pictures: Teacup Pomeranians! Because they are cute and adorable and my boyfriend wants one – of course we are not going to buy a dog right now but you never know.


Coke | tea | a lot of dishes to do
Hiragana | playing video games

So… went a little bit on the wrong side of my healthy routine and stuff and drank a lot of Coca-Cola. I am not really a fizzy drinks person but from time to time I can enjoy a glass of soda. I also drank a lot of tea; like these past weeks I had more tea than… I don’t know what to compare it too but it was a lot of tea.

Mmm… the last weeks weren’t too interesting and amazing and I am not sure the next one will be because school is keeping me busy. But you do what you have to do.

Otaku Sunday #13: Winter Reviews

The anime from the Winter Season are over! And it’s not Monday yet for me because I didn’t go to sleep yet. But I am on time, right? Well this is something new and I have to get used to it. Edit later: Silly me, forgot to mention that you can read more about the stories and my opinions on these anime here!

As for the Winter Season… I usually don’t let myself start too many anime from the seasons because 1. I don’t have the time and 2. most of them are bad (and 3. I have this obsession with finishing everything that I start so…). From the Winter Season I watched three short anime: Ai Mai Mi – not worth watching, Mangirl – short and funny and Yama no Susume – a really cute anime about climbing and mountains and friendship. There is also the second season of Chihayafuru and it’s awesome! But it’s not over yet (it’s awesome anyway so be sure to watch the first season and the second one!).


Vividred Operation – How to start with this one? Well, I don’t understand why I started it. I knew it was going to be filled with fan service and cliches but I started it and because of 3. I had to finish it. There is absolutely nothing new or amazing about this one. Just a bunch of little girls saving the world by… kissing each others foreheads. As you can see the story is not something new. The characters aren’t something new. And the rest of the show is not something new…


Amnesia – The story was great and I truly enjoyed how they didn’t focus on the romance part of the show but on what was going on with the heroine. The pace was pretty slow but it kinda fit the anime. And I loved the ending. If you don’t have anything else to watch you can try Amnesia, really. There were annoying things like the heroine’s behavior, but still not bad or anything like that.


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – This is that kind of anime that the fan service just doesn’t matter! Because the show is great and smart and funny and the booby shots are pretty enjoyable, really. The story is pretty and the dialogue is the best. As for the characters, they are cute and Maoyuu (Demon King) is really adorable. The art is really pretty, especially the details and the backgrounds.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai – It was really something wow for me. I truly enjoyed it! The story doesn’t seem much when you read the synopsis but it’s so much more than that, really. Just pay attention to it. The characters aren’t the most unique but they are still enjoyable. And the music is great but the art is my favourite part because it combines different styles and the art is used to create different emotions and states of mind and that is pretty cool really.


Tamako Market – My favourite anime (well, Chihayafuru 2 is but that’s not over so whatever)!! Because we all need some moe from time to time. It was funny and crazy. And Dera is the best character ever! He is hilarious! The entire show is like a ball of happiness and funny moments. Mochizo is also funny (and poor Mochizo) and Tama-chan. It’s just great and I can’t complain – maybe the ending wasn’t really what I expected but there’s no problem because I have cute gifs to make me laugh.

Well this is it! Next I will probably have my Anime Spring Season first impressions. See you later!

April Goals? Hmmm…


Since my March Goals weren’t exactly a hit I am not sure if to dare myself do some things in April… But let’s face it, the things I failed to do in March weren’t directly my failures: snow, rain, wind, Winter is back = no jogging and the SFC is no more (might be my fault, right? But I don’t know for sure). That being said, the make-the-bed thing and the eat breakfast daily worked great! So, yeah, let’s set some goals for April too.


  • I wanna read more! This year is definitely better than last year when it comes to reading, but there’s still place for improvement. The problem is that I start way too many books. But I will finish them, I am really positive! Right now I am reading the third book from the Harry Potter series (this year I plan to reread the books and have a movie marathon after!), the first book from A Song of Ice and Fire series – it’s a huge book but I love it and I love the TV show so… bad part is that I am reading it on the PC and there’s always something to do on the PC (I will probably try to buy a Kindle or something, after I rob a bank obviously), the second book from the Sookie Stackhouse novels – I love the TV show here too but they are pretty different and it’s like reading different stories with the same characters. Plus some non-fiction books: one about spirituality and stuff like that, one about health and how to treat different stuff at home (since I hate hospitals, doctors and I hate even more going there without my Mum – I am still a CHILD!!) and one about women and health and womanly stuff. Oh, and I also read a nice book about history that also has scientific facts in it and it’s pretty great too. And there are also books for school (including a book in French on Contemporary Art – it’s pretty hard to read since my French is not that good). I love reading, too bad I don’t have time to read everything I want – but the Easter break is close!!


  • Work more for Uni! And probably finish some stuff like the 1st Photography assignment and the posters for the music events and the comic book and the illustration book and the book-object. So many things to do in one month!! And then there’s the Easter break and then three more weeks and THEN FINALS!! And I am already panicking! HELP! But I just have to get my head back in the game and work, work, work. Easier said than done.
  • Speaking of learning stuff and school… another goal is to learn all the Hiragana signs! I am having some problems like after I learn new signs I kinda forget some of the old ones but not all of them. No problem, really, ’cause I practice everyday and I know this will help.


  • Since jogging might not happen to soon (weather is still crazy here) I am going to focus more on Pilates! And I do the Blogilates videos since February but this month I want to do all the videos from the April Calendar (check her blog to get it). I am not going to do them like they are in the calendar because there are days when I just don’t have time to do all the videos, but there are days when I have time to do more than the videos for that day so, yeah, I accept Cassey’s challenge: 127 videos in one month! I love Cassey… well, it’s more like a love-hate relationship because during some workouts I want to kill her or when I wake up all sore I want to kill her again but I do love her because during the workouts she knows how to make you not stop even when it hurts like hell and she has such a bubbly personality that it makes you wanna do more and more videos!!

I guess this is it! Four seems like a reasonable number of goals for a month, right?

Oh, there is also April NaNoWriMo Camp and I am doing that too but I am writing a Harry Potter fan-fiction and it’s pretty easy because all I did was invent a new character and my fan-fiction focuses more on that character, but let’s face it, half of the work is already done (kudos to J.K. Rowling who invented that wonderful world). But in November I won’t write a fan-fiction and there is also a NaNo Camp in July but I don’t know yet what to write for it – since it’s the Summer holiday it won’t really be a problem.

Let’s hope this month will go better than the last one! *happykitty*